We sold all our stuff (seriously).

Watch the trailer to my new Netflix film!! 😮

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  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    7 månader sedan

    Things I didn't sell: PS4, Coffee Kit, Essential Camera Gear, Frame Photo of The Rock, Robot Vacuum Cleaner (I tried. But Nat's attached).

    • A. A. Anik

      A. A. Anik

      3 månader sedan

      Brother I would like to challenge you to fast for 30 days as muslims do so during ramadan..❤️❤️

    • Mark x

      Mark x

      3 månader sedan

      did you sell your car?

    • Mark x

      Mark x

      3 månader sedan

      how about your car sir matt...did you sell it?

    • Matt Borel

      Matt Borel

      5 månader sedan

      You're just trying to keep up with that extreme minimalist chick.

    • Angela Cui

      Angela Cui

      5 månader sedan

      how do you use a ps4 without a tv? a monitor?

  2. Brian on a mission

    Brian on a mission

    10 dagar sedan

    What about sentimental stuff?

  3. Richard Cordner

    Richard Cordner

    28 dagar sedan

    One thing I would advise all viewers is to avoid claiming you have no fixed address when crossing borders. Always maintain documented ties to your home country or a frivolous border guard can fuck your plans up big time.

  4. Leo Messi

    Leo Messi

    Månad sedan

    Why don’t you just put your stuff in storage?

  5. Chas_ For_Sale

    Chas_ For_Sale

    Månad sedan

    < me too. Done with stuff!

  6. Maxamed Somali

    Maxamed Somali

    Månad sedan

    Meth head

  7. bestine ouya

    bestine ouya

    Månad sedan

    Sell to me your you tube account

  8. Annika Fiorino

    Annika Fiorino

    2 månader sedan

    Watchted the documentary after wake up in bed before i know that it is a projekt from u. Nice. I decluttered today again. Like everyday at the moment.

  9. makis xatzimixas

    makis xatzimixas

    2 månader sedan

    Watching this on my 57th Chrome tab.

  10. Klo0z


    2 månader sedan

    I have only heard the "Let's talk about sex, baby" song probably once or twice, but somehow I had it in my head about an hour or so before watching this video. Does that make me a psychic? /j

  11. Silver Screen Productions

    Silver Screen Productions

    3 månader sedan

    New decisions bring in new experiences. This is *your* new journey. Not many people make these decisions. I am excited for your both. Wishing you the very best.

  12. Sabio Jbp

    Sabio Jbp

    3 månader sedan

    Wow! I like to be with a minimalist man..

  13. Tineke


    3 månader sedan

    Lmao I actually paused to read the advertisements you guys posted of your stuff and it made me laugh

  14. Julian Vergara

    Julian Vergara

    3 månader sedan

    matt, what about those shirts? your biceps are too much for those shirts now

  15. Partybois3


    3 månader sedan

    Great work on The Minimalists: Less Is Now 👍🏼

  16. Big Bird

    Big Bird

    4 månader sedan

    God her voice is so fake! Lol

  17. jackson schmitt

    jackson schmitt

    4 månader sedan

    "sometimes in life you just got to throw shit in a pile and come back to it later" -matt

  18. Kiomio


    4 månader sedan

    Havent watched your videos in a while. I watched for 2 minutes and my first thought was "I love this guy". Ok, back to the video.

  19. Aashish Poudel

    Aashish Poudel

    4 månader sedan

    When I saw title I thought Matt is gone bankrupt and seriously makes more seriously bankrupt Matt.

  20. An Ki

    An Ki

    4 månader sedan

    And here I am trying for months to sell a couple of boxes with old clothes and books and nobody buys my crap. How did you sell everything so damn fast?😄

  21. Rozanna


    4 månader sedan

    Absolutely fabulous - I’m so looking forward to you adventures.

