The one habit I'm trying to build this year.

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  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    6 månader sedan

    Good luck with your habits friends!! What one habit are you GOING to build this year? P.S. Yes, it's true. I used the word "trying" in the title of the video and completely contradicted myself. It just sounded better as a title, what can I say?



      4 månader sedan

      Work more on creating items to create passive income.

    • RongonDoesYouTube


      5 månader sedan


    • Saalim AK

      Saalim AK

      5 månader sedan

    • Jasmin Plazek

      Jasmin Plazek

      5 månader sedan

      You could exchange the "trying" with "planning" or "planned". Since that is what you did/you are doing. I like your video and especially the way you ended the video. "Did he just say....." - cute. Thanks!

    • monica Mourad

      monica Mourad

      5 månader sedan

      focus on my Art and content creation btw my TBR (to be read ) for the month of February is 1. Love Without Limits 2. The Habit

  2. Gonçalo Morais

    Gonçalo Morais

    23 dagar sedan

    The bat thing is such a PLUS! 🦇💨

  3. Pravin Parram

    Pravin Parram

    25 dagar sedan

    It lowkey feels warm to watch his videos, given how patient and feasible his content is!

  4. Marscompany


    Månad sedan

    9:50 xD, I love you Matt

  5. Raphael Chang

    Raphael Chang

    Månad sedan

    Matt, what book are you reading this week? #accountability

  6. Dewii


    Månad sedan

    How can having the bats be a negative? Haha. I saw them in Australia, they are so cute!

  7. Sefer Kaya

    Sefer Kaya

    2 månader sedan

    Hey there, Accountability partner here. Matt! Have you read all these mentioned books? 🤓

  8. Mark Gray

    Mark Gray

    2 månader sedan

    So, how's this habit going in May 2021? Any lessons / changes that have happened so far?

  9. Roger Mesen Delgado

    Roger Mesen Delgado

    2 månader sedan

    Perro ya leyó hoy?

  10. Dennis Svensson

    Dennis Svensson

    3 månader sedan

    I don't love bat's, but I would definitely trying to feed that giant just because they are so interesting.

  11. Cynthia Lee

    Cynthia Lee

    3 månader sedan

    Welcome to Syd

  12. ace825


    3 månader sedan

    Fruit bats aren't scary! When I lived in the Philippines, they had fruit bats that you could feed at zoos, like goats or giraffes in the States.

  13. Stacey Wood

    Stacey Wood

    4 månader sedan

    Thank you!!! Sorry about your bat problem!!! Yikes! Great video though!! 👍🏻❤️

  14. Ania Kosma

    Ania Kosma

    4 månader sedan

    This is what I found -" totem represents letting go of fear and being free from them. As per symbology, totem

  15. Kyrsten Lane

    Kyrsten Lane

    4 månader sedan

    Hello! One thing I wanted to recommend is learning about the culture, history, and current affairs concerning the aboriginal and other indigenous communities of Australia. It is not unlike how the US treats their own Indigenous communities, and in some points in recent history (the 60s 70s 80s and 90s) it was downright inhumane but not talked about enough. Not all it bad though as many successful and talented artists have been given platform, there are some acts that have the potential to be foundations for at least some healing and rebuilding, infact the population of aboriginal australians for one example is actually growing, but there still is not enough public knowledge among western cultures about indigenous cultures, and there are still profound issues they are dealing with every day.

  16. Lilian Nothen

    Lilian Nothen

    4 månader sedan

    Love you Matt ! Yes, I did say it.

  17. Kyle Andres

    Kyle Andres

    4 månader sedan

    Hey Matt, I’m a little behind on commenting on this but curious how you address “finishing a book”. Say it’s Atomic Habits, which I personally just finished as per your recommendations. Atomic habits has a lot of activities/exercises to implement some of the theory in the book. Do you give yourself sometime to focus on that theory and the activities before jumping into another book? Or just continue the habit of reading and try to add onto that the activities suggested? I guess the questions is how do you approach some books, that include a call to action so to speak?

