Why I'm downgrading to a flip phone.

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  1. VȺiN GȺChȺ

    VȺiN GȺChȺ

    20 timmar sedan

    flip phones are pretty cool ngl.

  2. Cam


    Dag sedan

    I came here due to having a 4g and getting an email that I need to get an upgraded 5g phone but do I really?

  3. John. Qsx

    John. Qsx

    Dag sedan

    Im deleting all my social account

  4. Joe Nathan

    Joe Nathan

    2 dagar sedan

    That flip phone you has is doing LOTS of things in the background.. For starters its got a quad core processor. Like what? Quad core? Thats like throwing a corvette engine in a pinto. Not to mention how short the battery life lasts on it. I'm about to quit phones all together again, it feels more free

  5. H. Jablonski

    H. Jablonski

    2 dagar sedan

    Spot on 👍

  6. Agandaur


    2 dagar sedan

    What does downgrading mean?

  7. Agandaur


    2 dagar sedan

    And here I am with my psp

  8. Tintoycar


    2 dagar sedan

    I don't have a smart phone nor social media, just youtube.

  9. Thiccy Cheesy

    Thiccy Cheesy

    3 dagar sedan

    Not y’all saying we’re zombies💀💀💀. We know how to turn things off dumb shits

  10. Vintage_restorer


    3 dagar sedan

    You have no....idea.....how important this is. If internet and "social" media keeps growing like it is, we're gonna have a big problem. It already is, but this thing will never stop, nobody's gonna pull the plug on this one. Take action and do this. You're life WILL improve. We don't need this, only big companies do. I'm only worried that if more people are doing this, big companies are going to find a way to make you believe that's it's a bad thing to do. They'll do anything to stop this revolution, cuz that's what it is, or should be.

  11. Sheila McCauley

    Sheila McCauley

    4 dagar sedan

    Ok, can you just tell us how to activate a flip phone now that 4G is the lowest available? What phones did you use, what sim cards, what company?

  12. Marko Lukic

    Marko Lukic

    5 dagar sedan

    Cons: people will think you are in mafia

  13. Max gold scotland

    Max gold scotland

    6 dagar sedan

    too much track and trace on new phones , need to go back to tele and text , new ones are spying on you

  14. ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊

    ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊

    7 dagar sedan

    the only reason why i still use a smartphone is because i cant live without Spotify, else I'd have a flip phone too

  15. 01512501718 KARAN YADAV

    01512501718 KARAN YADAV

    7 dagar sedan

    These flip phones are cool

  16. Noah


    7 dagar sedan

    i’m not tryna sound like a 80 year old, but imagine a world where there was only one or two kinds of tech, and you wouldn’t be made fun of for having one or the other…

  17. Sarah Lyver

    Sarah Lyver

    8 dagar sedan

    I can't find phone plan for my old phone

    • Sarah Lyver

      Sarah Lyver

      4 dagar sedan

      @Sheila McCauley I got mine unlocked. But I can't find a phone company that has SIM cards that are compatible with any of my old flip phones Even the original company the sold them. Old flip phones are indestructible so I guess they have to find some way to get you buy a new phone.

    • Sheila McCauley

      Sheila McCauley

      4 dagar sedan

      exactly he doesn't address how they won't activate them.

  18. Joseph 4501

    Joseph 4501

    9 dagar sedan

    I remember when I was 13 or 14, my parents divorced sorta, my dad gave me a basic phone with buttons and stuff and I loved it, it had Uno demo it had a camera I gave my number to my friends, and then my mom took it away so she could watch all my photos and Facebook posts just to stalk my dad, so my dad gave me a new smartphone and was disappointed because that other old school phone was my whole world and I was in control of everything, then my grandma gave me a cool rugged flipphone and to this day I hate smartphones because it contributes to my anxiety and its a constant chore to check in on my phone and emails all the time, so now im in the shop for a flip phone

  19. Az Da Sinista

    Az Da Sinista

    12 dagar sedan

    Its all the fake. The media. The facade. The narrative. All of it.

  20. Jonathan Loves Adventure

    Jonathan Loves Adventure

    13 dagar sedan

    They are addictive by design. That is my basic problem with the phone. They are so addictive. The moment I got mine in 2014 i went from barely touching a phone except for phone calls to at least 3-4 hours of screen time per day.

  21. Jacqui Stephens

    Jacqui Stephens

    15 dagar sedan

    A bog standard pay as you go flip phone with nothing but texting, calling and taking pictures is the best way to go. I take one on holiday with me. No distractions. I got rid of fascist book and twatter years ago. Best thing I ever did. I never used any of the other social media sites. Xxxx

  22. Tayler Goodlette

    Tayler Goodlette

    16 dagar sedan

    I never *EVER* had any other social media in my life except for SE-one but I might even quit SE-one because it's starting to turn into a Tik-Tok trash dump. People sometimes ask me for my Instagram or my Snapchat. I tell them I don't have any social media except SE-one and then they think I'm *weird* for not having social media. It's my own choice if I want social media or not and I say no to it.

  23. Chava Abria

    Chava Abria

    17 dagar sedan

    okay but a little 2004 pink Nokia flip phone with cute charms...it's looking a lot cuter than the iPhone 11 sheeeessshhh

  24. Haris Fejza

    Haris Fejza

    17 dagar sedan

    Everybody i know is addicted to social media i have them but i never used them When i was little i used to want a facebook page but when i tried it i didn't like it it was lame im glad im not a social media addict

  25. unstopology


    17 dagar sedan

    I've been Facebook free for over 4 years. I feel great! Awesome video. More people need to drop social media.

  26. Humanity Enslaved

    Humanity Enslaved

    18 dagar sedan

    Wish I could, doing Instacart though

  27. Frank White

    Frank White

    19 dagar sedan

    Mom is Awesome!!!

  28. Jae Austen

    Jae Austen

    20 dagar sedan

    Any recommendations for a flipphone, can't decide between the brands

  29. Octavia


    22 dagar sedan

    I want to switch over to a flip phone, I don’t need a iPhone anymore my life is being kidnapped 10hr a day y’all and I’ve never been lonelier

  30. PearCoin124


    23 dagar sedan

    i remember as a kid before using social media at all i was always introverted, had no friends, and i was glad that it was like that

  31. somicah123


    24 dagar sedan


  32. Reese Jordan

    Reese Jordan

    25 dagar sedan

    Social media is what does it for me, too much of it is just toxic. Like you said in your video I was using my iPhone as a crutch, and it was hindering me from enjoying being present in the real world. Phones were intended to call and text people on.. that’s it. I feel like smartphones shouldn’t be a thing..

  33. HorizonSet


    26 dagar sedan

    I'm 16, so I never grew up with a sort of flip phone, or any of these old stuff, however, I've always been obsessed with vintage technologies like flip phones. I have a Samsung s10 rn, however I mostly use my flip phone from day to day as it feels nice and simplistic

  34. 勇樹


    26 dagar sedan

    I like flip phone became you can replace batteries easier

  35. Alex


    27 dagar sedan

    dude I've been looking forward to downgrading to a flip phone eventually. I love everything about them.

  36. Paul McCloud

    Paul McCloud

    27 dagar sedan

    Gone back to my old Samsung E1150. It's definitely more 'me'. Good riddance to my smartphone.

  37. Daka Baka

    Daka Baka

    29 dagar sedan

    I'm downgrading too. For focus reasons.

  38. Evandro Carlo Ciaccia

    Evandro Carlo Ciaccia

    29 dagar sedan


  39. wisnu wicaksono

    wisnu wicaksono

    29 dagar sedan

    how about if your work need using whatsapp messenger ? how a flip phone can cope with that

  40. RedHelmetGuy


    Månad sedan

    I’m watching this on my phone 😎

  41. ParkerPuffer


    Månad sedan

    Social media can make a person go nuts.

  42. karasuma_97


    Månad sedan

    I guess I'm not the only one looking for a flip phone I really want one 😩 I regret buying a smartphone only for calls and messaging

  43. Ghost


    Månad sedan

    once you reached certain age, you'll get bored with all the gadjets

    • 勇樹


      26 dagar sedan

      Nah, the internet is eternal, it's always changing, no reason to get boring

  44. Keiji Johnson

    Keiji Johnson

    Månad sedan

    There are better ways to get through this: Simply delete any news and social media apps is the considerable way to go for instance. Though at the same time, you would be felling alone and tired and anxious about many things even if you switch to a flip phone.

  45. INoWeeb_ IPromise

    INoWeeb_ IPromise

    Månad sedan

    I always thought flip phones were cool I wanted one but ik ppl at my school will make fun of me for having one.

  46. Anshuman Bisoyi

    Anshuman Bisoyi

    Månad sedan

    This is baseless.

  47. Jane Kay

    Jane Kay

    Månad sedan

    You know you can just delete and disable apps and turn the data off, on your phone right?

  48. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester

    Månad sedan

    Living like it’s 2003? People were using flip phones and keyboard phones until like 2012.

  49. Jarius Foster

    Jarius Foster

    Månad sedan

    Dont everyone miss how your flip phone battery last 3 days before charging?lol

  50. Jim From Cleveland

    Jim From Cleveland

    Månad sedan

    Been on that flip phone game for a year now. Im sorry i didn't do it sooner

  51. Natalie


    Månad sedan

    dude I swear we're the same personality type or close I broke my phone, and want to be on technology way less, and i've been thinking of going to a flip phone. it's either that or the newest iphone lmaoo

  52. The Agnostic

    The Agnostic

    Månad sedan

    I’ve gotten rid of Facebook Instagram Reddit Snapchat TikTok But I can’t seem to get rid of Twitter.

  53. Celine


    Månad sedan

    Someone who can recommend a good choice of a flip phone?😃

  54. mincraft steve124

    mincraft steve124

    Månad sedan

    tbh why im wanting to switch is cause flip phones can't get hacked

  55. Freedom For the Captives

    Freedom For the Captives

    Månad sedan

    I also want to make the switch but I need a phone with gps. Any recommendations?

  56. Nina Abruzzo

    Nina Abruzzo

    Månad sedan

    Can we ALL switch to flip phones?? And just like, have a laptop for yt and films?

  57. Karmen Bevc

    Karmen Bevc

    Månad sedan

    here is a notification right now, son of a bitch XD killed me hahhahah

  58. Lynz


    Månad sedan

    Frick yes! I have this phone but I've never truly stopped using my iPhone while at home so I've never really JUST used this phone. I've set Freedom to block instant messages and distracting websites during the day and locked up my iPhone unless I truly need it. Glad I'm not alone. Hopefull the ios 15 focus mode will help people too

  59. Jessie James

    Jessie James

    Månad sedan

    I would get a flip phone if it worked with the apple watch. Need the watch for emergency's

  60. Jessie James

    Jessie James

    Månad sedan

    How long did this last?

  61. Easy & Happy Life Channel

    Easy & Happy Life Channel

    Månad sedan

    The more the phone becomes smarter, the more human becomes its slave. Smart phone but stupid its user

  62. Mht_ 03

    Mht_ 03

    Månad sedan

    I'm watching this on a Potato 🥔

  63. tacoFiasto _

    tacoFiasto _

    Månad sedan

    What flip phone is this I need to know bro

  64. Naing Aung Lu Lu

    Naing Aung Lu Lu

    Månad sedan

    Why don't you use No Phone instead of Flip Phone ? 🤷 Problem solved

  65. Wes C

    Wes C

    Månad sedan

    I tried this too for about two months. I enjoyed it since I also had a company phone too

  66. Petrenko Kalashnikov

    Petrenko Kalashnikov

    Månad sedan

    Where buy that flip phome

  67. Damien Hartley

    Damien Hartley

    Månad sedan

    The worst thing about apple is that it's limited to some generic Linux with zero compatibility with windows or Android which are enterprise software thus all that hardware is useless.

  68. L


    Månad sedan

    I only have educational apps on my phone. No games, no social media (only family and close friends on whatsapp). Just language, anatomy etc apps. I quit the news 5 years ago. My mental health has never been better. You don't need to downgrade just need to change your relationship with your phone. I don't listen to music on my phone because i down own headphones for it.

  69. keerthi kumar

    keerthi kumar

    Månad sedan

    dude i dont know what but i got same thing in the age of 16 a flip phone

  70. sunny


    Månad sedan

    I need a phone that just has spotify, maps, texting and calling.

  71. Te-o-tane Carroll

    Te-o-tane Carroll

    Månad sedan

    Where do you get a flip phone from?

  72. Toma Hawk

    Toma Hawk

    Månad sedan

    Wish there are Flip~Phone that can Call UBER & access WhatsApp! I down graded to a Simple Phone with a PrePaid SIM Card & a SDCard for my going out phone , No Important eBanking details , No Important Photos or Videos , just a Simple Phone to Call the UBER , Scan any QR Codes in everyday usage. My other Smartphone which is loaded with many important stuff stays at home , only use it for important matters when reached home from work! It helps to reduce Nonsense Mobile Data usage when out of my WiFi Zone & has less anxiety if my Simple Phone get stolen or loss! 🕯🌏



    Månad sedan

    I deleted redit and all outher sotial medea sorry I’m really tired rn and I have time I might replace it and SE-one use it on safari now without redit mainly I had time to do something

  74. Chi Ra ru

    Chi Ra ru

    Månad sedan


  75. Stefania Ogun

    Stefania Ogun

    Månad sedan

    what's the name of the flip phone

  76. Stefania Ogun

    Stefania Ogun

    Månad sedan

    i love my tech I can't be as productive without them but my phone in general is the most useless tech I own. my tablet and pc help me alot with school but my phone don't!! so i wanted to get a flip phone during school or at least exame period to concentrate better i actually never upgrade my phone unless it breaks so i keep them for 3/4 year minimum

  77. ColeWhite


    Månad sedan

    Cheers bro

  78. Izzarul Hadi

    Izzarul Hadi

    Månad sedan

    good luck communicating with your friends or family using credit messaging app. why not just throw away phone entirely? use pigeon is better

  79. Lynn Smith

    Lynn Smith

    Månad sedan

    Oh my goodness... I guess I'm very different than a lot of other people because I've never gotten online with my cell phone, or played games on it, so I can't relate to this feeling of always wanting to look at mine and stare at it constantly, like so many other people seem to do. I used to text, but I don't even do that much anymore, either.

  80. Mark Hammer

    Mark Hammer

    Månad sedan

    The technophobia in this comment section...

  81. Bele


    Månad sedan

    Its only micro downgrade if from apple phone....you know i means

  82. Ellis Jay

    Ellis Jay

    Månad sedan

    For views… cus you have an iPhone in a later video sorry but SE-one and society in general is just pathetic these days makes me sick and depressed how self obsessed and fake everyone is.

  83. Slime Tank

    Slime Tank

    2 månader sedan

    Getting rid of smartphone was easier when i wasn't in covid lockdown and got separate hundreds of miles from my girlfriend

  84. nolamusiclessons


    2 månader sedan

    I wouldn't be able to survive without Maps, calculator, Reminders, voice memos, and so much more! LOL

  85. lady who loves cake

    lady who loves cake

    2 månader sedan

    A little while ago when I went to add minutes to my Pay as you Go flip phone, I got a message telling me that AT&T is ending their 3G service. I never even knew I had 3G service! This means I will probably upgrade to some other basic phone, but I haven't decided yet. I will probably just get another flip phone that supports I presume something called 4G. And once I do that I will turn it off and stick it in my purse and not turn it on again until I have to call AAA. I just don't have time for a Smartphone with my job, all of the crochet projects and rock painting, meditating and Netflixing that I do. Where do people find the time for a Smartphone?

  86. Sponge Kun

    Sponge Kun

    2 månader sedan

    2-3 hours everyday ? *Deep sigh*

  87. Martin Vágner

    Martin Vágner

    2 månader sedan

    best phone is nophone.

  88. star Platinum

    star Platinum

    2 månader sedan

    Im watching on a flip phone

  89. Peter Flores

    Peter Flores

    2 månader sedan

    Flip phones have social media apps and music and GPS and Bluetooth. Flips are so close to being a full fledged smart phone that it's almost impossible to simplify.

  90. Brightan Halo

    Brightan Halo

    2 månader sedan

    We are waking up !!! I'll do that NOW !!!

  91. vegan vipin

    vegan vipin

    2 månader sedan

    May be Covid19 was produced in the Apple, Samsung and Android Labs.

  92. snipemasterpro11


    2 månader sedan

    I downgraded to a Nokia flip but I keep my smart phone in the cupboard or jacket pocket as a portable computer tool

  93. loren Schutte

    loren Schutte

    2 månader sedan

    i have a flip phone same as his new one alcatel i like the service but the phone it self is junk,the hinges brake ,this is my second in three yrs. my first flip lasted 15 yrs.all i do is text and talk,loren

  94. Talal Pro

    Talal Pro

    2 månader sedan

    The reason I want new phones because the cameras

  95. Panagiotis Andoniou

    Panagiotis Andoniou

    2 månader sedan

    Hahaha I still gotta my old Samsung of 22 year's and I'm just fine and a tablet just for SE-one fack the rest I do not need a smartphone

  96. Bill Sprague

    Bill Sprague

    2 månader sedan

    I’ll be switching to a flip phone, once I can find a reasonable podcast, Audible, navigation capable piece of tech with which to pair it.

  97. Sonny2299


    2 månader sedan

    Proud of never installing one social media outlet besides SE-one.

  98. Bobbie Lynn Vautour

    Bobbie Lynn Vautour

    2 månader sedan

    Good for you...I agree. So much we are like frikin zombies on these phones

  99. Chad Parsons

    Chad Parsons

    2 månader sedan

    I busted my third iphone in the last five years so i switched to a smart phone I will never go back to a smart phone.

  100. Emmy Huxham

    Emmy Huxham

    2 månader sedan

    I’m 16 and tomorrow I’m trading my iPhone for that exact flip phone model.