How to finally overcome procrastination.

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  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    10 månader sedan

    Please don't share this video with my wife or my landlord.

    • O o

      O o

      7 månader sedan

      lmaoo, this video helped me so much, thank you!

    • Joseph Tyler

      Joseph Tyler

      8 månader sedan

      How u know I’m procrastinating watching this vid

    • Archie Doesmc

      Archie Doesmc

      8 månader sedan

      Don’t worry, I’m too busy procrastinating, its totally not like ive got a test tomorrow or anything

    • Misaim


      9 månader sedan

      Hi, you can try to create a wander world, this topic is very interesting

    • A Very rarely & unique videos

      A Very rarely & unique videos

      9 månader sedan

      There are alot of secrets if you know it's may answering one of your important questions. 💯🌸💕💕💕💖💎

  2. Holly Posluszny

    Holly Posluszny

    4 dagar sedan

    It's nearly a year now and I still havnt started the drawing someone asked for I think about it every day

  3. Celestiall 7777

    Celestiall 7777

    19 dagar sedan

    When he said it’s boring to make 1 SE-one video a week I was just like 😅🥲😭 IM TRYING TO post a video each week to SE-one it’s not boring to me it can take me forever because I’m a perfectionist and I add so much detail to everything ughh, anyways yeah it’s not that things seem to Simple, my anxiety makes everything feel overwhelming and intimidating, I think it has to do with my ptsd too but I will not let that stop me ✨🪂✨

  4. Tanay Mehta

    Tanay Mehta

    25 dagar sedan

    I bet the ppl who procrastinate are procrastinating while watching the video including me 😂😂😂

  5. Josh Henry

    Josh Henry

    Månad sedan

    have you created a video that goes into how you create videos? I"m wondering about how you create the dark edges effect on your headshot video parts.

  6. stoa


    Månad sedan

    So in short, spice it up or break it down.

  7. Hazel Nelson

    Hazel Nelson

    Månad sedan

    meeting lisa_upfx at lG initiate the beginning of my trading career. I thought forex was a rocket science but the way she simplified it just made me rethink. You are the best @lisa_upfx

  8. wisnu wicaksono

    wisnu wicaksono

    Månad sedan a muslin..we always has to wake up before the sunrise otherwise we're gonna be missing the morning prayer...waking up early helps us to overcome procastination..right ?

  9. David Jothi

    David Jothi

    Månad sedan

    Fav way to procrastinate: watch videos on how not to procrastinate:) :p

  10. Meredith Sell

    Meredith Sell

    2 månader sedan

    The challenge is either too daunting or too boring

  11. OverRidingRiot66


    2 månader sedan

    I added this to my watch later

  12. sc0rpi0


    2 månader sedan

    0:14 that was an on point Kermit impression.

  13. Geálison Antunes Ribeiro

    Geálison Antunes Ribeiro

    2 månader sedan

    Quero aprender inglês para entender esse homem, abraço BRAZIL!

  14. Chow uy

    Chow uy

    2 månader sedan

    Thank God. SE-one Recommended this Channel to me! Totally Great Find!

  15. mystudyspace


    2 månader sedan

    In the same topic, I'd like to share with you tips if you study or work from home. Hope it can help! @x79s

  16. ぴーイン


    2 månader sedan

    "Im not cool" 😂

  17. Ben Morgan

    Ben Morgan

    3 månader sedan

    sneaky reason aka watching your videos! stop making them so good!

  18. Célia Stoll

    Célia Stoll

    3 månader sedan

    It helps me most to think about the fact that it’s my choice and thinking what I really want. Either you do it or you don’t/waste time you could enjoy differently

  19. Juanju Gmail

    Juanju Gmail

    3 månader sedan

    *POV:* you're procrastinating rn

  20. khushboo


    3 månader sedan

    who is your motivation?????

  21. Vepa Ashyrov

    Vepa Ashyrov

    3 månader sedan

    what is your tshirt link?

  22. dps910


    3 månader sedan

    im procrastinating rn :/

  23. Crystal Zheng

    Crystal Zheng

    3 månader sedan

    Matt: so I added a few more tasks Me: “few”??? I think we definitely have different definition for that -_-

  24. sariahsue


    3 månader sedan

    "So think about whatever task it is you're working on right now that you're procrastinating by watching this video." Excuse me, I didn't watch your video to be called out like this. 🤣

  25. Kenneth Palacio

    Kenneth Palacio

    3 månader sedan

    I'm secretly laughing while watching this video. So sorry for myself. Realized that I could accomplish more in a month if I did not just procrastinate.

