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Matt D'Avella

Hi my name's Matt D'Avella. I'm a minimalist, filmmaker & I made the documentary Minimalism.

Most of my days are spent making films so I don't have a ton of time to check email. You can send me a message at the email address below if you'd like. While I can't respond to all of them, I read as many as I can, and it truly means a lot to have your support.

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  1. James Orlando

    James Orlando

    14 timmar sedan

    Finally i found what my stepsis always needed.

  2. Altamiro Lopes

    Altamiro Lopes

    14 timmar sedan

    If you leave your jeans inside a plastic bag overnight in the freezer, it will stop smelling. Test it and be surprised

  3. yeet 69

    yeet 69

    14 timmar sedan

    Is it okay to take cold showers with asthma?

  4. Scheib Miro

    Scheib Miro

    14 timmar sedan

    My problem is more that they get dirt amd stains and then don't look good anymore, or how do you deal with that?

  5. Star Riley

    Star Riley

    14 timmar sedan

    My ex never washed his jeans, but he NEEDED to wash them. He always worked outdoors and sweats a lot. It got to where they legit smelled like ass. It was gross

  6. Jeff Clark

    Jeff Clark

    14 timmar sedan

    I’m glad I’m not the only one 😅

  7. Ashley Varner

    Ashley Varner

    14 timmar sedan

    Girls who are on their period and bleed through, please wash your pants..

  8. Bram


    15 timmar sedan

    Your poor gf having to deal with the smell when.. Well you know. Is there any correlation between implementing this quite nasty habbit and the amount of bj's? And "it will last longer" is not an argument, so does toilet paper

  9. Michael


    15 timmar sedan

    Owing more pairs doesn't waste anything since they last longer as your wearing less often. 3 Pairs vs 1 Pair same thing. But Cleaning them less often is smart and bringing up the maybe they dont need cleaned as much as people are use too is a good point. Think about if they are really dirty before washing

  10. Anastasia Chumakova

    Anastasia Chumakova

    15 timmar sedan

    This is what people believed during the Middle Ages.

  11. Christopher James

    Christopher James

    15 timmar sedan

    I tried using the same pants for a sleep over for 7 days. I felt disgusted at day 3 and started scratching my balls.

  12. Ally


    15 timmar sedan

    Is Natalie from Australia?

  13. Justin Espejo

    Justin Espejo

    15 timmar sedan

    actually a fan of non-mustache matt! 😂

  14. Willemijn Mulder

    Willemijn Mulder

    15 timmar sedan

    Me realizing that Matt is probably not wearing pants while showing the only pair he has

  15. Daren Valdez

    Daren Valdez

    15 timmar sedan

    People who wear baggy pants be like.. :O

  16. Cody Wales

    Cody Wales

    15 timmar sedan

    So are your pants Matt Black?

  17. David Bubar

    David Bubar

    16 timmar sedan

    Matt! You shaved your beard! NOOOOOOOOOOO :)

  18. Shaaban Olwan

    Shaaban Olwan

    16 timmar sedan

    I think the only purpose behind this video is the sponsor :D

  19. Lucca Falbo

    Lucca Falbo

    16 timmar sedan

    This filter is cheap. Sorry about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  20. Helena Gehrmann

    Helena Gehrmann

    16 timmar sedan

    I'm working in a forest kindergarten :D I have to wash my pants almost every day because there is mud on it. I still think this is a great thing for normal people.

  21. 13sedian


    16 timmar sedan

    How frequently we wash clothes to much at all. Btw I still got too much clothes 🙈

  22. Tim


    16 timmar sedan

    Those crotch holes are actually repairable. There might be a place in your area that will do it, but there are also websites you can mail your pants to and have it done. Then you'll have two pair. Nothing says luxury like two pair.

  23. renz


    16 timmar sedan

    I wash my jeans after 3rd or 4th use as long as it looks clean. When it gets some dirt, have to wash it of course. But I don't wear the same jeans daily, I alternate them.

  24. NoCultist


    17 timmar sedan

    Jeans only have to be washed when it stinks or when it's really dirty.

  25. Juke


    17 timmar sedan

    I have worn out many jeans in my childhood, when I did only wear jeans as my pants. The reason was that I bicycled everywhere. All the jeans broke next to the seam near crotch area. Jeans are not for cycling. Nowadays, I have padded cycling pants that I wash by hand every time after ride.