  22. Leo Cieri

    Leo Cieri

    4 månader sedan

    The envious detective continuously ask because ophthalmologist microbiologically decay qua a smoggy antelope. dependent, handy shorts

  23. jti107


    4 månader sedan

    i'm sad he sold his sofa....it looks so comfy

  24. Sat & Dan Taylor

    Sat & Dan Taylor

    4 månader sedan

    Hey Matt! Love you videos, you are super relatable and i love that. We share such similarities but i wanted to ask if you could make more content like what you were talking about at 3:46. We both lived in Sydney (Earlwood, actually) almost exactly this time last year. We were creating content, making our dream life and then we both had to leave due to Covid-19. Saterra had to go back to Canada and i (Dan) had to go back to the UK. This crushed us. We felt like we had to start again. Like, ALL over again... 1 year on, we are still moving forward but i also turn 30 this year and it really struck a cord with me that other people feel the same way your wife does. Stressed, anxious, why don't we have a house yet, when do we have kids, where will we live? We country hop too and this life is so new to us that it's all so exciting, we sometimes find ourselves being grounded by listening to other people opinions that don't reflect our lifestyle choice. Convention vs. 'Digitally Nomadic'? I guess what i wanted to say was, i would love to hear more about your thought on this subject. Being present, not worrying about the future, conforming to the typical. That sort of thing. We would love to meet up in Sydney, we are planning to come back as soon as the borders open for us to come. We miss it every single day. If you read this Matt, you're awesome. If you are reading this and feel the same, please bump up so we can help others. So much love! Sat & Dan

    • Tine


      4 månader sedan

      as someones who lived in sydney her whole life, i'm really wondering which suburb natalie's from

  25. Mehwish anees Mehwish anees

    Mehwish anees Mehwish anees

    4 månader sedan

    keep it up.ur life in heaven seriously. so many things I feel my breathing was less.and furniture is breathing more.but what about guest.

  26. Lachlan Peck

    Lachlan Peck

    4 månader sedan

    ayyy going back to Aus boi

  27. Hazel


    4 månader sedan

    I felt like I was so attached to items before. But after my 13 year relationship ended because he cheated on me and I had to get rid of my things and move back home. I realized I don’t even need that much as in material things. I got rid of so much and I’m still getting rid of things now and it’s been 2 years. I’m even trying to get my mom to get rid of things she’s hold on to for YEARS. She got so overwhelmed and we even got into a fight but as she started seeing that I’ve been de cluttering and our home is looking for open she’s starting to get into it. So I guess I just wanted to say your videos have been like my therapy ☺️

  28. Qi Ne

    Qi Ne

    5 månader sedan

    So.. just something i've noticed. When you can afford to buy whatever you need. Throwing everything away is much easier, because you know you can buy it back. I know for a fact, I cannot throw away, because, if need, then no money to buy and regret is much more stress and horrible annoyance than keeping thing in closet for long time no use.

  29. Doug Moring

    Doug Moring

    5 månader sedan

    Whenever we've moved across the country we have given away most of our possessions. The cost of moving them was always more than the stuff was worth.

  30. Karolina P

    Karolina P

    5 månader sedan

    She talked about being worried pressured to have kid and how can you have kids and no adress at the same time? There are families who travel the world full time with their kids. There's a youtube chanel of parents and their 9 kids traveling a lot. There was another family who got an rv, took their 10 kids and traveled Europe on summer. As for the age to have kids, medicine has got so good, you can have kids in your 40s, you just need more money to pay medical bills. Or you can adopt and/or foster. Really some research and watching youtube videos of even large families traveling can really open eyes to new fun advetures. Some people create this mental wall of "that's so hard to do, that's impossible, no way" that they don't even try. Once you at least think, reseach, plan and try, the wall disappears and you're left with a great feeling of "huh, wow, I can do this. This is fun!"

  31. imicca


    5 månader sedan

    Minimalists be like NOOOOOO

  32. Lerato Love

    Lerato Love

    5 månader sedan

    Nat really loves Matt. It's beautiful to see.

  33. Petra Eunjoo

    Petra Eunjoo

    5 månader sedan

    Love that knitted vest from Nathalie. Where is it from?

  34. Treavor Denney

    Treavor Denney

    5 månader sedan

    I am actually in the process of selling most of my stuff, and I was going to move. I am keeping my books, bug out bag, laptop. Selling my car, motorcycle, donating clothes, selling my game collection/systems, and other junk. I am keeping one tote for junk. That is all the junk a person needs.