  26. AZero Senpai

    AZero Senpai

    3 månader sedan

    it was really helpful thanks!!!

  27. PG Blanks - Road to 1k subs

    PG Blanks - Road to 1k subs

    3 månader sedan

    Step 1: Stop watching procrastination videos on SE-one

  28. salma abdomohamad

    salma abdomohamad

    3 månader sedan


  29. Lucas Santoro

    Lucas Santoro

    3 månader sedan

    My weaknesses: Going to the denstis Going to bed help

  30. Lance Palaganas

    Lance Palaganas

    3 månader sedan

    i'm procrastinating right now... ill just watch this tomorrow or maybe next week

  31. pc_cb


    4 månader sedan

    Procrastinating is just anxiety that holds you back. I have the same .

  32. The Victors

    The Victors

    4 månader sedan

    Added to my "watch later" list! 👍😉

  33. Marcello Dellabartola

    Marcello Dellabartola

    4 månader sedan

    top 😎

  34. RyuuSkadi


    4 månader sedan

    TLDR: Nah, I'll write it later..

  35. rolldecode


    4 månader sedan

    I've never had someone understand me so well. Fuck. Now i have to actually do something.

  36. Phosmat


    4 månader sedan

    Thanks mate. My biggest challenge right now is procrastination. In trying to overcome it, this video shined a light on it.



    4 månader sedan

    Be able to get more things done in less time, and with a clear head? While this might sound almost unbelievable at first, what I’m about to show you is how you can use this revolutionary Mind Hacking method to operate at a high level of efficiency with a clear mind…

  38. yitagesu biru

    yitagesu biru

    4 månader sedan

    bro your videos are life changing, I am using them every day to reform my personality to be more productive and Disciplined, thank you very much

  39. Plebchok


    4 månader sedan

    11 minute video on not procrastinating. Nah.

  40. Sam


    4 månader sedan

    I am procrastinating editing of one of my youtube video, but i am gonna do it now...

  41. S HK

    S HK

    4 månader sedan

    related a little too much at 0:33 lolololol

  42. AJ MARR


    5 månader sedan

    Why Procrastination is Good for you! It may be argued that procrastination in any of its forms is simply a non-conscious means of attaining the positive affect that comes with positive uncertainty. This is the result of spikes in neuromodulator dopamine that causes arousal, fixes attention, and when accelerated with drugs of abuse (cocaine, heroin) causes very un-natural highs. Cohering to a discrepancy theory of reward, procrastination is a way of making behavior more rewarding by increasing dopaminergic activity that scales in magnitude with the riskiness and salience of behavior in the moment. Dopamine activity not only influences affect, but also performance since individuals think and learn better when they are focused and aroused. The price can be painful, as uncertainty may branch into dilemmas that elicit tension, as the uncertainty in a cliffhanger of a football game, action or horror movie, or just getting your taxes done just in time. Because of the attraction of positive affect, procrastination can not only effect how we decide but what we decide. Thus we make seek out ‘just in time’ scenarios that have no objective goal at all, but have the ‘thrill of danger’ in themselves, as devotees of extreme sports from cliff climbing to deep sea diving attest. It is a pity that procrastination has gotten such a bad rap, because procrastination is merely a timing strategy to increase motivation, not to decrease it. Indeed, we all time behavior so that when we get started, whether it is running late for work or staying late doing work, the moment-to-moment discrepancy or touch and go nature of behavior motivates us, and we end up being more focused and productive than if we approached goals at our leisure. Besides, the arousal of the chase, or being chased, is a positively affective thing, even if it is attached to a bit of indecision and tension when our estimates prove faulty, as they invariably do. More on procrastination by this author from this open source little book that cannot be fitted neatly in a comments section:

  43. Manuel Norbertson

    Manuel Norbertson

    5 månader sedan

    6:35 don't procrastination-shame me

  44. Jaime


    5 månader sedan

    But if I solve my procrastination, then I can't complain about it...

  45. Shiny Heart

    Shiny Heart

    5 månader sedan

    "Finally" ???????? Don't be fooled. Sorry. There is no 'Finally'.