  26. TeaTime


    17 timmar sedan

    Just like a pillow, when you don't wash something that touches your skin for long periods of time, the item will literally become heavier over time. All the dust mites, hair, dead skin cells, dirt, grease, and who knows what, all combine to add weight. So if you want heavy pants, then by all means, don't wash them!

  27. min min

    min min

    17 timmar sedan

    anyone here who stopped wearing skinny jeans because it gives people ingrown hair?

  28. min min

    min min

    17 timmar sedan

    I didn't wash my jeans regularly. Tho I wash them after a week since I sit it in public transportation and in fastfood chains. If I have my own car and wouldn't sit a lot in public, then maybe I wouldn't wash my jeans every 2 weeks but once in a month too. Tho I stopped wearing jeans because I gave all of mine away since they're too heavy in the washer and lighter cloth for pants is more comfy for me now.

  29. Chi Chi

    Chi Chi

    17 timmar sedan

    Journaling helped me though one of my worst heartbreaks

  30. Brian Gray

    Brian Gray

    17 timmar sedan

    I wash my pants about once a month, or longer. It just depends on if they smell or need laundering.

  31. Lizaboo


    17 timmar sedan

    YES Matt!! 🙏… finally someone addressing this. I learned this a long time ago when I was studying fashion at college. But when I told my friends they still give me weird looks. Thanks for sharing. 👍😀

  32. notsniw135


    18 timmar sedan

    It's fine to not wash during pre-pandemic. But we should definitely wash them now to avoid bringing back viruses to our home.

  33. BySilver


    18 timmar sedan

    death to the mustache!!!!

  34. Chase Happiness

    Chase Happiness

    18 timmar sedan

    I wash my pants after wearing it once. I have an officemate who rarely wash his jeans and it isn't blueish anymore, it's sort of brownish already due to dirt.

  35. Jay Macrosh

    Jay Macrosh

    18 timmar sedan

    Hi Matt, What do you use app for viewing and scrolling through full-size photos? Standard app isn't cool.

  36. Sergio Lopez

    Sergio Lopez

    18 timmar sedan

    Where do you get your tshirts?

  37. Lily Delacour

    Lily Delacour

    18 timmar sedan

    He‘s talking about his pants but I keep looking at his shirt because the color is so nice. Reminds me of sand at the North Sea. 😊😂

  38. Tucker Coffin

    Tucker Coffin

    18 timmar sedan

    Nah fam I sweat all the time I have to wash them at least once a week.

  39. Reviews Point

    Reviews Point

    19 timmar sedan

    Come to India, then you'll wash your pants everyday😂😂

  40. DurstDevel


    19 timmar sedan

    Everyone is talking about his pants or mustache. But what about his huge biceps?

  41. Mert Karacayil

    Mert Karacayil

    19 timmar sedan

    Unsubscribing after this video. Boring. Your videos arent the same.

  42. m x

    m x

    19 timmar sedan

    He's not wearing a grey t shirt what the f...

  43. VȺiN GȺChȺ

    VȺiN GȺChȺ

    19 timmar sedan

    flip phones are pretty cool ngl.

  44. Pasquale Siesto

    Pasquale Siesto

    20 timmar sedan

    I expected some scientific studies on how many bacteria are on the pants if you wash them compared to if you don't do it and I got disappointed 😂 So actually the reason is: don't wash your jeans unless you don't feel to because it's good for the environment and because Levi's CEO recommends not to do it

  45. Nordin 1975

    Nordin 1975

    20 timmar sedan

    Great advice, thanks! 🤢

  46. Shikhar Gupta

    Shikhar Gupta

    20 timmar sedan

    I think I am never wearing jeans again!

  47. John Dsouza

    John Dsouza

    20 timmar sedan

    every time I am overthinking or anxious, I watch your videos, they are like meditation, it calms me down

  48. S. J.

    S. J.

    20 timmar sedan

    Totally impossible for women! Sorry, Matt🙃

  49. Rosie Brozy

    Rosie Brozy

    20 timmar sedan

    *pisses pants*

  50. Dudey


    20 timmar sedan

    I came here because I thought the title was a clever metaphor about some new philosophical approach to life... But, nope, it really was a video about why Matt never washes his pants. This channel is as "what you see is what you get", as they come.

  51. Ionuț Bodoc

    Ionuț Bodoc

    21 timme sedan

    If Matt have just a pair of pantas and he is showing us that what was matt wearing ? 😕🧐

  52. Santa Jakoba

    Santa Jakoba

    21 timme sedan

    So nice to be a freelance gentleman! I cannot imagine walking around in the same dress every day for years.. Is it Big Dress industry? Or what is happening..? PLUS - shout out to the ladies in the comments, that highlights, how female body is designed for more frequent hygiene.. rituals?