  35. Lee TV

    Lee TV

    5 månader sedan

    If you got into Australia... you are very lucky... minus your wife being Australian. Hardly anyone can get back into the country- the backlog is immense. Hope you made it and you if you did, you obviously made it back before Victoria’s lockdown. Good luck to you both... I hope you managed to enter the country... at least you’ll be safer here than you would be back in America!🙂🇦🇺

  36. Lieke Ceton

    Lieke Ceton

    5 månader sedan

    Would you call it digital minimalism when you move the same amount of files to more compact hard drives? Besides that, very impressive!

  37. Samiur Rahman

    Samiur Rahman

    5 månader sedan

    Glad you didn't get rid of The Rock's frame 😂

  38. Matthew John

    Matthew John

    5 månader sedan

    You might as well sell your house because it's pointless keeping it empty and live in your car as all you are left with can fit in a car and then sell your camera and take a break.... hahahaha.... Bro this almost extreme now 😂 I have watched quite a few of your videos in past....some of them are good content... I think in coming future I'll be seeing you announce that you are going to be a monk ...😂

  39. Adam


    5 månader sedan

    Dude why are you wearing a hat indoors? So well bad...!

  40. Ana Alves

    Ana Alves

    5 månader sedan

    Take the time to enjoy your travels. My husband and I traveled before becoming parents and I recommend it. Our daughter is now six and she loves traveling, she has been to 7 countries already and it would have been more if covid had not happened. I also recommend travelling with a child, but it does change how you travel. Her first international flight was at 8 months old and I traveled solo with her. Baby Bjorn carrier was a life saver 👍😁

  41. Rahul k

    Rahul k

    5 månader sedan

    1:03 You better not watch the Sherlock Holmes series. According to Sherlock Holmes, a woman touching her wedding ring continuously is unsure of her relationship or is not happy in her relationship!

  42. Matt Borel

    Matt Borel

    5 månader sedan

    She's your typical vapid Sydneysider.

  43. Matt Borel

    Matt Borel

    5 månader sedan

    What do you want to move to Sydney for? It's so expensive.

  44. Hari Hara Kumar

    Hari Hara Kumar

    5 månader sedan

    Matt, good luck to you and Natalie, on your next chapter. Be well, always! I'm sending my positive vibes to Natalie and you - Love, happiness and peace!

  45. Tanya N

    Tanya N

    5 månader sedan

    Hey! My family and I saw that documentary on Netflix a few weeks ago! Didn’t know you filmed it. Small world. Great work! Truly

  46. Jesse Katches

    Jesse Katches

    5 månader sedan

    northridge craigslist! my old alumn town hood.

    • Jesse Katches

      Jesse Katches

      5 månader sedan

      Also i came back to use your affiliate link for one of those 18TB G drives but i don't see it in the description! if you see this comment soon enough can you add that back in if possible please? would love to support in that way.

  47. Ivan Lautaro Lemos

    Ivan Lautaro Lemos

    5 månader sedan

    I'll do the same. And saying thanks for the abundancy. Do you have experience peace now?

  48. the7HoffmanGirls


    5 månader sedan

    What shoe/sock is she wearing? Thanks.

  49. Day Day

    Day Day

    5 månader sedan

    When you finally get on the plane it will all be worth it!

  50. Caren Northcutt

    Caren Northcutt

    5 månader sedan

    do not return to California.

  51. 101 Life

    101 Life

    5 månader sedan

    Get rid of the old, welcome the new. It is always better.

  52. alexv0009


    5 månader sedan

    1:16 selling a "sony visio" -- those are 2 different manf. lol

  53. Anne Nixda

    Anne Nixda

    5 månader sedan

    sitting in my room that I moved into literally a month ago, looking at all the stuff I finally unpacked, and thinking about just selling it all off. is both. terrifying and tempting. (my main problem with this, I think, is that most of my stuff is thrifted, flea-market hauls, family heirlooms and hand-me-downs - so I would absolutely be unable to get it back once I got rid of it. It's not like "oh this is from Ikea so if I do notice I need it I can just rebuy it"...)

  54. kazza div

    kazza div

    5 månader sedan

    Hey welcome to Australia!!! Best wishes from Adelaide!