  18. Kuma Bear

    Kuma Bear

    4 månader sedan

    HAHAHA I thought you had a me moment where I accidentally said love you to a classmate because I was so used to ending my conversations that way with family and close friends



    4 månader sedan

    I love you too Matt



    4 månader sedan

    The bat vid killed me hahahaha

  21. Rice Edward

    Rice Edward

    4 månader sedan

    The volatile porter acceptably wreck because fahrenheit histologically cure about a teeny-tiny dipstick. available, mature authority

  22. Joel Timothy

    Joel Timothy

    4 månader sedan

    He loves me! *throws away flower stem*

  23. Charlie Mosca

    Charlie Mosca

    4 månader sedan

    You should do light phone 2 for 30 days

  24. Parvati OM

    Parvati OM

    4 månader sedan

    Thanks! :)

  25. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    6:47 put it on your to-do list or add it to your calendar as a reminder to take action consistently

  26. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    4:55 in order to grow you need to face some sort of resistance, there needs to be some kind of challenge or else it won't be interesting enough for you to keep up with it and you won't see any true growth from it

  27. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    4:46 conversely, if it's too easy let's say like reading one book a month the challenge would be too boring. it won't excite me enough to keep up with the habit itself

  28. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    4:39 but then when i really started to think about it i realized that that would just add an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself

  29. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    2:35 and as a result your learnings become one-dimensional you start to invest all your time into filmmaking or creating and as a result you begin to fall behind in other areas

  30. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    2:10 if i finish off my day with watching a couple hours of tv or browsing on social media i would feel drained i would feel overwhelmed and i would feel anxious

  31. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    1:51 books really taught me how to be a better human they taught me so much about business and it also gave me a healthy escape

  32. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    1:29 but it's a fucking pandemic. so i'm gonna give myself a break but as i started to reflect. I did realize there was one thing i wish i did more and it's read. reflect = think deeply or carefully about.

  33. T F

    T F

    4 månader sedan

    1:07 since it's the start of the year, it's usually a time when I set an intention, and figure out which habits I've been neglecting and the ones that I really want to focus on going forward.

  34. Эмиль Хазиев

    Эмиль Хазиев

    4 månader sedan

    Thank you Matt, as always useful video👍😊

  35. natebates


    4 månader sedan

    checked the comments, your instagram & twitter to see what book you're on. maybe i missed it, but are you posting? do you have a goodreads account we can check in on? i'm trying to read more as well -- hope the habit is sticking!

  36. Jane_Friday


    4 månader sedan

    It's just normal. The Moment you invest a lot of time and energy into your job, like an adult should do, you let slip a habit like reading or sports. For me it was reading. In 2019 I set a goal to read a book per month, whichvI achieved. Sadly due to the pandemic it slipped again. Luckily I stuck to working out andceating healthy. I will statt reading again.

  37. Louis Laforet

    Louis Laforet

    4 månader sedan

    You're the Wes Anderson of SE-oners, there is such a sense of balance in your videos. Awesome work!

  38. Cello Codispoti

    Cello Codispoti

    4 månader sedan

    Matt i saw a Dwayne Johnson add before this. He says hy

  39. wannabe


    5 månader sedan

    Whut? Those bats are freaking cute!

  40. Shreyas the man

    Shreyas the man

    5 månader sedan

    Who know Sankho kun?? Here

  41. Glen


    5 månader sedan

    i just noticed that matt's aprtment style is the same as his previous aprtment, damn how did you manage that?

  42. haha s3 go brrrr

    haha s3 go brrrr

    5 månader sedan

    Great as always, I love your videos! Building a habit and following a habit is not the same though. To build a habit, you need to learn your brain to start something without even thinking about it. Reading two books per month is not a habit but a goal. Reading every day is a habit and it doesn't matter if you read one or fifty pages. I'm writing about it because I was failing and failing and failing with every single resolution for years before I understood this. It's easier to build a habit if the thing you do is not challenging. You have no excuses to not go for a run for 5 minutes, it's just 5 minutes even if it's raining. Do it for a month and it won't matter if you run for 5 or 50 minutes, you will go for a run every single day. A great source of knowledge about that topic is the podcast called Huberman's Lab by Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman (he's on youtube as well).

