I tried daily affirmations for 7 days.

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  1. Josh Heldsinger

    Josh Heldsinger

    Dag sedan

    4:57 is this man vlogging with a c300???? or a bmpcc?😂😂😂

  2. Priyanka Duggal

    Priyanka Duggal

    3 dagar sedan

    Loved the honesty in this video.. 👍🏻

  3. Sarah Stermolli

    Sarah Stermolli

    5 dagar sedan

    2:29 “I believe in the woman I am becoming” 😂 😂

  4. Petra Hyklová

    Petra Hyklová

    5 dagar sedan

    I found the biceps joke. Finally.

  5. Emmanuel Villanueva

    Emmanuel Villanueva

    5 dagar sedan

    Thanks Matt

  6. Sushant Ambhore

    Sushant Ambhore

    7 dagar sedan

    8:17 😲

  7. Manifest Hypnosis

    Manifest Hypnosis

    8 dagar sedan

    Never say you found yourself in a slump. What’s a slump ? Never heard of a slump Cuz I’m all the way up

  8. Vivian Lee

    Vivian Lee

    9 dagar sedan

    Respect for putting the effort in to find affirmation relevant to you. I think people think it’s woowoo if they just print out a random one online and stop there! Thanks for showing us how to take the extra mile!

  9. Grandpa Unu

    Grandpa Unu

    11 dagar sedan

    Happy spouse, happy house

  10. EdanErl


    11 dagar sedan

    was really emotional until he laughing ahahah, wonderful video ;)

  11. ba sur

    ba sur

    11 dagar sedan

    You look so tired... Why not you try to pray "salah" islam pray...

  12. Daniel B

    Daniel B

    12 dagar sedan

    You think way to much

  13. Ankit Raj

    Ankit Raj

    14 dagar sedan

    This was new! I think I should try this 🤔

  14. Christine Camley

    Christine Camley

    14 dagar sedan

    Is it a light bout of depression, Matt? Hang in there. Sometimes affirmations help but to be honest? Mostly for me, I don't think they work. But that is only me.

  15. Panyun Wang

    Panyun Wang

    15 dagar sedan

    life is sugest

  16. Deborah Kay

    Deborah Kay

    15 dagar sedan

    It’s neuropathies you are building. We get these messages from childhood or over time and we think they are true and accepted. This helps instill positive ones. I once heard worrying is just negative affirmations- made sense to me . Also what we focus on expands - quantum physics

  17. Adhistie Aprianti

    Adhistie Aprianti

    16 dagar sedan

    That was so cute when she affirmed you, "you ARE strong, and beautiful and confident"

  18. ameersab visbal

    ameersab visbal

    16 dagar sedan

    Im still waiting for you to upload something

  19. Faruk Emre Bursalı

    Faruk Emre Bursalı

    16 dagar sedan


  20. Magic of garden Shweta pandey

    Magic of garden Shweta pandey

    16 dagar sedan

    Like nice

  21. Lazola Tutani

    Lazola Tutani

    17 dagar sedan

    Hi Matt, thanks for your amazing videos. They have inspired me to take a leap and try making my own videos, focusing on millennial leadership in an African corporate environment. I would appreciate feedback from you and your followers on how I can improve my current videos as I am just an Engineer that is clueless about camera setups and videography. So I feel like an idiot each time I make a video :)



    17 dagar sedan

    I am skinny and I have a six pack

  23. Maulana


    17 dagar sedan

    Could you plese make a self gratification thing, like that activity where you write down 3 / 5 things you grateful for eaxh day. Sorry for bad english My english is good My english is good My english is good

  24. Brielle Huang

    Brielle Huang

    18 dagar sedan

    I just wanted to let you know that you've influenced my life so much I've blogged about you as one of the SE-oners who've shaped my views on personal finance :) Please keep posting!

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

      Thanks for commenting. I'll advise you to look into investing and making huge profit in crypto and make good returns.

  25. hasin yanath

    hasin yanath

    18 dagar sedan

    Only purpose in life is to pray to the one god that created you , We muslims Pray 5 times daily its a must . Thats the purpose

  26. Alex G.

    Alex G.

    18 dagar sedan

    I didn’t finish the vid but could you do a video about dance therapy like you dance for an hour a day for 21 days your anxiety will be gone brother.

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

      •+•1 •5•6•1~4•9•1~6•0•3•8• W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P *only*

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

      *Thanks for the comment,One of my success stories was my investment in crypto currency, I'll advise you to look into investing and making huge profit in crypto like I do with Mr Tyler and make good returns*

  27. Ashima's Hub

    Ashima's Hub

    19 dagar sedan

    Super.....Big like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Stay connected my friend .

  28. By SAEH

    By SAEH

    19 dagar sedan

    I love how this video flows so smoothly ✨ Haha I don't know we're all just not used to it, saying things nice to ourselves ..

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      19 dagar sedan

      I appreciate your feedback,do you expérience difficult in trading.

  29. Sedona Christina

    Sedona Christina

    20 dagar sedan

    Hi Matt! I just submitted an application to your writing positions and community management position. I would so so love to be considered to join the team part or full-time! Sending big hugs and thank you for giving the opportunity to us all! :)

  30. Mariliz Lorilla

    Mariliz Lorilla

    20 dagar sedan


  31. Why Sergio

    Why Sergio

    20 dagar sedan

    Loved it! I think the fact of standing in front of a mirror and saying these affirmations out loud becomes powerful. I tried it, and in my case, it helped me create the conditions for my mind to start thinking more about these things in those moments which led me to basically have internal conversations with myself and helped me come up with the solutions I needed. This happens just because we're taking time from our day to put our thoughts into it, such as we do when we talk out our problems with friends and then come up with solutions together. It's about listening to ourselves, which we don't do very often. Matt, thanks for sharing this in such a real and clean way!

  32. Random Wellness

    Random Wellness

    21 dag sedan

    Affirmations work 👍💯

  33. nandi's top12

    nandi's top12

    21 dag sedan


  34. Lisa Bre

    Lisa Bre

    22 dagar sedan

    Thank you for this I’m going to try it

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

      Thanks for commenting. I'll advise you to look into investing and making huge profit in crypto like I do with Mr Tyler and make good returns..

  35. The Hitman

    The Hitman

    22 dagar sedan

    This man has OCD ! And his content consumers also develop that slowly!

  36. Adam Stevens

    Adam Stevens

    22 dagar sedan

    My daily affirmation: “I am forever forward, no hurry, no pause”.

  37. byMartinTran


    22 dagar sedan

    I actually tried to hum while holding my nose 😂

  38. Theo Chris

    Theo Chris

    23 dagar sedan

    How can you be financially free, someone please help??

  39. D Verc

    D Verc

    23 dagar sedan

    maybe it's more about confronting yourself while writing the affirmations, instead of the mirror talk

  40. Aghiles Mana

    Aghiles Mana

    23 dagar sedan

    The problem with those videos is that you really don't know if you should believe them , and trust the person since everything is aet and done in the sake of get interest and attention ...views on youtube

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

      What>spp.. *+ 1 =5 =6 =1= 4 =9= 1= 6 =0= 3= 8*

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

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  41. ExCiTe Bull

    ExCiTe Bull

    24 dagar sedan

    It’s cause you need challenge truss like weightlifting out door activity, hobby etc

  42. Akansha Pillai

    Akansha Pillai

    24 dagar sedan

    Hey Matt are you still doing this? any updates?

  43. Екатерина Мирошниченко

    Екатерина Мирошниченко

    24 dagar sedan

    Hello, Matt. It's good that you asked your partner to help you with this deal! This kind of deep connection and sincerity between you both is unique, appreciate it!) I tried affirmations but it didn't work...then I asked my inner self what I should change and what mistakes I made. And I worked out 3 rules for me : 1) No mirror) I don't like talking to myself in front of the mirror) I feel really strange and embarrassed... as if I'm forcing myself ...No motivation, no incentive 2) Do it in bed in the morning before getting up. 5 am, I lie in peace and silence, close my eyes to feel this moment and then start using my affirmations. 3) Old goes, new comes Now I'm looking for some new affirmations because I'm sure that some of them I don't need anymore. They resonated with me when I was in a special period in my life, but now they don't. So, I agree with the phrase "nothing is eternal and unchangeable." Maybe you just need to find another approach to this practice. Have a nice day and we're waiting for your next video)

  44. Oriol Arralde

    Oriol Arralde

    24 dagar sedan

    I love how the little stutters are also subtitled XD

  45. Duke Morgan

    Duke Morgan

    24 dagar sedan

    love your videos man. Im in Australian Navy and these tips have helped me alot on waking up early and keeping what really matters in life. Keep up the good videos man

  46. Rai R

    Rai R

    25 dagar sedan

    I liked her affirmation..

  47. Peachy Pie

    Peachy Pie

    25 dagar sedan

    I'm so here for a don't knock it series!

  48. Stephanie Bleu

    Stephanie Bleu

    25 dagar sedan

    Absolutely love your content, it has helped me in many ways ❤️ just curious if you can share what type of camera /setup you have?!?!

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

      *W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P•* **+**1**5**6**1**4**9**1**6**0**3**8

    • Matt D'Avella

      Matt D'Avella

      17 dagar sedan

      *Thanks for the comment,One of my success stories was my investment in crypto currency, I'll advise you to look into investing and making huge profit in crypto like I do with Mr Tyler and make good returns*

  49. Shea


    25 dagar sedan

    Try these out Matt: I am a piece of shit I am a piece of shit I am a piece of shit I am a piece of shit I am a piece of shit I am a piece of shit

  50. Eric Wetzel

    Eric Wetzel

    25 dagar sedan

    Only 7 days. I'm going on Teo months but I believe it'll happen.



    25 dagar sedan

    Just be happy! It's simple!

  52. Карина Зыкова

    Карина Зыкова

    26 dagar sedan

    Я не думаю что меня конечно заметят но всеже попробую , попробуйте пожалуйста книгу экстремальный тайм-менеджмент, я постоянно смотрю вас на русском канале, мне очень нравится что вы делаете , пожалуйста попробуйте буду ждать с нетерпением . Спасибо за ваше дело .

  53. Anonymous


    26 dagar sedan

    Ok, just so you know. We're exactly lying and facing each other. Like you are talking to me. Lol

  54. Andres Mejia

    Andres Mejia

    26 dagar sedan

    Hey Matt, when are we getting the tour of the new apartment??

  55. Sucharith Battina

    Sucharith Battina

    26 dagar sedan

    Superb Video.

  56. Lauren Stubbings

    Lauren Stubbings

    27 dagar sedan

    Hi Matt, just wanted to drop in and say I’m absolutely loving your work. It’s thoughtful, open, practical, non judgemental, entertaining & helpful but I would have to say that I believe the best decision you ever made was marrying your awesome Aussie woman! 🇦🇺 What a partnership. 🥰

  57. axel campos

    axel campos

    27 dagar sedan

    Hi Matt, I Just finished watching your doc on Netflix and I'm being watching your videos for a while and a few months ago I started this minimalist life that has changed me a lot in the way I work, the way a live and the way I see the things that happened around me and the things that really matter in my life, I'm about to move to another city to finish my studying and start my full time dream job, and just wanted to let you know that I think that for you and you have shared this change could be so much better then I could be before. Thanks Bro.

  58. Tranquility Life

    Tranquility Life

    27 dagar sedan

    I hate how you lack optimism.

  59. Morag Tong

    Morag Tong

    27 dagar sedan

    Every time I do daily affirmations it makes me cry myself sick.....such is the life of a person who was always made to feel less than....hearing them from other people is great...but saying them myself is wrenching because I truly don't believe them....I feel like I am lying to myself.....I have never felt like I was worth anything.

  60. Alexander Kuz’min

    Alexander Kuz’min

    27 dagar sedan

    If you want to do it, try concentrate on optimistic words. And you need to imagine what you are talking about, this will help you see the positive that you are talking about.

  61. Aizhan Syidanova

    Aizhan Syidanova

    27 dagar sedan

    In the beginning, it is soooo me these days, and you face "uhhhh..." and "take it seriously", thank you for your honesty! Natalie's affirmations are cool!

  62. Saurabh Thapa

    Saurabh Thapa

    27 dagar sedan

    I like how seriously you took this ;)

  63. Михаил Кренгель

    Михаил Кренгель

    27 dagar sedan

    terrible handwriting 3:38, Matt. Make a video "30 days of calligraphy" :) But, mine is more bad😅

  64. Yaniverse


    28 dagar sedan

    "This is real, this is real, here we go"

  65. GrowthMindset


    28 dagar sedan

    Haha your reactions were priceless dude. I suppose the mental exercise of trying to overcome the uncomfortableness is part of the challenge! Weird that it feels so unnatural to be kind to ourselves 😂

  66. V


    28 dagar sedan

    gross indeed

  67. Crestline Capital

    Crestline Capital

    29 dagar sedan

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    • Carwow


      29 dagar sedan

      Thanks for the info!

  68. Ohm Bak

    Ohm Bak

    29 dagar sedan

    Your latest videos and that growing beard reveals, that u dont want to show yourself like this perfect superhuman without any mistakes. You have your struggles, like we all have. And that makes you for me, so much more relatable. Loves to see that bright side of you and i wish you all the best of luck to overcome your problems.

  69. Erin Dobbins

    Erin Dobbins

    29 dagar sedan

    Try the Emotional Freedom Technique. It's both evidence-based and woo woo feeling. It's supposed to be good for anxiety.

  70. Дурбек Иброхимов

    Дурбек Иброхимов

    29 dagar sedan

    Hi. Bro can you do daily affirmation 30 days ? Guys, if it is interesting for you, please support this comment with your likes. If you liked it thank you !!!

  71. abcdefghi jklm

    abcdefghi jklm

    29 dagar sedan

    Where do u buy jeans?

  72. famdrafts


    29 dagar sedan

    I realised I say affirmations to myself when I'm feeling down without thinking about it

  73. Bhava 55

    Bhava 55

    Månad sedan

    Your first affirmation was actually a denial

  74. Deeraj Rajput

    Deeraj Rajput

    Månad sedan

    the best thing about him is that he does not be complex unnecessarily, unlike the others. such a simple guy

  75. Deeraj Rajput

    Deeraj Rajput

    Månad sedan

    nobody is gonna laugh at me

  76. Aurora A.

    Aurora A.

    Månad sedan

    Fellow enneagram 1 here 🙌🙌 - I had a feeling you are a type 1 from the beginning of the video 😁. Self affirmation is actually pretty scientific, it’s just like our physical health and what we eat, when we eat good nutritious and healthy food, our body becomes healthy. Positive self-affirmations are just like healthy food for our soul and mind, when they are positive and healthy, they nourishes our soul and mind too! 💛

  77. Prakash Saikia

    Prakash Saikia

    Månad sedan


  78. Kate Mc

    Kate Mc

    Månad sedan

    Love to see a How I Met My Wife video if you haven't already done one.

  79. Kate Mc

    Kate Mc

    Månad sedan

    As we get to know about affirmations it gets easier to write our own!

  80. Lulu Lola

    Lulu Lola

    Månad sedan

    Please reply : How many hours do you sleep?

  81. Сергей Фадаев

    Сергей Фадаев

    Månad sedan

    Do you know what is the difference between you and Natalie? She doesn't care about motivation, striving, and so on. She's just happy on her own and I'm sure she's successful! This is what we should strive for!

  82. meil a

    meil a

    Månad sedan


  83. VC


    Månad sedan

    Guys I highly recommend the app “stoic” in which has an affirmations widget & every morning it resets so you get to select a new one for your day & it leaves it on your Home Screen along with a poetic stoic phrase.

  84. Sofiya Mastura

    Sofiya Mastura

    Månad sedan

    i just found your channel.please make all your video have eng subs plis...its very informative!

  85. Parker McVinnel

    Parker McVinnel

    Månad sedan

    This video made my day 100%

  86. Keshav Pande

    Keshav Pande

    Månad sedan

    You are looking tired

  87. Ростислав Сумеречный

    Ростислав Сумеречный

    Månad sedan

    Make a video where you live as a *vegan* without meat and milk for 30 days, it will be very interesting :)

  88. Young Filmmaker

    Young Filmmaker

    Månad sedan

    ahahhha. i had the same reaction

  89. Soar High

    Soar High

    Månad sedan

    You might like the app called I Am

  90. DailyVic


    Månad sedan

    Here’s a good affirmation “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better” or you can pick a specific thing, example “Every day in every way I am getting more work done”

  91. Иван Щекатуров

    Иван Щекатуров

    Månad sedan

    I think, what you don't need any affirmations if you work at yourself and really trying to understand this truth LIFE ISNT ALWAYS NICE TO ME I LOVE MYSELF IM GOOD ENOUGH

  92. Rose


    Månad sedan

    for anyone who wants to try affirmations, what helped me is my therapist encouraged me to start with ones that are objectively true even if they're minor. like, instead of the ones he started with, I said, "I am great at taking care of my dogs. I am a good dog mom." then once those got comfy, I moved on to more cornier-feeling ones lol

  93. Ea Gesika Vlogs

    Ea Gesika Vlogs

    Månad sedan

    What are your thoughts on SHIT SANDWICH?



    Månad sedan

    Can we not create our own affirmations??

    • Ashritha


      28 dagar sedan

      You can any thought is an affirmation

  95. minnu reddy

    minnu reddy

    Månad sedan

    You look an awful lot like mac from it's always sunny

  96. Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams

    Månad sedan

    I’m not sure If you have heard of a bullet journal. However it could be a good ideas to try it for 30 days. Plus free video.

  97. Giacomo Dreossi

    Giacomo Dreossi

    Månad sedan

    can we just appreciate how pleasant it is to watch videos with thought after subtitles? thank you, Matt

  98. Zaeim. Fitness & Motivation

    Zaeim. Fitness & Motivation

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  99. Ryen Jarvis

    Ryen Jarvis

    Månad sedan

    get a haircut you hippie

  100. Florence Dixon

    Florence Dixon

    Månad sedan

    Thank you for reminding me to try this again!!!