  55. Shy


    5 månader sedan

    You'll own nothing and be happy hmmmm all very familiar!

  56. AshMan


    5 månader sedan

    safe travels back to Australia, be safe as you come back into the country. its really crazy times at here.

  57. Marlissa Sebring

    Marlissa Sebring

    5 månader sedan

    Nat wearing the cardigan that makes her feel spiritual 😂💕

  58. Carla Pogson

    Carla Pogson

    5 månader sedan

    I can see getting rid of things you don’t need but to sell everything. So you sit in the dark on the floor

  59. ArizonaWillful


    6 månader sedan

    So that explains her accent. I just couldn't place it.

  60. Cherry Bombe

    Cherry Bombe

    6 månader sedan

    when i was 8 in late 80's we didn't have carpets, mattresses, tv etc but we didn't call it minimalism we called it poverty. lol perspectives

  61. Biblical Thinker 2.0

    Biblical Thinker 2.0

    6 månader sedan

    produce paradise

  62. Aaron Blanco

    Aaron Blanco

    6 månader sedan

    Congrats on the Nerflix special!

  63. toology55


    6 månader sedan

    Honey, we've been robbed! Yeah we're free!

  64. Ramona Grunder

    Ramona Grunder

    6 månader sedan

    I don't have Netflix, is there another opportunity to watch the documentary?

  65. J P

    J P

    6 månader sedan

    ew, shoes in the house

  66. Prashant Bagga

    Prashant Bagga

    6 månader sedan

    thoughts on speechify.com?

  67. Maia Kipping

    Maia Kipping

    6 månader sedan

    That is a commitment to get rid of so much, even if I was moving there are certain things I still wouldn't be able to detach from, safe journey and all the best to you both in Aus, during these times it makes sense to be close to family.

  68. Nesterou


    6 månader sedan

    Matt: getting rid of stuff 1:07 Nat getting rid of language

  69. Hale


    6 månader sedan

    Just a question but did you get rid of your clothes?

  70. Tim K

    Tim K

    6 månader sedan

    I’m super jealous. My partner and I just moved across country. I wanted to just get rid of everything. She wanted to fit everlasting item. We packed the storage container to the point the door almost didn’t open. There was still stuff left and she was panicking trying to fit the rest in a bag above the car. After the entire fiasco, we’ve both agreed that if we move back we’re getting rid of everything.

  71. Parish Khan

    Parish Khan

    6 månader sedan

    If I told my wife to sold all of her stuff then she rather likes to sell me instead.

    • Srianjanavadevoo S

      Srianjanavadevoo S

      6 månader sedan

      Ha ha.. but no one will buy u..

  72. gdcat777


    6 månader sedan

    I have to sell all of my things because my life is going to end in about April. The "covid" myth has ruined my chances at FT employment and it's too late to start over at almost age 60. Tell me, how do I sell B&W speakers when I have no place to demonstrate them so nobody thinks I'm selling them duds?

  73. Brock Reynolds

    Brock Reynolds

    6 månader sedan

    One thing I noticed about your pile of clothes. Not one HINT of color. Don't dress for a funeral every day, it will brighten your mood. And I'm totally jealous of you moving to Australia, I think it would be a much nicer country to live in than the US.

  74. Poppy Love

    Poppy Love

    6 månader sedan

    My husband and I are starting to explore minimalism. There’s been times that I’ve thought about how much I’d love to just walk out the door, get in the car and leave. We are struggling with giving up things, like even books I haven’t read yet, the only important things I’d definitely want to take, are our family pictures, and a weeks worth of cloths, I’m not sure I want to keep my smart phone! Our dogs and our kids, how freeing this could be! I’m excited to follow you and wish you much joy.

  75. The Stereo Kid

    The Stereo Kid

    6 månader sedan

    I am trying to get to the same point in my life. Don’t have as much stuff but it is daunting and I’m inspired by your transition! Best of luck in Auz & safe travels!

  76. MADRIDISTA 1902


    6 månader sedan

    So stupid

  77. Kenia Alvarez

    Kenia Alvarez

    6 månader sedan

    Does anyone know how old they are?