  43. Mish Young

    Mish Young

    5 månader sedan

    Welcome to Australia! Fruit bats are definitely very interesting creatures but they don’t make as much noise as Rainbow Lorrikeets at sunset when they’re roosting in trees.

  44. Jennifer def

    Jennifer def

    5 månader sedan

    my habit of reading more was to read at least a sentence a day, that gave me space to read as little as possible on bad days and as much as possible on okay/good ones. even if i still have 1 sentence minimum every day i often read 10-100 pages a day just wanted to share that im proud of myself kdjdkdjdkd

  45. Adira Al-Hilo

    Adira Al-Hilo

    5 månader sedan

    Love the shade thrown at America.

  46. Qutub Jed

    Qutub Jed

    5 månader sedan

    "Good to great" by jim collins is very insightful. I recommend "atomic habits" by james clear to anyone interested in bettering their habits.

  47. Ise River

    Ise River

    5 månader sedan

    One of my favourite memories of Australia was standing in Sydney botanic garden on new years eve, dusk, waiting for the fireworks displays, and flying over me was hundreds of fruit bat's. It was awesome.

  48. Young and Profiting

    Young and Profiting

    5 månader sedan

    After interviewing John Lee Dumas on my podcast, I found out that mornings are the most productive time to work on our goals but we often spend it on answering emails, dealing with complaints, working on other people's needs and wants which is essentially"'other people's problem"

    • Alexandria Blucas

      Alexandria Blucas

      5 månader sedan

      This is so true!

    • Kaitlyn Giovinazzo

      Kaitlyn Giovinazzo

      5 månader sedan

      So true! I use my morning to enjoy my coffee and get a good stretch before hitting my email inbox - our morning routine is SO important!

    • Julien Ofel Banaybanay

      Julien Ofel Banaybanay

      5 månader sedan

      Watched that video on your channel, Hala! Very insightful

    • Kennedy K

      Kennedy K

      5 månader sedan

      So true! Checking out that interview right now

    • Bina Braich

      Bina Braich

      5 månader sedan

      Yes! so accurate

  49. FlightswithMel


    5 månader sedan

    Dare to lead is excellent!! Please share your thoughts on it, if possible!

  50. Ursula Goodwin

    Ursula Goodwin

    5 månader sedan

    I stopped reading and was watching SE-one videos and going on social media, will read for the next 30 minutes before I sleep :)

  51. rodrrico


    5 månader sedan

    Welcome to Sydney Matt! Don't worry the bats only hang around in the Summer. I look forward to seeing how you adapt to a life in Australia.

  52. Kei


    5 månader sedan

    I'm so jealous, I love bats!! What's wrong with you? haha

  53. Darth Nihilus

    Darth Nihilus

    5 månader sedan

    Dude those bats are just harmless fruit bats apart from the noise there’s nothing bad about them

  54. Gokucoolio


    5 månader sedan

    What pen is that?

  55. mark crocker

    mark crocker

    5 månader sedan

    Welcome to Australia @Matt D'Avella! Hope I run into you in Sydney :)

  56. Billy Boulton

    Billy Boulton

    5 månader sedan

    Could call you BATMAN. No that'll never take off...........

  57. This Way Up Travel

    This Way Up Travel

    5 månader sedan

    "I'm batman"

  58. LC ILIAS


    5 månader sedan

    I respect you man , i really do

  59. Emma Batty

    Emma Batty

    5 månader sedan

    matt please its just a bat its fine

  60. Tyler Allen

    Tyler Allen

    5 månader sedan

    I absolutely LOVED Where the Crawdads Sing! 5/5 Would recommend!

