This is how you get true job security.

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  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    År sedan

    Omg guys I meant GOLF balls. Get your head out of the gutter.

    • ioana bacanu

      ioana bacanu

      4 månader sedan

      hey matt, love your content and the pace and aesthetic of your storytelling. I was wondering, where do you source your music from? Is there a specific site you like with royalty-free music or smth like this? i am so looking forward to your answer and thank you for your content. I am working out every morning while watching your videos. it makes the habit infinitely more pleasurable and a great way to remove guilt out of...guilty-pleasure :)

    • Laila Wabi-Sabi

      Laila Wabi-Sabi

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      Hahahahahahahhaha 🤣

    • Joost Schuur

      Joost Schuur

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      If you needed a quick 7 million to pay off a debt, we won’t hold it against you.

    • Paulo Azuela

      Paulo Azuela

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      Hahaha that's besides the point , it's still the president's balls 😏 . Anyway your content helped me on what I should really do, I already know though but with your content added it gave me a conviction that is the right path to do, thank you. Your content does give off a positive vibe especially now that this world is very chaotic, lot's of conspiracies and conflicts around the corner especially SE-one I've been seeing the same ads that gave a wrong impression and mindset about things like this pandemic and might led someone unaware astray.

    • Pen Brun

      Pen Brun

      År sedan

      Dude is from Jersey?

  2. sokun nget

    sokun nget

    5 dagar sedan

    Hope I got a job

  3. Chanel H

    Chanel H

    20 dagar sedan

    2:16 Become Indispensable 5:36 Work Towards Financial Freedom

  4. Zen Dragoon

    Zen Dragoon

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    Should link mike boyd

  5. Rodolfo Ricardo

    Rodolfo Ricardo

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    Mike Boyd é fera demais! s2

  6. Anupam Thaledi

    Anupam Thaledi

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    can anyone tell me the name of youtube which matt was talking about? I am unable to find him....

  7. Leon


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    Very good video!!

  8. mari chavez

    mari chavez

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    my fav video so far!

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    clemons nikita

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    Recently I found a new app called KOOK, almost nobody knows about it, but I think it is very useful for me to concentrate on my study, it’s an online study room with background music and streaming, I feel like I’m next to others so I should be on my best behavior but I also have full control over my privacy. I think it is worth to try,The only complaint is that it doesn't have an Android version yet, and many of my friends are Android phone users 🤷‍♀️

  10. suhail ahmed

    suhail ahmed

    6 månader sedan

    What's the name of SE-oner Matt mentioned throughout the video!?

    • suhail ahmed

      suhail ahmed

      6 månader sedan

      Found him! It's mike boyd

  11. Prashant Bagga

    Prashant Bagga

    6 månader sedan

    thoughts on

  12. Jeff Horne

    Jeff Horne

    6 månader sedan

    Being indispensable may be, in a job where you are employed by others, a good way of retaining a job, but it's the worst way of getting promotion. If there are 4 people going for a role. 3 of them are good at their job and show they want the next rung up, whereas the other is great at their job and has shown that others in that role were awful at it...that person is not going to get a promotion because they are needed in that specific role. If you are indispensable, you will get stuck in a specific role...which may or may not be secure.

    • Did You Know?

      Did You Know?

      3 månader sedan

      So what's the best way to get a promotion + have job security

  13. gdcat777


    6 månader sedan

    What happens when the power goes off? Career over. Learn to grow stuff, learn to build, our way of life is going to change or we will all end up slaves of a tyrannical government as is what is happening right now.

  14. Mariliz Martin

    Mariliz Martin

    6 månader sedan

    Thanks for the tips! Where are you now Matt and Nat?