  53. Madhur Gupta

    Madhur Gupta

    21 timme sedan

    The ending.😂

  54. Javier Furus

    Javier Furus

    21 timme sedan

    It has been a long time since I laughed so much on a SE-one video, you were really on fire in this one Matt.

  55. DoppleGanger


    21 timme sedan

    Is this only for Jeans or all pants? What do you think?

  56. Nannette Nagy

    Nannette Nagy

    21 timme sedan

    I subscribed after you turned your dad’s sneeze into a beat! Great video. Down to earth, achievable, great tips, real! Thanks Matt!

  57. Madhur Gupta

    Madhur Gupta

    21 timme sedan

    Noooooooo…..youre better without a moustache.

  58. Ancle Doidoi

    Ancle Doidoi

    22 timmar sedan

    The one thing I will never EVER touch is my stache haha, I learnt that lesson the hard way when my friends dished it out in high school

  59. mashipae


    22 timmar sedan


  60. Kindra Ting

    Kindra Ting

    23 timmar sedan

    Matt got a new tshirt 🥺

  61. حسين عبود

    حسين عبود

    23 timmar sedan

    ليش ماكو ترجنه أباقي المقاطع

  62. Faisal Ahmed

    Faisal Ahmed

    23 timmar sedan

    All the reasons put together still could not answer the Why so gross ? :D Minimalism exaggerated

  63. Beau H.

    Beau H.

    23 timmar sedan

    0:05 Wait, is a plate of cookies a real thing? I have never seen a cookie go anywhere except straight from packet to mouth!

  64. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali

    23 timmar sedan

    Here is the sign that it's the time to unfollow this channel...So long.

  65. fueledbychavez


    23 timmar sedan

    I love everything that Matt does, and at the end of the day I approve of the message behind this video. However , as someone who is a huge Tim Dessaint fan, this is VERY much in the minimalist perspective and very much not in a fashion forward sense. Just to clarify, I have one pair jeans, and it’s the dark navy Levi’s, which are beautiful and I love them. I also have never washed them, they’re perfectly hemmed to my fit. However I have 3,4 pairs of DIFFERENT pant categories (Jean, trouser, curdoroy etc) and so I’m always in a rotation. Nothing wrong with Matt’s holy jean wearing every single day of the year lmao, but I’m just offering a different perspective haha. Cheers Matt ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Mark Hancock

    Mark Hancock

    23 timmar sedan

    That total video length though....I see you Matt

  67. Gold but old

    Gold but old

    23 timmar sedan

    Why am I watching this video ,it’s like a circle ⭕️ it’s pointless 😹😹✨

  68. Hyp3rW4rrior


    23 timmar sedan

    Living in Bangladesh and you have to wash very frequently all the dust and sweat

  69. diegocaro


    Dag sedan

    Matt, this is a little too much 🤣

  70. s j

    s j

    Dag sedan

    she scared you with couple of words lol What a talent!

  71. Hazel Anne Relloque

    Hazel Anne Relloque

    Dag sedan

    At least wash it after 2-3 uses. The germ are rejoicing

  72. Andrew Murphy

    Andrew Murphy

    Dag sedan

    Which of the J Crew t-shirts specifically? And do you wear the “Classic”, “Slim”, or “Tall” style? Just wondering as the fit seems to sit well-I’d prefer the same/similar style myself.

  73. Dean Cornejo

    Dean Cornejo

    Dag sedan

    He’s like The Great Doheny from Drake and Josh. “These…are my only pants.”

  74. random stuff

    random stuff

    Dag sedan

    Pfffffttt who needs pants just wear skin. Let the air clean your junk 24/7

  75. Eda Sandrino

    Eda Sandrino

    Dag sedan

    This topic is so random but so interesting!

  76. Trey DeWitt

    Trey DeWitt

    Dag sedan

    i try to wash my jeans once a month but tx heat is unbearable. you sweat so much!

  77. Jim Hurley

    Jim Hurley

    Dag sedan

    Holy Fuck. My life is so bad that I’m following a guy who talks about not washing jeans. My God. I better get a life.

  78. Elliott Meehan

    Elliott Meehan

    Dag sedan

    Dude no stash? 🥸 I almost hit the dislike button, then you explained the bad mistake. 😂