  46. MG G

    MG G

    5 månader sedan

    me: puts this on my watch later list and finally comes back to it 5 months later instead of doing my calc assignment

  47. Kleisto Music

    Kleisto Music

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  48. Жанерке Зейлбекова

    Жанерке Зейлбекова

    5 månader sedan

    you should be studying instead of watching i am saying to myself

  49. Amina Lesbekova

    Amina Lesbekova

    5 månader sedan

    Don't judge me, its 2020

  50. Tara Tiong

    Tara Tiong

    5 månader sedan

    POV: you have 30 pages to read and the notes are due by midnight, and it's almost midnight...

  51. Zulaikha


    5 månader sedan

    You know you've reached ultimate procrastination when you saw this video and just add it to the never ending watch later list

  52. MunatheENGIneer


    5 månader sedan

    Matt be procrastinating having kids....

  53. I comment A lot

    I comment A lot

    5 månader sedan

    “Hunted around my house for snacks....” now I want snacks

  54. Mickey Tran

    Mickey Tran

    5 månader sedan

    Studying for my exam was too hard and too boring at the same time xd

  55. Isha Sharma

    Isha Sharma

    5 månader sedan

    Sir, you always come with masterpiece ❤

  56. LukaMustBeOut


    5 månader sedan

    iiiimprovement pill here

  57. Skyhunter


    5 månader sedan

    Finally watched this video. A few months later...

  58. Matt Sparks

    Matt Sparks

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    I needed this

  59. lokohalloween


    5 månader sedan

    Storyblocks is legit

  60. Miles Ghoul

    Miles Ghoul

    5 månader sedan

    I yawned Procrastinator

  61. Mary Farrar

    Mary Farrar

    5 månader sedan

    anyone else procrastinating while watching this? lol productive procrastination

  62. Aravind Sreedharan

    Aravind Sreedharan

    5 månader sedan

    I kind of added this to my watch later 4 months back and watching this only now. I'm really not doing justice with the title.



    5 månader sedan

    "so i asked myself, how do i light a fire under my ass." I took off my earphones for a little bit and when i put them back on those are the first words i heard. Fate is funny.

  64. Potato 1000

    Potato 1000

    5 månader sedan

    I am avoiding sleeping, I don't know what to say about my work 🤣

  65. Katerina


    5 månader sedan

    Me watching this 4 months later bc I added it to watch later 💀

    • Aravind Sreedharan

      Aravind Sreedharan

      5 månader sedan


  66. clemons nikita

    clemons nikita

    5 månader sedan

    Recently I found a new app called KOOK, almost nobody knows about it, but I think it is very useful for me to concentrate on my study, it’s an online study room with background music and streaming, I feel like I’m next to others so I should be on my best behavior but I also have full control over my privacy. I think it is worth to try,The only complaint is that it doesn't have an Android version yet, and many of my friends are Android phone users 🤷‍♀️

  67. Prashant Bagga

    Prashant Bagga

    6 månader sedan

    thoughts on

  68. Prashant Bagga

    Prashant Bagga

    6 månader sedan

    thoughts on

  69. Andrea B M

    Andrea B M

    6 månader sedan

    I’m procrastinating by watching these kinds of videos about how not to procrastinate 👉🏽🙂 Who else?

  70. 近藤ありさ


    6 månader sedan

    7:30 this is what I needed for my reading assignment.

  71. melissende fbr

    melissende fbr

    6 månader sedan

    hey, i'm french if someone can sum up the video and send me the resume it will be cool ^^



    6 månader sedan

    im working for 14-16 hours with pleasure , then what is too much work man ?

  73. Dongha Lee

    Dongha Lee

    6 månader sedan

    I started this video and paused and did something else. Do you think it's worth watching this video? I am too lazy.

  74. Sana Anan

    Sana Anan

    6 månader sedan

    I know I messed up my life when I found myself procrastinating watching videos about productivity

  75. Shari Ed

    Shari Ed

    6 månader sedan

    you´ll be a great dad.

  76. Hope Bonneau

    Hope Bonneau

    6 månader sedan

    Hands down my favourite SE-oner of 2020 !