  15. Samiur Rahman

    Samiur Rahman

    6 månader sedan

    Start a new job yourself

  16. Lito Lito

    Lito Lito

    7 månader sedan

    You are 100% about corporate America. It’s actually a dogs life with no job security. I totally regret how I spend 12 hours a day in thankless career

  17. Yolo Vee

    Yolo Vee

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    what is my craft? lol

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    Make Money Now

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    Shabdan Bolotbekov

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    Hello friend, can you add Russian subtitles? Because there are a lot of people watching you from Russia. There are even your translation videos. But I wanted to watch and listen from your channel thanks

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    Sugar Skulls

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    This is so helpful! Thank you :)

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    Super great video! Thank you!!!

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    Luis Enrique Name Acosta

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    Matt: please add the link to the channel of the guy that learns new stuff. Thanks.

  23. Osahon21


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    At 1:34 kinda of around the rap video he made at his grocery store.... I was like... I want this man to reproduce.

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    Maria C

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    Wait, Matt!!! You can’t just drop a bomb like that and not elaborate! Tell us the story of your 7 million dollar lawsuit!!

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    Ayub A Alim

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    income security not job security................... brilliant

  26. Avesta Rawosh

    Avesta Rawosh

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    I love your videos so much !!!

  27. Zayna Quader

    Zayna Quader

    8 månader sedan

    Thank you so much for this, Matt. I graduated in 2019, have worked a few jobs since then, and have realized that I don't love the traditional 9-5 (which, let's be honest is actually 8-6+) lifestyle. I've been having a lot of doubts about it lately since I've started a few projects that I'm not currently being paid for (SE-one, a podcast, developing an animated series) and this really brought me back to why I decided to try and break from what society told me I need to do to for "success".

  28. Aditya Srivastava

    Aditya Srivastava

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    I am glad I met Matt through SE-one. There's so much of my life that has gone better, since I started following him. Love you brother.

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    Christian Thüringer

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    that was a pretty long skillshare ad

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    Ailish McCarthy

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    Why not link the dudes channel?

  31. Hayley Beck

    Hayley Beck

    8 månader sedan

    Hmmm I don't necessarily relate- I have a stable, great paying, challenging job that I enjoy and It would be pretty hard to replace me and I bring a lot of direct monetary value to the company and am told constantly that I'm beyond safe at my job, and I still think everyday that I could lose this job and should save my money just in case- even though I've already saved over 50k this year. I've always thought about that I could lose my job at any moment...even though I never have. I guess I always thought that most people thought this way- I didn't realize that most people take their jobs for granted.

  32. SID Siddarth

    SID Siddarth

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    Hey stop reading the comments if you haven't finished the video Focus on what he is saying

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    Connecting the Dots

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    DLake Creates

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    Matt D is always dropping bombs of knowledge on unpopular opinions. Also, thanks for introducing me to Mike Boyd, dude is a beast!

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    Did you get sued for 7 million dollars?

  39. K-rex


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    it doesn't matter how great i get at vfx they wont want u if u have 0 experience -_-

  40. Guillaume Moigneu

    Guillaume Moigneu

    9 månader sedan

    Being indispensable can lead to mixed results. Be careful with the hero syndrome. Many people (like me) loves saving a difficult situation or problem-instant gratification. Everyone starts to rely on you for this. You are indispensable. But you will fail sometime. And that's gonna be hard for everyone. A side effect could also be the bus factor. You need to share and teach what you know and do well so that your whole company is not stuck in case of an emergency because of you being in a coma. Becoming indispensable for that reason leads to having you classified as a risk. And nobody likes that. My take on this. Be humble and be indispensable because you are bringing value and not just hiding everything you do from others.

  41. The Replay

    The Replay

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    Now, we're waiting for a Matty D EP.

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    Ankita Saha

    9 månader sedan

    Which camera do you use?

  43. Sarah Wiesner

    Sarah Wiesner

    10 månader sedan

    This is so true: External job securitity doesn't really exist. I know it because I lost my job in the past. It's all about finding your own way in life and regaining security out of that.