  78. Ana Z

    Ana Z

    6 månader sedan

    We are moving back to the US next week after a year and a half in Brazil. We are my husband, my adult son with a disability and I. When we came we sold everything except for 6 suitcases we brought with us. Now we are returning with only 2 carry-ons, 3 backpacks and my son's dog. That is going to be all our possessions for some time and we are excited about it. It's good to see we are not the only crazy people!

  79. Karri Tree

    Karri Tree

    6 månader sedan

    Oh hey new follower- I actually watched that documentary the other night- great stuff 👌

  80. Johanna Johannsen

    Johanna Johannsen

    6 månader sedan

    Great Job! I have moved from California to Texas from Texas to East Coast & I will never pay for those rip off moving companies again! After paying $5,000 to move across country I would GET RID OF IT! Just like you! Great decision!

  81. Marcy Mathews

    Marcy Mathews

    6 månader sedan

    where did you get your orange leather couch? I am in love with it and now it's gone. :( I want to buy one!

  82. NU Kwok

    NU Kwok

    6 månader sedan

    Sydney's borders are closed, I-

  83. freethinker424


    6 månader sedan

    Ahhh, there it is. Why I don’t take this guy’s advice seriously. It works for him, but I’m not going to live like that or give up my smartphone.

  84. Tsaddiq


    6 månader sedan

    Ah... 1st world concerns

  85. Carl Hilber

    Carl Hilber

    6 månader sedan

    Welcome to Australia. Could have picked a better city but oh well.

  86. Aa ee

    Aa ee

    6 månader sedan

    My wife talks about minimalist but an empty house looks and feels cold 🥶

    • Just Caused

      Just Caused

      6 månader sedan

      If done correctly it can look excellent.

  87. Shammi Dubey

    Shammi Dubey

    6 månader sedan

    I have my house cluttered with memories, how can I be minimalistic?😐

  88. Julia W

    Julia W

    6 månader sedan

    Me and my husband have done this 3 times in the last 7 years and it’s always so refreshing. Its stressful at first but then you just feel free almost like the weight of all the things you had around you is lifted off your shoulders. I would recommend it to everyone!

    • Ana Z

      Ana Z

      6 månader sedan

      I agree 100%!

  89. Xx xX

    Xx xX

    6 månader sedan

    That poor woman. Women marry to attain assets. This woman is like ‘this is not what I signed up for’.

    • Frida 123

      Frida 123

      6 månader sedan


  90. KikiOnTheHill


    6 månader sedan

    Omg love you Natalie I can feel “see” such a good energy , vibe from you just how you speak and say what you think 💭 ♥️♥️♥️

  91. KING THE YORKIE Official

    KING THE YORKIE Official

    6 månader sedan

    Reason: 1.broke 2. Cheaper to fly with nothing to a different country 3. Nat: “ you make money or I leave”

  92. Michael Bosch

    Michael Bosch

    6 månader sedan

    i have the same speaker box. its nice, you should have kept it.

  93. Andrey Ishchenko

    Andrey Ishchenko

    6 månader sedan

    What camera and lens give such a nice picture? Please help)

  94. Rachel Perry

    Rachel Perry

    6 månader sedan

    Natalie, I’m with you girl! I turned thirty in 2020 and I’m “starting over” in many ways. All the negative self talk is real! But you’re not alone and it’s ok! Life is made up of seasons and this is just another season that you (and I am as well) are beginning. It’s not backward or forward, it’s just new. Best of luck.

  95. JoyfullyPacingLife


    6 månader sedan

    I can relate. Moving for whatever reason/s is always stressful! Good luck and I wish you both continued success and much happiness wherever you go. Stay well.

  96. Sleer


    6 månader sedan

    1:00 "explain the predicament". She anxiously about to take her ring off and throw it at you for your BS lolol

  97. caryn williams

    caryn williams

    6 månader sedan

    Saw the documentry and it was great!

  98. Expatrocious


    6 månader sedan

    Everyone is leaving California 🤧

  99. Hanna Ashleigh

    Hanna Ashleigh

    6 månader sedan

    Sydney!!! so good! hope you both have a lovely time!

  100. Bernardo Bila

    Bernardo Bila

    6 månader sedan

    *Matt is taking minimalism to the next level.*