10 lessons from 10 years as a minimalist

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  1. Elona Bicaku

    Elona Bicaku

    4 timmar sedan

    🎁 I organize get togethers and new experiences together with family and friends as gifts. It’s wonderful ✨✨

  2. LittleMage1


    13 timmar sedan

    Those comments regarding minimalism with kids simply aren't true. Yes, you will have more stuff, but you will also teach your kids about minimalism and its benefits from a very young age. My older kid already understands it, and he is 5 yo. We do toy rotation, so even when the kids make a mess its not that big of a deal, in 10 mins their room is tidy. My older kid is very good at decluttering toys, we do that from time to time, and before every gift season (Easter, Christmas, Birthdays...). I am so happy i learned about minimalism when my kids were very young. I really like your videos 😊 Greetings from Serbia! 🤗

  3. Robert Townsend

    Robert Townsend

    Dag sedan

    I’ve been practicing minimalism for a few years now and cannot seem to stop trying to sway people. I’m not judgemental, just want to educate people. Is this good or bad?

  4. Sy


    Dag sedan

    Лишняя вещь, лишняя забота...

  5. Ana Alves

    Ana Alves

    6 dagar sedan

    Try Pilates for your back or see a physiotherapist that can give you specific exercises for it.

  6. Douglas Zirk

    Douglas Zirk

    7 dagar sedan

    Yeah, wait till you have kids 😂. Thanks for sharing and great video

  7. Business With Yulianna

    Business With Yulianna

    7 dagar sedan

    I am not a hoarder. I have a “normal” amount of stuff. But sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all the things in my house. I started declutering during the lockdown. I am still on it. And I feel sooooo free already....

  8. human computer interaction

    human computer interaction

    8 dagar sedan

    Define minimalism? Cause I've just got the things I need. Looks very much like your life.

  9. Mina Matty

    Mina Matty

    10 dagar sedan

    I’ve learned that less is not always more. My boyfriend and I decided to get rid of our couch a few years ago, to become more productive. It left us with back pain and lots of uncomfortableness. We bought a new couch 6 months later. Being a minimalist should make your life easier not harder.

  10. Mihai Alex

    Mihai Alex

    13 dagar sedan

    Kids man :)) i am a minimalist because of you, but im telling you there is no stoping an enthuziastic mom :))

  11. BigSmashKing


    14 dagar sedan

    Minimalism is not your savior, and I have 6 kids, live in a 620sqft tiny home and my kids are the happiest running around our homestead :) they are not attached to all the stuff

  12. aa_kozyreva


    15 dagar sedan

    I’ve decided to clean up all my staff after watching this video. One of your previous videos has inspired me to sort my files and photos. So you make people live like a minimalist😊thank you

  13. Amy Shoffeitt

    Amy Shoffeitt

    15 dagar sedan

    I am JUST starting to become a minimalist. I am a book hoarder--nonfiction, mainly photo books on nature and surfing or the ocean. All these things "spark joy"! However, it's so much that I can't possibly have enough time to use all these items--there is only so much time in a day. I feel like I am cleaning ALL the time and I feel so overwhelmed with all my choices. I have a 9 year old daughter and she has a TON of super cool books, games and activities, yet again, there is NO WAY she can use them all. It got way out of hand since Amazon makes it so easy to find the coolest items. Yesterday I took a car full to Goodwill. Things I've had even before my daughter was born. It was hard and I had to actually close my eyes while unloading so I won't change my mind. 😂 Still a long way to go. Not sure how many books to actually keep. Oh, and I went through my summer clothes also and got rid of half of them. Feels great, but it's a tiny bit tough initially.

  14. Beth Cruz

    Beth Cruz

    16 dagar sedan

    Thank you! You changed my life!

  15. Belajar


    20 dagar sedan

    If I don't stumbled upon minimalist type of video at 18 I would have children, never eat healthy, have girlfriend, religious and will spend money constantly. I'm happier now at 20 probably minimalist idea is a good thing for me, society and county economy.

  16. Anthony Gens

    Anthony Gens

    23 dagar sedan

    I'm not a minimalist so I didn't learn anything haha ! Your video was interesting by the way ;)

  17. Donald L

    Donald L

    27 dagar sedan

    4:44 true thing bro

  18. Chris Coursey

    Chris Coursey

    Månad sedan

    Great video. I've been focusing on minimalism myself. I'm an over-thinker myself.

  19. Eddie Powell

    Eddie Powell

    Månad sedan

    Look at it like using less co2 emission and getting used to adapting to a sustainable lifestyle longterm. Why be flooded with things you dont really use or need and end up talking about things more than what matters most

  20. Kherwin Simpas

    Kherwin Simpas

    Månad sedan

    FIller shots are amazing nice timing, very funny

  21. Free MGTOW

    Free MGTOW

    Månad sedan

    Too much soy and simping here...

  22. Kwena Makgoka

    Kwena Makgoka

    Månad sedan

    Your pleasant to listen to, thank you sir.

  23. Anita Virginillo

    Anita Virginillo

    Månad sedan

    A true minimalist is vegan.

  24. methos1999


    Månad sedan

    Turns out I'm in the "wait until you have kids group"... sort of. I didn't come across this channel or minimalism in general until I actually had a kid. And I've found practicing minimalism takes on a new importance once you get one or two of them running around causing general chaos. Minimalism for me is all about trying to establish "Mise en place" (everything in it's place). So it's ok to have tons of toys and arts supplies etc., but they don't live in the middle of the kitchen or my bedroom or my office. Of course kids don't always grok the concept of what goes where, so ultimately it's for us adults so we aren't just cramming stuff in closets or under beds because we don't know where things go.

  25. Jennifer McWilliams

    Jennifer McWilliams

    Månad sedan

    Many of the same lessons as you. It is such a practice; if you don’t keep reminding yourself, it is so easy to fall back into mindless consumption (especially during lockdown!). Thank you for the impact you’ve had on my own journey, from this SE-one channel to the 2 documentaries!

  26. Kaio


    Månad sedan

    I want to be a minimalist too. "Less is more"

  27. The Experiment

    The Experiment

    Månad sedan

    I bring one thing in the home, another goes out. Seven years ago I minimized down to no partner. Dating is zero. Much time and money saved. I truly enjoy the peace of mind it all brings.

  28. Ruslan Kalitin

    Ruslan Kalitin

    Månad sedan

    I practice minimalism almost a year and yes I agree with all lessons. What I also learned in addition is how people loosing a lot by not undertaking the idea...

  29. The Peaceful Guy

    The Peaceful Guy

    Månad sedan

    I am uplifted by appreciating the simple things I do have that many around the world wish they had : fresh water from an inside tap, a flush toilet in my home, a roof, a bed, a refrigerator with food inside . . . . etc. etc.. I am WEALTHY and BLESSED !

  30. DC Gallin

    DC Gallin

    Månad sedan

    American minimalism is European tidy...

  31. Youssef Hamidi

    Youssef Hamidi

    Månad sedan

    How can this guy be a minimalist when he gots two accent pillows ?!!

  32. Rohit Jena

    Rohit Jena

    Månad sedan

    For someone who wants to get started with minimalism (already have few practices in place). I feel that it can de-clutter my life even further, and would like to know your thoughts on reading material to get more perspective on it. Thanks, and great video!

  33. Anja Keller

    Anja Keller

    Månad sedan

    I have kids, whole different story with a new field of exciting research. But bottomline is: for the sake of your kids’ developments, keep being a minimalist as a parent. Don’t buy shit that distracts them from creativity and distracts you from spending time with them because you’re so busy tidying all the time.

  34. Janet Morgan

    Janet Morgan

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for mentioning that financial stability makes a difference in how we view our “stuff”. Minimalism often looks different for those who are lower income because replacing things is much harder. It is still SUPER beneficial, and can even really help people get to a better place, money wise, it will probably just be a little different.

  35. Billy Boulton

    Billy Boulton

    Månad sedan

    Been minimalist for over 10 years, more and still minimising my stuff. But I don’t want for anything and focus on other things now. I don’t even focus on minimalism either. But I’m conscious of it all the time. Best tool you can own. Life changing by the way.



    Månad sedan

    Relief factor for your back. And used a bed a of nails pillow and mat.

  37. MrCodcommando


    Månad sedan

    Look miserable af

  38. MissMiriamsLife


    Månad sedan

    Minimalism gave me freedom. Freedom from consumerism. Freedom from competition.

  39. Titus Marius

    Titus Marius

    Månad sedan

    I have 7 kids and we own less stuff then people with 1-2. You can still be a minimalist and have kids, you just have to be more brutal about what comes in and what you actually need

  40. MJ Gordon

    MJ Gordon

    Månad sedan

    *Matt, start some yoga for that back! You’ll feel better in no time.*

    • Ana Alves

      Ana Alves

      6 dagar sedan

      @Connie C. I hurt my back in a yoga class, ended up in hospital for a couple of days and in bed for 2 weeks. Pilates is much better for back problems.

    • Connie C.

      Connie C.

      9 dagar sedan

      Be careful with yoga and stretching, too much can actually cause / exacerbate issues. If you have back issues you're trying to treat talk to your doctor and try to get individualised stretches from a teacher rather than following a one size fits all routine.

    • Shaqeera S

      Shaqeera S

      10 dagar sedan

      Squats to activate glutes.Keeps pressure off of lower back and thighs

    • Akshay S

      Akshay S

      Månad sedan

      @Adrian A yes , yoga can do miracles on human body

    • Adrian A

      Adrian A

      Månad sedan

      Wow, yoga helps with backs? Damn I’ll start next week then

  41. Steph Edmundson

    Steph Edmundson

    Månad sedan

    The cravings for stuff I don’t need faded

  42. Tsarevna Hilda

    Tsarevna Hilda

    Månad sedan

    Oh come on! Not even Gen X, which is way older than us, feels this bad or “old”. Or even the boomers. We’re not even half a century old and all you already feel like this? Slow down for a minute! Turn down the volume a bit! It’s not that bad yet to the point where we have to stop wearing a bikini yet. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist this one. This is coming from a millennial gal.

  43. Kira _

    Kira _

    Månad sedan

    My biggest lesson is this: even if You fail You can still be a minimalist. Many times I bought something that I didn’t need and every time I flet like i failure. Now I see it as a process. I still made many good decisions and saved a lot of unneeded stuff I could buy and throw away. I feel that we need to show people that being conscious with our choices about stuff, being good for the planet and animals is a path and it’s Ok to make it Your own, make good choices, fall sometimes. I think it will help many people to stick to good path and not to cut it off at once

  44. Илья Рожков

    Илья Рожков

    Månad sedan

    Очень интересно, но ничего непонятно

  45. Christopher Prevost

    Christopher Prevost

    Månad sedan

    Matt, if you end up reading this, I am no a minimalist. I've come to understand that I'm very materialist. However, I understand that I need to focus on what I actually value in the things I have. I've chosen diminishing returns: "how much more will this item increase my experience with the things I do have?". As a new(er) parent, the same holds true. We barely used a baby swing we spend $70 on. We barely used the changing table that's been taking up space for about a year (a changing pad works just as well). My minimalist experience in kids toys has been more in the organization of those toys. Overall, it's hard to practice minimalism in parenting, but the principles you've shown over the last decade do have a place. It's more about the function and value the things you have bring to your life (five minutes of no screaming) vs the quantity of things that you have.