  44. Alejandro Mayorga

    Alejandro Mayorga

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    30 days rap challenge

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    ibrahim alarab

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  48. Jason Butler

    Jason Butler

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    I would say 'improving every day' would be too much. Because it can be misinterpreted as 'be productive everyday'. I think the 80/20 rule is great. As in try to improve 80% of the time and dont overthink if you dont improve on one day

  49. Maxwell Müller

    Maxwell Müller

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    Wow 🔥 such great points throughout!! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind

  50. LA Lesbian Couple

    LA Lesbian Couple

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    I learned this quick. I worked in the cannabis industry for less than a year and was furloughed twice. Not due to Covid both times.

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    Vincent V

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    1:13 you don't have to wait until the 10 year reunion to see how Brian's doing (he's not doing good.)

  58. Ash Ullrich

    Ash Ullrich

    11 månader sedan

    The 10,000 hour rule doesn't have much backing in psychology, research often goes directly against this claim. I understand your love of self-help literature, but some of the people you cite are just pop psych people that are looking to sell watered down, purely theoretical concepts to people who need actual strategies.

  59. Camil Hoover

    Camil Hoover

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    unstability isn't a word...

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    Roberto Andrés Juárez González

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  62. Liam Hackett

    Liam Hackett

    11 månader sedan

    You can invest as much time into something as you want, but as this pandemic has shown there is no such thing as job security even for some of the most trained people. I think the best thing you can be is self sufficient, not have debt and have lots of money.... which is extremely hard.

  63. User495739207420


    11 månader sedan

    Congrats Matt for another honest video offering a great perspective! Quite a lot of times the feeling of job security is false and business effects ripple down and catch up with you, regardless if you’re selfemployed or rocking the 9-to-5. Saldy, with experience you get to see that sometimes it has nothing to do with you as an individual, nor with the great quality of work you’ve delivered. If the project fails for reasons beyond your control, you take the hit. This may mean a rellocation, being needed to switch the team you’re in, or even get laid off or quit for a new job. These things happen and most of the people working the 9-5 have absolutely no idea how fragile the scene really is; projects are renewed and extended ranging from monthly, quarterly or even each year or more (18months) and 99.99% of employees have no idea. Being self employed has its risks and you needing to handle EVERYTHING, you will see these aspects and they may frighten you; it’s the same. If you enjoy your work and feel you’re properly paid, you are already winning, regardless of being an employee or 1-man-army. Just for context, I’ve done both, now am employed and thinking of starting to have my own gig in the following years as well.

  64. Sejr


    11 månader sedan

    It's heart-warming to see how much you care about what you do Matt. Thank you

  65. Turna


    11 månader sedan

    There are some basic freedom principles I hear a lot. Especially the emergency funds. I recommend everyone saving at least 6 months worth of living expenses for a rainy day

  66. paranoidandroid


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    Healthcare and mortuary services.