  61. Lara Kistner

    Lara Kistner

    5 månader sedan

    I think deep down, we all love reading. We're just so used to instant gratification and the speed of which information floods our feeds, that we don't really want to invest the time. Insider tip: Watch Max Joseps's Video "BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content". It always pushes me to pick up all my books and reading them all at once. It's an ode to books and the art of reading.

  62. Zoë Cayetano

    Zoë Cayetano

    5 månader sedan

    Creating an accountability Slack channel is an awesome idea! Now I totally want to take the course! More so for the community you're building :) Thank you so much for working on this!

  63. Lauch Pferd

    Lauch Pferd

    5 månader sedan

    I would love to live next to the feeding grounds of the world's largest bat. They're adorable! But maybe that's just me.. Also thanks for explaining how you set your goals in easy words, it really motivated me to set a goal for the year even though it's already February.

  64. Poolmedic


    5 månader sedan

    Little known fact, Matt’s biceps have there own journal and intentions

  65. Theolyn Warrender

    Theolyn Warrender

    5 månader sedan

    The best way I've found the ability to form these habits is just initially doing that thing every day. Doesn't matter how many pages I read or how much I write in my journal, it's all about building a habit of turning up. After a few weeks, the habit forms and there's a lot less resistance to sitting down and proceeding with the task ... it's no longer a burden and becomes a joy. From there on, it's much easier to build on the habit and do more of it consistently. And above all, your goal should not be the end goal but the process of the goal. So instead of saying "I'm going to run a marathon in a year", say to yourself "I'm going to run for at least 10 minutes every other day" ... as time goes on and you proceed with this, running a marathon seems a lot more reachable.

  66. Cornia Hypeid

    Cornia Hypeid

    5 månader sedan

    Thanks but the title should be “The one habit I’m going to build this year”

  67. Rafael Ripoll Gallardo

    Rafael Ripoll Gallardo

    5 månader sedan

    Tell me that the slow motion mug grab was really NOT in slow motion...

  68. Jack Schäfer

    Jack Schäfer

    5 månader sedan

    Sry for a silly question, what is the book in this video? Thank you.

  69. Citylife6454


    5 månader sedan

    Where did you get that journal from?

  70. A.O. Hamer - The Artist

    A.O. Hamer - The Artist

    5 månader sedan

    Aaaww, love ya back Matt! 😂💘

  71. Rebekah McCaul

    Rebekah McCaul

    5 månader sedan

    Haha I love the bat part of the vlog. We live south of Adelaide Australia ! Been watching you a while now and love your channel Matt 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  72. David Graham

    David Graham

    5 månader sedan

    Love your channel. As the minimalist, curious whether you have general preference for digital books for convenience and minimalizing material possessions, or stick with hard copies for visceral appeal and breaking from screen time? Or perhaps doesn't matter and enjoy both?

  73. dominique douglas

    dominique douglas

    5 månader sedan

    Does anyone know what portable printer Matt has?

  74. Nuggetsss


    5 månader sedan

    The bat is so cute. It looks like a dog with rings

  75. Jan Čížek

    Jan Čížek

    5 månader sedan

    Thank you for the video! The feelings you describe with reading have been the same for me. But I have been far worse in making reading stick on my board of habits. I know I love it, I know I feel great when reading and after reading, just like you described, but I have been miserable at really sitting down and reading. The most difficult thing for me is to make the time for it. So let's fucking change that!

  76. Kristina K.

    Kristina K.

    5 månader sedan

    His voice is calming and informative, I definitly wouldnt mind him writing a book and narating it on audible.

  77. Jay Kim

    Jay Kim

    5 månader sedan

    Bat --> Bat soup --> Covid --> Australia ---> cycle

  78. Maurie Kirschner

    Maurie Kirschner

    5 månader sedan

    Ok, Matt. Ya need to put a book about how awesome bats are on that to read list! Seriously.... then you will be sitting outside and telling the bats you love them! There's your bit of free advice from this nature loving geek! :P

  79. Kins Dixit

    Kins Dixit

    5 månader sedan

    Thanks for sharing. At the same time, May I know what type of books you read. Please share some of the titles of the books you read. I’m also lacking in this area so much.