  46. Nate Polmateer

    Nate Polmateer

    Månad sedan

    Matt, I feel like with our 10 kids. We are minimilist. Food and water....thats it. LOL 🤣

  47. TheDeadEnder 548

    TheDeadEnder 548

    Månad sedan

    As a minimalist I have to say the background looks too cluttered

  48. josh j

    josh j

    Månad sedan

    got a 6 month plan to be in this position. i don't own a lot but way too much for someone who doesn't own my own house. i wanna be able to be mobile even tho i don't see myself going anywhere far or moving a lot. lol

  49. TooMuchMargarito


    Månad sedan

    Minimalist = less waste , less population ♻️

  50. Terrah Ruth

    Terrah Ruth

    Månad sedan

    My favorite part of being a minimalist is totally the fact that I can clean up my home (even with kids) pretty quickly. 🖤

  51. Faisal Tai

    Faisal Tai

    Månad sedan

    Love your videos, They inspired me to be minimalist, by the way, which smartphone you use for a daily driver?

  52. kirk jun peñaflor

    kirk jun peñaflor

    Månad sedan

    Your wife look like vanya.

  53. Sai ganesh Gurram

    Sai ganesh Gurram

    Månad sedan

    i watched fight club and got this quote, "“The things you own end up owning you." that is realy deep

  54. OMAR


    Månad sedan

    I feel this channel is a Gap commercial with the model having an extended existential crisis.

  55. Adrian Simoes

    Adrian Simoes

    2 månader sedan

    I'm very new to this concept of minimalism. I have been watching your videos for about a year now, and I wanna say I'm truly encouraged. I have a feeling that I too actually truly want this. And Im going to probably take active steps to live in that manner. Basically I guess I too want more from life than the fads of life. Basically I want to LIVE my life, rather than just rush through life. There are probably challenges which I'm gonna face. But I guess, I wish myself all the very best😁👍

  56. Leo Kot

    Leo Kot

    2 månader sedan

    Being on autistic spectrum, I don't value stuff and most things in life, it always has been this way. So I'm kind of a minimalist by nature. I just don't care about thing that are around me. But here comes another problem: it is not a super easy thing to find a passion when most things don't mean anything. So loving something and being attached to it - is not always a bad thing, people :)

  57. Leo Kot

    Leo Kot

    2 månader sedan

    6:44 About overthinking: minimalism can also be in our thoughts, not only actions. Just getting rid of useless "chewing" thoughts and internal dialogs can give freedom and peace. But it's super hard in the beginning.

  58. Dylan Miley

    Dylan Miley

    2 månader sedan

    Id listen to a podcast if you made one

  59. Tamara Valero

    Tamara Valero

    2 månader sedan

    Very cool video!

  60. Maxwell Speedwell

    Maxwell Speedwell

    2 månader sedan

    My grandparents passed. We ended-up with a lot of their stuff. Not good stuff. Just "stuff that's too good for "us" to throw away so you kids can have it." Thanks mom & dad.... Then my parents moved after 44 years in the same (about 7,000 square feet!!) house. Yet MORE STUFF we didn't really want or need. So after forty years of marriage we have too much of our stuff, my parents stuff, my farther-in-law's stuff, and my grandparents stuff!!! I want to get back to almost nothing. Stuff clogs your life. Ok, I can see two vehicles since we are far from civilization, and the snow can get pretty deep. No boats, no quad runners, no condo in the city (I have heard of these things called "hotels"!). I would like another plane, but....

  61. Colleen Ackert

    Colleen Ackert

    2 månader sedan

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      Spencer Franklin

      2 månader sedan

      Wooho! Just discovered a legit online forex trading expert for earning profit online.

  62. Aliex Folgueira

    Aliex Folgueira

    2 månader sedan

    I just realized I practiced minimalism with my wallet lol I got an apple wallet can only have two cards and my license 😅 everything else is a lovely mess

  63. J


    2 månader sedan

    Where is that couch from? I want one! Edit: I don’t have a couch, so I’m not being anti-minimalist lol

  64. Craig Saunders

    Craig Saunders

    2 månader sedan

    The positivity here is minimal.

  65. King Vic Productions

    King Vic Productions

    2 månader sedan

    Minimalism over material things has expanded to mental, social things. Less media absorption, less friends, less food.

  66. Tami Jackson

    Tami Jackson

    2 månader sedan

    Hello Matt. I'm having to replace my roof, repaint my house, and re-landscape after the Texas freeze. I've been letting so many things go . I've been finding joy in cooking and gardening.I really didn't drive much during the last year. My sleep is even better. I like your videos.