  67. Nurlana Umarova

    Nurlana Umarova

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    •The story of pink fish• The weather was lightly windy. As if the sky had-been-painted gray. I always believe that such atmosphere creates a special calm and gloom. At midnight it may rain but not yet. The wind made high green trees wave. Pink fish felt cold in his body . İt opened his eyes in slowly manner and looked at gray sky. He looked at sky for several minutes without feeling anything and his whole soul filled with nothingness. His eyes filled with tears unwilingly. He turned his head right and left. After that he looked at sky again. The different thoughts were attacking his mind. Most of them were questions. The questions without answer... He didn't have any opinion about why he was here. I wondered how many years I have been here . How old am I ? He didn't remember... He wondered How old I am. I can suppose it. After some minutes he decided that he is twenty-five. As if he had lived three hundred sixty five days in twenty-five times. Yes yes I am twenty-five. He felt exhausted. Exhausted and alone. He turned his head to right in tired manner again and he was looking at the same place again. Suddenly the dance of waves had become clear in his eyes. He started looking at the sea. As if the waves with pearls was dancing. He paid attention to the waves. The waves hurried themselves to shore in rapidly manner and when they feel calm then turned back again step by step. He didn't know what wave to look at. He was confused. He couldn't see any mistake in the sea. He fixed his eyes on a point again. As if the waves wanna take him with themselves. He stoped watching sea and decided to die himself. I wonder how I can do it without pain in the easiest way. He was afraid of dying even he will die himself. And the sea become clear anymore. Yes yes the sea is beautiful. It won't resent from him. After thinking a few minutes. He liked this way of dying among other ways for himself. I wonder the sea will resent me because of polluting it? No, no the sea will forgive me. It walked to the sea with slowly steps. He couldn't think anything. the thoughts that a few moments ago didn't leave its neackband and now had hid in the corner . He was already the shore of sea . He thought Maybe I should turn back. Now it was already very late. Now or never. He wanted to think that if he reject how to be. Perhaps the god will kill him tomorrow. Infact The God is also murder. No, no the god had forgotten him. Think once is equal to die yourself. They are same think. He should hurry up. Otherwise he can change his desicion. That's why he started to walk to the sea. In actually he won't change his choice. But thinking about such things can cause decreasing respect forward himself. Yes this is choise not chance or command. This can be last day, last minute, last second. But he won't betray to himself. Because who there was near to him? Imidiatelly he threw to the sea without thinking and planing. The knock of his heart increased. He felt heavy on his body. as if his skin caused extra heavy for his body. He felt coldness with his all body. He closed his eyes slowly. He opened his eyes slowly. He was still alive. what happened. He had heartache . He guessed maybe I had dyed. No I am still suffering it means I am still alive. Why? Why didn't die. Is the purpose main. His purpose was to die himself. Who dared to stop him. He wanted to cry loudly. He couldn't cry. What happen. He just wanna cry . But he can't. Who did it . Who controls this world . Who prevents to cry to him. Who takes this opportunity from him? And why? He wanna cry as all the people. He looked at all sides. Finally he looked up at and bent his head to down. There were many dyed fish with different ways. Anymore he felt that coldness on his body. He closed his eyes and slept... Umarova Nurlana

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    Frank Martorell

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    wow this video really inspired me

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    Andrew Harris

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    Loving Matt’s valuable perspective on security, learning, and expertise.

  70. madeforaproject


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    Kevin Shen

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    Michael Deem, Jr.

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    Ashley S

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    Mikoy Fernandez

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    Vantage Gaming League

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    Man, sincerely thanks for this one Matt. I've been a freelance sound tech for the past 7 years and I've decided to switch gears and concentrate on film making. This video answered some very important questions that I had. I have my first client on the 1st!

  76. yaWilly Kwily

    yaWilly Kwily

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    You can have job security/ income security by building important contacts. Know the right people, remember it's who knows you.

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    Zaheed Evans

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    Brilliant two pieces of advice Matt ... key is - just start!

  78. ADG


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    Very helpful video. I'm constantly worrying about financial security and the amount of freedom my current situation allows and with this covid situation this video becomes all the more relevant.

  79. Mary Mendiola

    Mary Mendiola

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    A bit late to the party but I just wanted to say this video is very valuable and timely, Matt. My husband just got laid off and shifting your mindset from job security to income security is like a lightbulb moment for me! I'll share this video with my husband too! Thank you, Matt!

  80. Van Illius

    Van Illius

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    Sometimes i just want to tell you that i was on your channel ever since you had some like 1k subs and i always wanted you to have great success. great vid as always! keep it up. greetings from croatia

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    on the rocks entertainment

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    The Debt-Less Crew

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    Great video! Having that emergency funds is on point. This is my first time having one and having that sense of security feels good! I wouldn't have found this channel, if wasn't for Demetri Panici.