  80. Dynasty2201


    5 månader sedan

    Wtf you moved to Australia???

  81. Beautiful Messes

    Beautiful Messes

    5 månader sedan

    I like that you said it did t matter the size of the book or you could read a book again ... my goal is to read also thanks for the video

  82. Saalim AK

    Saalim AK

    5 månader sedan

  83. Gregory


    5 månader sedan

    Can you make a podcast I like your voice. Your podcast is a little old. I think you learned many things in the time and you probably want to share it with us m.

  84. Skander CHEBBI

    Skander CHEBBI

    5 månader sedan

    Hey Matt, it is now scientifically proven that a new habit is developed in around 21 days and a lifestyle is made in 90 days out of that habit. You can get used to it more rapidly and adapt to that lifestyle if you don't go easy on yourself with the 2-day-rule. Also habits are learned better if the practice takes place at a younger age, it's a huge factor. In conclusion, I would say that "You don't need 12 habits" doesn't really make sense because it is relatively easier at a younger age. And the challenge is about developing a non-existing habit, it wouldn't be a challenge if good habits are already learned since childhood.

  85. Elise Allberry

    Elise Allberry

    5 månader sedan

    Did he just say he loved us?? I diddddddd

  86. Thompson Sapergia-Watt

    Thompson Sapergia-Watt

    5 månader sedan

    Your house is always soooo aesthetic! #goals

  87. JHG India

    JHG India

    5 månader sedan

    What pen you are using sir ?

  88. Manju Ranjan

    Manju Ranjan

    5 månader sedan

    Hey ya!! Somuch of positivness i get watching ur vdos 😍 also u r smarty also adorable ❤ love from india

  89. Maria Fernanda Pereira Araújo

    Maria Fernanda Pereira Araújo

    5 månader sedan

    I was reading about 20 books every year. In 2020, with the pandemic and all the free time i got, i bought a kindle and it was life changing bc i would be reading EVERYWHERE since it is so light and easy to bring with me. At the end of 2020 i read 122 books. I really recommend it to y'all.

  90. TousLesJours


    5 månader sedan

    The key for me to reading more is to be reading multiple books at once which are different types! If I don't feel like reading a nonfiction book, I can still pick up the novel I'm working on and read 😊

  91. Candela Villalobos

    Candela Villalobos

    5 månader sedan

    Hi!!!! do you have the weekly / monthly planners to print? I1d like to print them so I can use them!!!

  92. Maria Weiss

    Maria Weiss

    5 månader sedan

    Dare to Lead by Brene Brown is so incredibly good! (I'm unsure how to add the accent on the 'e') I would highly suggest any of her books as well as most resent podcast: Unlocking Us. Take care Matt :)

  93. Nicolas Rodriguez

    Nicolas Rodriguez

    5 månader sedan

    you will really enjoy Sapiens, in my opinion that is a book be read slowly to digest it properly. Good luck with the challenge

  94. Morbid Little Girl

    Morbid Little Girl

    5 månader sedan

    "After escaping America.." *intense wave of jealousy* lol

  95. Prolaznik


    5 månader sedan

    Don't worry about the bat's they eat fruit :)

  96. myvideoguy


    5 månader sedan

    1:06 Bahahaha, Hendra virus from bats, check it out - just saying (to mess further with your head).

  97. Mireia


    5 månader sedan

    I hate you. I did the opposite (for work) from Sydney to Baltimore. I miss Sydney so much...

  98. Juny


    5 månader sedan

    oh I would love the bats

  99. Meliodas - Sama

    Meliodas - Sama

    5 månader sedan

    0:32 *The b**ches are beautiful*

  100. TokyoBlue


    5 månader sedan

    Yeah that's a "Hell No" on those bats.