  77. Rajshree Pardeshi

    Rajshree Pardeshi

    6 månader sedan

    This video’s really helpful and articulate!! Thank you for sharing this!!❤️😍

  78. Mustache Prime

    Mustache Prime

    6 månader sedan

    I’m procrastinating editing a video that may boost my channel and open more doors for me. Probably already missed the perfect window for it

  79. InkMink


    6 månader sedan

    People with ADHD: *this sign can’t stop me, because I can’t read!*

  80. JoshBro


    6 månader sedan

    if you are seeing this comment, you have failed and you are procrastinating

  81. Harvey Qiu

    Harvey Qiu

    6 månader sedan

    great video Matt, thanks! Really enjoyed the casual real talk at the end. I realised I often confuse things that I don't want to do because it's difficult with things I don't want to do because it's not fulfilling. Great point!

  82. Mariliz Martin

    Mariliz Martin

    6 månader sedan

    Are you a procrastinator yourself Matt? Where are you now Matt and Nat?

  83. Kai Ju - Comedy und soos

    Kai Ju - Comedy und soos

    6 månader sedan

    Finally watched it. Took me some time.

  84. Jade Beth J

    Jade Beth J

    7 månader sedan

    Im a heavy procrastinator. I also excell at getting things done at the hg last minute. So it basically reaffirms my procrastination. Smh. I want to be more productive though

  85. Nandha kumar S

    Nandha kumar S

    7 månader sedan

    Matt is a kind of guy who procastinates on taking breaks

  86. Make Money Now

    Make Money Now

    7 månader sedan

    Really like your videos!

  87. annika brug

    annika brug

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    Focus Study Vibes

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  89. Luis Castillo

    Luis Castillo

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    I really like the soundtracks you use in your videos, I think that its pretty good feature in your videos that not all appreciate. You need to make a Spotify playlist!

  90. Evan


    7 månader sedan

    I wish the tactics in this video worked for me but they don't. 😩 I've tried this, SMART goals, agendas, calendars, reminders, timers, accountability buddies, time blocking, rewards and even penalties (e.g. paying x amount of money if i don't get the task done by a certain time.) None of it works. My body feels like it's made of concrete sometimes. I'm just.... Stuck. Someone help me 😭 it's not a lack of energy or motivation either. I've tried caffeine and sometimes I'm genuinely excited to do the task.

  91. Yashwanth Kumar

    Yashwanth Kumar

    7 månader sedan

    I really wanted to watch this video to overcome my problem of procrastination when it was posted 2 months ago. I downloaded this video in SE-one, saved in my watch later and other playlist too.But I didn't watch the video. I procrastinated all these days assuming that the video would be boring and giving myself a hell lot of other excuses. Can't believe that I procrastinated to watch the video made to overcome procrastination 😅 Keeping making great videos like this.

  92. Motivational One Liners

    Motivational One Liners

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    who else is procrastinating by watching this video

  93. Mishgan Shah

    Mishgan Shah

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    I am going to overcome procrastination once 2021 starts that’s my new year resolution See that is how I procrastinate :(

  94. Samuel Rodriguez

    Samuel Rodriguez

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    I'm procrastinating while watching this video.

  95. MMO_Make Money Online

    MMO_Make Money Online

    7 månader sedan

    Whenever I feel like I am procrastinating on a task, I make sure I focus on doing just that task before moving to anything else. My routine is as an instrumental work out video (off of SE-one) while doing a minimum of 25 close grip pushups (1 rep.)...after this, the task doesn't seem nearly as insurmountable. It works everytime!

  96. Enough-ism Podcast

    Enough-ism Podcast

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  97. Lela davis

    Lela davis

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    What i did a wile ago was i challenged myself to keep a cleen room for a year. And now I'm like 132 days in and I will never go back to having a messy room even after the year ends.. My life is so much better because of my clean room and now I'm going to try to wake up at 6 everyday I'm going to try to do this for 60 days and if I still don't like it I'm going to drop it

  98. Charlotte


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    I procrastinated watching this video

  99. Nils Christian Halvorsen

    Nils Christian Halvorsen

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    "not doing something because you have to" -how does this then work with procrastinating school work?:(

    • Meret


      6 månader sedan

      Think about the reason why you‘re going to school - because you want to graduate and to have better chances to get a job that you enjoy doing :)

  100. jim avramas

    jim avramas

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    Watching this while i should be studying :(