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  95. One Skill Point

    One Skill Point

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    I only don't agree with 5:50. But that's more personal than anything else. I have a stable job, but I'm a child of unstable times, a graduate during the recession and a friend of many who've lost jobs due to the pandemic. I always act like I'm about to lose my job in the next week or two and thus prep about 3-6 months out with each paycheck.

  96. Amy Curtis

    Amy Curtis

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    Matt, our friend Demetri Panici is really hoping to have a conversation with you. Would you mind reaching out to him? We'd be so grateful. 😊

  97. darkprince56


    11 månader sedan

    I'm turning 31 this year. I'm a Hispanic woman living in South Texas, a poor area with no job prospects. Despite graduating from university six years ago with a BS Biology degree (1st in my family to do so), I haven't been able to find a real job and I'm stuck in the same $10/hour part-time job I had in college (where I have only gotten a ¢50 raise in eight years). I feel guilty because my father gives me a monthly allowance to help me stay afloat. I live in a small town, I don't have health insurance because I can't afford it, I still live with my elderly mom in section 8 Housing. Often I have wanted to kill myself because I feel like such a failure and a disappointment to her. I feel…not fully human because I missing out on most experiences humans have: career, children, marriage or any type of romantic relationship, a first date, a first kiss, first time, etc. I'm like this failed project, a failed attempt at being a human and I'm this big fat nothing. I can't kill myself because I'm a coward and my mother relies on me for everything. I have applied so much within my state and elsewhere in the country to no avail. I only ever got one real interview but that went nowhere, obviously. I feel so hopeless. No one is willing to give me a chance and everyone wants a lot of experience even for an entry-level job. Where the fook am I supposed to get that?! It's entry level! It's an endless cycle: I don't have experience so I can't get a job, they won't give me a job because I don't have experience, I don't have experience because they won't give me a job, and on and on and on.

    • darkprince56


      11 månader sedan

      Dan Wilcox thank you so much for your comment! I agree, I feel like we are heading towards disaster and I do have family in both Cuba and Mexico and I'm very serious when I say that I would be willing to hide out there if shit hits the fan here...and you mentioned Colorado and the Pacific Northwest and it's like you read my mind 😂 I have always dreamt of moving somewhere in that area or Utah. Somewhere with a decent cost of living and quality of life. Hopefully things turn around for me eventually and I totally get what you meant by saying this place is depressing hehe. I have applied to HEB and other stores with no luck. How do you think that makes me feel, totally worthless, that I'm not even worth hiring even as a cart pusher! 😭

    • Dan Wilcox

      Dan Wilcox

      11 månader sedan

      I lived in Victoria for a year and south Texas is a depressing place to live. For a short term improvement I can recommend what I did - A part time (30 hr/week about) job at HEB in their grocery pickup department and that started at $12 and is mostly air conditioned. Most grocery stores are in the grocery pickup game and it may be one of the few places in our economy not devastated by Covid. As a long term solution I would say you have to identify a place with more economic opportunity (and I would suggest some place with some beautiful natural environment left as well - like compare pictures of the pacific northwest or Colorado against pictures of literally anywhere in the southern US) and then make a long term plan for how you can move from where you are to where that is. Apply what you learned from biology: Even the strongest polar bear dies in a desert. All life can only exist in an environment that allows it to be healthy and strong - and this applies to humans too. Find that place on a map, make a plan for what you need to move and I guess you have to figure out some sort of plan for your mom as well. With the way America is going I would estimate we have maybe 10 years before our civilization collapses so if you want to enjoy some part of your life I suggest you make it a high priority to make plans for a move sooner rather than later. People like Matt D'Avella sell confidence in ideas for monetary reasons. Very few will have financial stability in what is coming (by the end of 2025 people start seeing it, and that it's too late to avoid). I wish you and everyone else good luck finding happiness and meaning because we are all going to need it.

  98. Rand K

    Rand K

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    You forgot to put the affiliate links :p

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    Panda Boss - Personal Finance & Bossing Life

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