    • Tami Jackson

      Tami Jackson

      2 månader sedan

      Can you be a prepper and a minimalist ?

  67. Loy71


    2 månader sedan

    For a lot of people learning to handle money would be enough minimalism

    • Matt D'avella

      Matt D'avella

      2 månader sedan

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    • Matt D'avella

      Matt D'avella

      2 månader sedan

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  68. User 1

    User 1

    2 månader sedan

    Of the 2 of you who do you think settled in this relationship?

  69. Oh! Thank G-d for the bourgeoisie!

    Oh! Thank G-d for the bourgeoisie!

    2 månader sedan

    Minimalism, historically, grew out of Mussolini’s ideas of Fascism.

    • Belajar


      20 dagar sedan

      How so?

  70. Cris


    2 månader sedan

    First time ever actually watching a minimalist video. Truly I feel I’ve been one at heart without knowing but obviously now want to definitely be more intentional. Great video!

  71. Ope Akint

    Ope Akint

    2 månader sedan

    Strange thought come to mind - can you "practice" minimalism during seggz. Or can I not use that as an excuse lol ?

  72. John Neil Bajao

    John Neil Bajao

    2 månader sedan

    Thanks matt D' avella You are changing my life routine Thanks matt D' Avella I enjoy to watch your video very real and very creative

  73. Molly


    2 månader sedan

    With the kids: you say you will be intentional on what you bring into the house, but every birthday and Christmas will bring lots of gifts from family and friends that you don’t have a say in. Also for such tiny humans, babies need A LOT of stuff. It will be shocking how many things accumulate once you have kids. I think every person says “when I’m a parent, I won’t do this and that.” Once you become a parent, game over.

  74. Alex Holt

    Alex Holt

    2 månader sedan

    I'm in total agreement with the importance of detaching yourself from material objects, but two aspects of this video made me realise a potential contradiction within minimalism; If I'm more intentional with things that I buy, does this not make me more attached to them? For example, I spend many hours deciding on an item I want to purchase, and spend time to make sure it's definitely the right thing to do - would I not be more upset if it gets lost or damaged? I'm thinking specifically of larger-value purchases, rather than something like a glass.

  75. sumukhee shankar

    sumukhee shankar

    2 månader sedan

    I became a minimalist after my daughter was born! I had to make space for her cute dresses after all :D (I keep her things minimal though)

  76. meandkg


    2 månader sedan

    thank you! I totally agree about looking up the manuals online

  77. Vicki Jakes

    Vicki Jakes

    2 månader sedan


  78. Matt Borel

    Matt Borel

    2 månader sedan

    Why do they all have the same staring into the distance look in the thumbnail?

  79. Young Park

    Young Park

    2 månader sedan

    Thank you for sharing.

  80. Lonnie Sands

    Lonnie Sands

    2 månader sedan

    Yo 3.18M subs in 4 years 😯👍🏻



    2 månader sedan

    The cloistered wrench formally rob because france summatively deserve worth a stingy collar. jittery, animated tea

  82. Audrey Strasenburgh

    Audrey Strasenburgh

    2 månader sedan

    Thanks for sharing, Matt! I've been practicing since 2008 (yikes, high school years) when Joshua Becker's website was really the only source material on the topic. I have StumbleUpon (again, also showing my age) to thank for me literally stumbling upon Joshua's website one night. A year or two later I remember Josh and Ryan launched their own website. And obviously the rest is history. I think a few things I've learned over these years is to 1) be patient when those around you don't understand what you're doing, and 2) be accepting of others who don't want to go this route.

  83. Dimica


    2 månader sedan

    Dude you're no a minimalist. Maybe a yuppie.

  84. Elizabeth Contreras

    Elizabeth Contreras

    2 månader sedan

    I have been practicing minimalism over 25years. And I have gone through many phases, relationships, moved over 30 times, regretted buying something and regretted giving something away. And I still love myself. lol I appreciate everything I have and dont have. I appreciate wanting something. I appreciate being able to afford more of my wants and I appreciate the conscious pause as I ponder the purchase.

  85. Megan Raj

    Megan Raj

    2 månader sedan

    Have always lived pretty minimally but been an intentional minimalist for the past 10yrs. Things change with marriage and children and you learn to adapt with the Seasons of life. Living lightly is my motto in all ways.x

  86. papadeeva


    2 månader sedan

    I stop chasing my big dreams n big goal the moment i undetstand what minimal living is.Now its a stress free world.thkz Matt

  87. morningstar


    2 månader sedan

    My minimalism is the same as my celibacy: unintentional.

  88. Taylor Jane Green

    Taylor Jane Green

    2 månader sedan

    SO Glad you’ve got more music back in your videos! I could be wrong, but it seems to me there were some quiet background videos. Maybe that’s just me… LOL

  89. Omar Alkelani

    Omar Alkelani

    2 månader sedan

    The Palestinians under attack.💔 please Help and save them. 🙏 We demand respect and enforcement of international laws for the sake of a justice and peace for the world✌🙌🌐

  90. BelovedOfGod


    2 månader sedan

    I started my minimalist journey 3 days ago. Biggest lesson I’m learning is letting go!

  91. Shubhra Pandey

    Shubhra Pandey

    2 månader sedan


  92. farmoboy83


    2 månader sedan

    looking back i think i've always been a minimalist. 25years ago my thing were computers and video games. I didn't care about fashion, expensive food, travelling or havind one different grilfriend every month. My thing was to buy tech, upgrade my computer and spend many gours playing videogames and watching movies. That was something that brought joy to my life and was an escape from hours of hard study. I also think it improved my learning skills and imagination. Today, i don't care about almost anything material. I have 2 cheap motorbikes and 2 cheap cars and only because they were bought years ago. I value my time with my family, almost everything that brings me joy has no price besides food and shelter. Living as a minimalist or a simple humble lifestyle is the path to abandon this crazy society and bring balance to your life and mind.

  93. Megs Diy

    Megs Diy

    2 månader sedan

    I more or less just started my Minimalism journey.. so far I have learned that stuff is just stuff, I want less stuff to have more time for what really matters! I am finding that I have used my time so often to manage all this stuff that I'm not sure what to do with my new found time. It's been more mental growth then I was prepared for but I am certainly thankful for it! Also Matt, you are truly inspiring! Being self employed, creating wonderful content and sharing your Minimalism journey. Thank you!

  94. Kate Burey

    Kate Burey

    2 månader sedan

    What an Awesome and Encouraging video you made Matt D’Avella , I positively and solidly Agree with all you have explained and emphasize on this video, As you said Minimalism changed your life. It really boosted me up 7years back from now when I was having a hard time in coping up with my low budget income. I learnt pretty much about Minimalism, Savings and lnvestment. Saving and lnvestment has been part of the Minimalism Facts since years now. Recently I have been saving 25% towards my retirement and aswell lnvesting 30% of my income too😇

  95. kelly knuth

    kelly knuth

    2 månader sedan

    Being minimalist is being happy with what you do or what you have.

  96. Andreas Von Balaban

    Andreas Von Balaban

    2 månader sedan

    Thank you Matt, you inspired me bout two years ago

  97. Анна Воробушек

    Анна Воробушек

    2 månader sedan

    She thought I was in a cult… so hilarious!!! 😂

  98. neverbackdown1970


    2 månader sedan

    My life comes down to this, it's not about having what I want, but it's wanting what I have....and I do!

  99. Cameron Wells

    Cameron Wells

    2 månader sedan

    Imagine the one tshirt you wear is no longer available online because 3 million + people want it to become minimalists

  100. Joan Waldner

    Joan Waldner

    2 månader sedan

    You said no curing you started either God’s name in vain and it went down hill from there. Otherwise it was good, but basically it is a electronic bullet journal. I am going to try it, maybe you can convert me!