The 3 Biggest Myths About Minimalism

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  1. Reyna Singh

    Reyna Singh

    11 månader sedan

    The first step to minimalism is being satisfied with what you already have.

    • ಪುರುಷೋತ್ತಮ್ ಟಿ ಆರ್

      ಪುರುಷೋತ್ತಮ್ ಟಿ ಆರ್

      5 månader sedan


    • The Living Spade

      The Living Spade

      7 månader sedan

      @Muhammad Ahmed Jai Shree Raam !!

    • Germanboyer


      8 månader sedan

      @Bishakh Sen Just shut up

    • Ark Vyas

      Ark Vyas

      8 månader sedan


    • danavila04


      8 månader sedan

      Yaaaasss 👏🏾 but does that include food??? I always want to buy more veggies.

  2. Treebeard The Ent

    Treebeard The Ent

    Månad sedan

    My encounter with "minimalism" was while I was hiking the PCTs and I was always encountering entitlement minded egotistical tourist types. Most were either overt or subtle assholes but a few were friendly enough and from my interaction with them I learned that some of them use minimalism as a cover up for their spoiled reliance on money or their expectation of getting whatever they need from others. This was just a bit irritating because this was in the wilderness and the obvious situation/scenario was hikers who had next to zero skills or interest in self-reliance/self-sufficiency. The radical contrast from the "minimalism" they claimed (entitlement mentality tbh) is the old boyscout motto: Be Prrpared. Those who go out to the wilderness prepared only for ideal conditions are really not prepared for the wilderness at all.

  3. Vitamin B

    Vitamin B

    2 månader sedan

    Anyone with a wide variety of interests and hobbies is going to have a lot of stuff. For example, if someone likes paddleboarding, they will own a paddleboard. Same person can also like mountain biking, so will own a mountain bike. Same person also likes resort skiing, backcountry skiing, and owns multiple skis and ski gear. He also likes hiking and backpacking, and owns a lot of hiking/backpacking gear. He likes off roading and therefore, owns a big Jeep with all kind of off road worthy mods on it. He also likes photography, so has a bunch of photography gear, a drone, and a computer with 2 monitors to process all his work. And on top of that, he needs to maintain and fix all his gear, so his garage is filled with all kinds of tools and instruments. How exactly does all of that can fit into a minimalist lifestyle? You accumulate SO MUCH stuff because of your personal interests. To be a minimalist, you must give up all your interests and just sit on the floor and read a book.

    • Treebeard The Ent

      Treebeard The Ent

      Månad sedan

      So refreshing to read an unquestionably genuine comment on this topic. I'm a very non-typical person who has spent a lifetime being "comfortable" as the non-trendy one going his own way. Actually, I have not had bunches of encounters with "minimalists" but in my limited exposure a trend seemed too obvious. I have never met a minimalist who knew what it means to be needy. I'm not saying these were all totally spoiled people, but that is basically the neighborhood they reside in. As the saying goes, privilege is transparent to those who have it. Don't get me wrong, I think minimalism does have a very potentially positive aspect, I just don't think that's the case when entitlement minded people use "minimalism" as their excuse. One big evidence I see is those who use money to solve every problem. They are not the DIY or bushcraft types by a longshot, not in their wildest dreams (maybe nightmares to them) However, the good part of minimalism can be largely summed up in a a rare good quote from post 2000 TV. It was Red Reddington played by James Spader who said this, "You can't do every silly thing you want to in life. You have to make your choices and try to be happy with them." I like that because it isn't idealized and can be authentic, but it's still a challenging bit of advice. The context of that scene was too huge to easily summarize, but it was as if Red had tried to do all those silly things and found that he missed something big in the process, yet instead of focusing on regret he simply focused each new day on prioritizing the one thing that mattered most to him.

  4. Jimmy alwat

    Jimmy alwat

    3 månader sedan

    He is absolutely right.I own a huge wardrobe ,but only wear three pants ,two jackets,three hoodies and tree shirts .if it wasn't for the weather in my country ,i would wear less, but it's really unstable and unpredictable you just have to roll your body in clothes .

  5. Office Potato

    Office Potato

    4 månader sedan

    The biggest myth about minimalism is that it only applies to physical things. You can live in a mini apartment and only own 10 things but if you are binge watching youtube videos and are on the internet all day, you are definitely not a minimalist.

  6. Javier Padron

    Javier Padron

    4 månader sedan

    What is that shirt?

  7. Dead Man Drifting

    Dead Man Drifting

    4 månader sedan

    For me minimalism means have stuff but in a efficient way, like chargers for example, you have the less amout of cables around your house, or fornitures, you don't need that big and expensive one if you don't have many things to put on them. I think in minimalism in that way for me and my life style, idk if that's correct or don't, i don't care that much because I try to live more lighter.

  8. Васил Андони

    Васил Андони

    4 månader sedan

    The guy got a nike football boots there👀👀

  9. Bo Goeran Peterson

    Bo Goeran Peterson

    4 månader sedan


  10. Formula1z0ne


    5 månader sedan

    By the way, I am totally down to take that camera gear and drone, oh and the drone, off your hands. (Don’t forget the drone)

  11. Darth Nihilus

    Darth Nihilus

    5 månader sedan

    Great video! Keep up the good work mat your video are seriously changing my life!

  12. ginger biscuit sketches

    ginger biscuit sketches

    5 månader sedan

    I told my friend about minimalism. She said that she might suggest it to her mum with her 12 kids. Get rid of the ones that ✨don’t spark joy✨

  13. A S

    A S

    5 månader sedan

    I really liked when you said "we think the key to happiness.... is collecting all the right trophies." That is so spot on.

  14. I'mFrenchSilkPie


    6 månader sedan

    Not going to lie I think this is really good and I want start now also as someone with ADHD it seems that this would be helpful because I can't control it sometimes and then I just buy a lot of things

  15. Igor Chichkin

    Igor Chichkin

    6 månader sedan

    WoW 🤩 awesome i do big clean few Times a year

  16. Arief Susanto

    Arief Susanto

    6 månader sedan

    Hey Matt, why did you change your keyboard and mouse?

  17. