Why I quit trying to build the perfect morning routine.

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... 8/18


  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    11 månader sedan

    #goodthingscome … 8/18

    • Sarah-Hope Smith

      Sarah-Hope Smith

      8 månader sedan

      @okaminess Why can't we celebrate and use objects from other cultures?

    • Terry Rodbourn

      Terry Rodbourn

      9 månader sedan

      Matt D'Avella Man when I was a young Tech working guy (Cisco Guy) and worked and ,iced the Swing sift! Working from 2 to 10 pm everyday for years taught me to despise Summer time calling it Construction Time! Every Summer the ban if my existence was Construction times!

    • Pete Louis

      Pete Louis

      11 månader sedan

      Mornings should be simple rather than some predefined routine you set for yourself, over the time we could add or subtract things we want to do with our morning time ,more of me time, Apart from that we need to stop chasing perfection in every aspect of life as matt mentioned. Cheers and goodluck 👍

    • Miguel C

      Miguel C

      11 månader sedan


    • Syahidah Abidin

      Syahidah Abidin

      11 månader sedan

      Can’t wait Matt!

  2. Samiur Rahman

    Samiur Rahman

    2 månader sedan

    Other SE-oners: I'm trying to build my perfect morning routine Matt D'Avella: I quit trying to build my perfect morning routine

  3. Mark Anthony Muya

    Mark Anthony Muya

    2 månader sedan

    Your conclusion is true!!!

  4. David Xddd

    David Xddd

    3 månader sedan

    People that came from ruri

  5. Deej - Daniel Martinez

    Deej - Daniel Martinez

    4 månader sedan

    haha Man I needed this. I've been struggling with consistency in the morning and my ideal morning routine takes like 3 hours. So much time before I start my work.

  6. Aroyehun Bosede

    Aroyehun Bosede

    4 månader sedan

    It's not about building a perfect morning routine. It's about creating a routine that'stailored for achieving your life goals. It's highly important to routine your life but most people just get the point of morning routines wrong. But I can't blame them though, we all want to have a more productive life. Trying to have a more productive life without your life goals in mind is futile. However, when you create a routine that fits in with the things you want to achieve in life then your morning routines should never feel like a chore. It should be such that takes you a step further, everyday, to your goals. It should excite you, even though you would have to preserve sometimes, which is absolutely necessary to be successful.

  7. Marcello Dellabartola

    Marcello Dellabartola

    5 månader sedan

    soo much love for this videos !!!! i like so much the way he says the things!!! fluent and easy to comprend!

  8. All about sports

    All about sports

    5 månader sedan

    I took me 3 days to figure it out

  9. snowflakefrost


    5 månader sedan

    Wow!! I have been watching a lot of motivational, inspirational, self development, routine videos and yours is a breathe of fresh air! Like I do appreciate and understand each creator's uniqe way of sharing their insights and I'm glad I stumbled upon your video. Oh and your title is witty, people will really be attracted to it. Your video had an impact on me on a different perspective. It made me think deep on how you should actually live your life. You are now one of my listed favorites here in YT. I appreciate all of you here in YT community who are taking the time and energy to create essential videos. Thank you and am excited for your big project!

  10. Issabella Dapaah

    Issabella Dapaah

    5 månader sedan

    😅 I hated my self for putting off a 20- minute meditation, 45-minute exercise (even though I love it). I had to because of school. I squeezed a lot into my already packed schedule and I have been stressed and overwhelmed lately. I really want to shoot my best into my course (which I love) so that I can continue with it in the next level. Unfortunately, i had to do that along side an intense time consuming MORNING ROUTINE but you made me see morning routines in a different way. Thank you Matt, I appreciate it 👊 wait..pizza is a breakfast food😂

  11. Belmin Valk

    Belmin Valk

    5 månader sedan

    I had the EXACT same thing, doing al those (good) habits took 1-2-3h or more because I didn’t want to rush through them. I made it much much simpler now so it’s easy to stick to, doesn’t take my whole morning and still sets me up for the new day

  12. Wilfordization


    6 månader sedan

    Join the club buddy

  13. Prashant Bagga

    Prashant Bagga

    6 månader sedan

    thoughts on speechify.com?

  14. Cool Kiddo

    Cool Kiddo

    6 månader sedan


  15. Martin Lichtblau

    Martin Lichtblau

    6 månader sedan

    ☝🏽 "Don't be so rigid in you routines that you completely lose sight of why you're doing them in the first place."

  16. Shubham


    6 månader sedan

    Morning routine wash biceps 🤣

  17. JK Low

    JK Low

    6 månader sedan

    When one is employed with a real job, the early morning routine is to get up and get his/her ass to OFFICE. Period.

  18. Shanna Robertson

    Shanna Robertson

    6 månader sedan

    My guy what are you thanking “the universe” for, it’s not conscious. God is though :)

  19. Big Dorkster

    Big Dorkster

    6 månader sedan

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about how Matt has the perfect chest definition?

  20. Mariliz Martin

    Mariliz Martin

    6 månader sedan

    Where are you now Matt and Nat? How's your morning routine so far?

  21. Yuki 🧡

    Yuki 🧡

    6 månader sedan

    Didn’t know washing your biceps was a thing...

  22. Samiur Rahman

    Samiur Rahman

    6 månader sedan

    Matt roasted every single "perfect" morning routine videos out there

  23. koko bop

    koko bop

    7 månader sedan

    perfectionist problem - always forcing myself to do the same things (not that enjoyable/top of my priorities) every morning. learnt so much from this video, thank you!

  24. Peace ASMR

    Peace ASMR

    7 månader sedan

    se-one.info/cycle/gKeaqdeBsJl7ipU/video eating sound of dumpling/momo

  25. Make Money Now

    Make Money Now

    7 månader sedan

    Officially, you're one of my favorite SE-oners out here!

  26. Mugginnn


    7 månader sedan

    Express your gratitude to God 🙏🏽

  27. Mai Nguyen Hoang Sang

    Mai Nguyen Hoang Sang

    7 månader sedan

    I just laughed so hart when i watched until the end of the video 😂

  28. Alyson Muse

    Alyson Muse

    7 månader sedan

    Thank you for this video. I have been putting so much pressure on myself about my morning routine and this helped me to see it doesn't have to be so rigid. Sometimes I might do it, sometimes I am excited and called to work first thing, honoring this is important. Life will not be one way and being able to flow with what is best in that moment is important.

  29. Sheppy


    7 månader sedan

    I started being really productive every morning before school. But after even just a few days, I realized I was getting burnt out. I am currently taking a few days of break while trying to decide what to do. This helped!

  30. Nancy Kim

    Nancy Kim

    7 månader sedan

    After watching this video, I don't give a damn about anything. I do whatever that make me happy 😜

  31. Muhammad Shehroz Aziz

    Muhammad Shehroz Aziz

    7 månader sedan

    I got up go to bathroom and sleep again then my mom come to me wake me up with breakfast 😂😂

  32. Simone Chèrie

    Simone Chèrie

    7 månader sedan

    When I hear voices like that I ignore it, it’s too easy to alarm the normies.

  33. LNGG's Channel

    LNGG's Channel

    7 månader sedan

    I reinvented my morning routine to just getting up, bathing And starting work. I stopped being overzealous and it has helped. I love to sleep and feel rested. Everything else can wait. But I could stand to add a workout in. Hopefully I'll get that going soon.

  34. lala27


    7 månader sedan

    I just read that book months ago and I found it useful yet useless, I know it sounds weird. To be honest, I do have a super structured morning routine, but I do not make journaling or meditate, I used to do those things but those never made any difference, my house and overall my life still felt like a mess. I actually do things that are more useful for me, like some cleaning, fix broken things, then I exercise, then I make breakfast for the family and my lunch for the day. I feel I have more time in the night to spend with my family, and the day runs smoothly.

  35. secert world

    secert world

    7 månader sedan

    God willing, after ““ a quarter of an hour ”“ A person dear to you will call you and tell you the news of what makes you sleep so happy. ”

  36. kavibushan maharabushan

    kavibushan maharabushan

    7 månader sedan

    This video was relatable and one of the best morning routine videos I have seen so far.

  37. Anastasiia Matkovska

    Anastasiia Matkovska

    7 månader sedan

    Love this message!

  38. Joseph R

    Joseph R

    8 månader sedan

    I wake up at 5 a.m, drink my coffee and go to the gym for an hour and a half. Then start the rest of my day. That's been my routine



    8 månader sedan

    I cannot believe I missed this video and I'm watching it now from the recommendations...

  40. Erica Oliveira

    Erica Oliveira

    8 månader sedan

    All I have to say is: FUCK IT 5 am. CLUB!!!!!

  41. Meli Horvat

    Meli Horvat

    8 månader sedan

    I literally dont understand why people get up early when they dont have to

  42. JayPrince


    8 månader sedan

    You should look up how popularity with sage is affecting Native American communities.

  43. Kaz


    8 månader sedan

    Nope you need discipline, this is just an excuse for weaklings. No pain no gain.

  44. irma velazquez

    irma velazquez

    8 månader sedan

    How weird, I was just at Barnes and Nobel trying to buy that book, but they were not in stock. I think your video saved me money, thanks!

  45. Camille Lafont

    Camille Lafont

    8 månader sedan

    Hey Matt ! Just discovered that video even though I follow you since so much time ! Anyway, what you're saying here really resonates to me. I created a podcast with a friend a few months ago, and we happened to talk about routines. My friend said "In the morning I drink my glass of water, then I do A, then B, then C...". She had so much tools and tips to talk about. When I had to talk about my own routine, I was like "yeah, well, I close my sofa bed, take a shower, drink a cup of coffee and go straight ahead to commute". At some point it was really not fun and engaging content cause it seems all so boring. But hey, life's boring until you decide it not to be, right ? My point is that there is no magic trick for you to enjoy your mornings. Maybe we just need to grow a little consciousness about what surrounds us, enjoy the little things, instead of permanently wanting to make everything so-called perfect.

  46. しん じ

    しん じ

    8 månader sedan

    i wanna be in matt's mindset its positive and very minimal

  47. Aisyah


    8 månader sedan

    hello You get subscribe from Indonesian But I beg you to please provide subtitles so you can understand everything you say hello You get subscribe from Indonesian But I beg you to please provide subtitles so you can understand everything you say

  48. James Martin

    James Martin

    8 månader sedan

    Perfection equals paralysis

  49. Maria Karvounidou

    Maria Karvounidou

    8 månader sedan

    " Dear universe...thanks!"😂

  50. Hampus Karrlander

    Hampus Karrlander

    8 månader sedan

    I really want a proper morning routine but having 3 kids with one of them only 7 months old, it's really hard to get some routine in place!

  51. Spvffy. Kp

    Spvffy. Kp

    8 månader sedan

    my man where did you get your wood nightstand?

  52. Inyamah


    8 månader sedan

    The sense of humour in this video get a 10/10 for me!

  53. Fran Arrieta

    Fran Arrieta

    8 månader sedan

    Matt I love your videos! I love being able to listen to your trials and experience that you have in your life and to be able to take that information for myself. Keep up the great work!

  54. Lexie Sanders

    Lexie Sanders

    8 månader sedan

    I don't know, 8 pm is prime time for me even though I wake up at 9 am

  55. Patty M

    Patty M

    8 månader sedan

    I just really love your videos!!

  56. Ernst Granata

    Ernst Granata

    8 månader sedan

    Thanks you so much this video help me leave my morning anxiety

  57. Anna Robert

    Anna Robert

    8 månader sedan

    I'm watching this cause I wake up at 1.30 am. I work from 3am to 9am and I am watching morning routine videos. I don't only tolerate 'mornings' (or nights, should I say) but I want to enjoy it even more

  58. jasmine black

    jasmine black

    9 månader sedan

    I recommend reading the Quran 😊

  59. yuni chairani

    yuni chairani

    9 månader sedan

    This concept is not applicable for working parent with toddler.. we only can dream for a peaceful morning.

  60. image vincent

    image vincent

    9 månader sedan

    love your videos g

  61. Shahzain Shahid

    Shahzain Shahid

    9 månader sedan

    What does Matt do I mean what is his work by which he earns a living

  62. Human Emulator

    Human Emulator

    9 månader sedan

    The fact that he doesn’t brush his teeth in the morning is kinda gross

  63. Layla Khamis

    Layla Khamis

    9 månader sedan

    Washed my biceps 😂😂dying

  64. Syl Vie

    Syl Vie

    9 månader sedan

    I can figure out that some people love their morning routine and feel they got control on their life by this way, but for me, it's meanly a fashion trend to get a programmed morning routine write into stone for years and years. As humans are, for most of them, not statics, it seems a normal way to finally change their morning habits to fit with their inner evolution and interests. What seems important for me, is to don't start the day in a rush half sleepy, in another way, to get enough time to wake up peaceful, having a good fresh coffee, breakfast, and enjoying a bit of time to do what I feel at this moment (read, listen to music, watch the sun through the windows or go on a project I am on as the full house and world around is sort of floating in silence). What you do is not such important, but the mind set you put in it is. At the end, the only point to perform on long term is to get out of bed always on the same schedule/time. That's, on my own, the second succès key to start the day on a good way.

  65. MJTV


    9 månader sedan

    That’s the reason why i spend my (free) mornings laying in bed and drinking coffee

  66. Atreyee Chakraborty

    Atreyee Chakraborty

    9 månader sedan

    it just doesn't work for me. I can't wake up, grab a cup of coffee and start working.. I do freshen up, do some exercise, take a shower and then have breakfast.. after which o start working. or else, i feel so drained by the end of the day. Well, rush is there in morning hours, but I have become very particular, in fact a bit obsessed about a perfect morning routine.

  67. Arshia


    9 månader sedan

    plants produce co2 during the night its better if you not put plants where you sleep

  68. Adam Macias

    Adam Macias

    9 månader sedan

    In The Miracle Morning I remember savers and then I realized it was too much to do. Wake up, water, stretch, read and workout. If I don’t do these I swear my day just doesn’t go well. I don’t need to do meditation or do any one these at a specific time frame either. It just what fits my DNA for me to feel fulfilled.

  69. masterpeacee


    9 månader sedan

    i did the journal for 15 minutes during my working hours haha

  70. SUMA MB


    9 månader sedan

    dont try to be perfect becoz you never reach it. guess who said it?

  71. Christian Gartmann

    Christian Gartmann

    9 månader sedan

    I got an ad on this video about morning routine

  72. Alexis Canales

    Alexis Canales

    9 månader sedan

    i realized as i tried to make the perfect routine with yoga, gratitudes, face masks and all that shit- that i already have *a* routine, its not youtube-worthy, but everyday i manage to get up and stumble into the day, and its good enough :)

  73. Thaylar


    10 månader sedan

    Wait. You sleep in socks?

  74. Orkun Hacılar

    Orkun Hacılar

    10 månader sedan

    Great Video Man

  75. LET'S BE FIT


    10 månader sedan


  76. Papo Prático

    Papo Prático

    10 månader sedan

    Hey! Algum(a) editor(a) de vídeos brasileiro que goste muito do estilo do Matt? Temos uma vaga para você \o/ www.papopratico.com/vagas

  77. Sarah Thirkell

    Sarah Thirkell

    10 månader sedan

    Can you please make more videos about your filmmaking? 😃

  78. Face Time With Zhenia

    Face Time With Zhenia

    10 månader sedan

    I can totally relate. At first, my morning routine made me very excited and made me want to get up early, but it came to the point when it took too much of my time and felt like a chore. Now I’m getting up and getting straight to work.

  79. BrianJ720


    10 månader sedan

    Perfect morning routine? Lmao. Just wake up, brush your teeth, shower and make your bed. And if you have to shave just fucking shave. Seriously this is drilled in your head from childhood, if you cant even do this then how are you supposed to live a happy life? Our looks represent our mental state. If you think you're ugly you're obviously gonna be ugly. If you are lazy then obviously you're gonna become fat. So just take these simple steps in the morning to make yourself look and feel better.

  80. Aidai Ermatova

    Aidai Ermatova

    10 månader sedan

    Thank you👍 it's very true . There is no perfect morning routine . I like your thoughts on this topic. Recently i struglled with that, but u made me think of it. Thanks a lot!

  81. Ioannis T.

    Ioannis T.

    10 månader sedan

    It depends of the chronotype each person. Read the book “The power of when” or just google to learn more about chronotypes and biological clock.

  82. Hendrik Visser

    Hendrik Visser

    10 månader sedan

    Then theres us tradesmens, wake up at 4am, work at 5 till 6 repeat. Youse living on easy mode

  83. Tyrique


    10 månader sedan

    Fajr salaah is the best way to start your day

  84. T C

    T C

    10 månader sedan

    What brand tshirt does he own?

  85. Grace Hwang

    Grace Hwang

    10 månader sedan

    Does anyone know what wireless keyboard brand that is? It looks so clean and fresh

  86. Alejandra Chavez

    Alejandra Chavez

    10 månader sedan

    The voiceover 😂

  87. solidwaterslayer


    10 månader sedan

    My morning routine: wake up 6:30 brush teeth, wash face >>>start working My night routine: reset/clean room/work environment charge all devices set all my alarms [for classes/work not for waking up, my passion wakes me up] brush teeth while showering bury my phone in my closet

  88. Mark Neal

    Mark Neal

    10 månader sedan

    Stop chasing perfection but don’t stop chasing the bicep pump

  89. C Bill

    C Bill

    10 månader sedan

    My morning routine Wake up Meditate Train(hockey) Shower

  90. Chris Grant

    Chris Grant

    10 månader sedan

    christ you talk some pure shit

  91. Steezy


    10 månader sedan


  92. Aparna


    10 månader sedan

    You spoke my heart out. A year ago or may be just a few weaks ago, I used to pressurize myself to follow those hectic routine which are presented to us so nicely. But they become mundane and somehow we start doing it just out of habit. That's clearly not why we begin. Thank god! I realised the importance of living in the "here and now". This is lovely. Now I wake up by asking myself how I feel and what should I do today? I think it's working. Every day is different but intentional. I feel like my life is in my control. Thank you for busting the biggest myth. And I love your content. It's productive. Good luck! ❤

  93. Melanie Rosa

    Melanie Rosa

    10 månader sedan

    Omg is he making a movie

  94. KerlyFries


    10 månader sedan

    I really love this idea. Your day will automatically be productive if you tackle your biggest problem the minute you wake up.

  95. Be1smaht


    10 månader sedan

    I love how unique your channel is . Its unconventional

  96. Natalie Muñoz

    Natalie Muñoz

    10 månader sedan

    0:15 wash my biceps 🤣🤣🤣

  97. Samiur Rahman

    Samiur Rahman

    10 månader sedan

    And there are so many SE-oners showing that they have the perfect morning routine

  98. ale


    10 månader sedan

    hahahaahahah the end !!!!

  99. ale


    10 månader sedan

    SOOOOO CLEVER . . ;)

  100. w3j


    11 månader sedan

    *cries in muslim that prays isha (**8:15**-8:30 pm)*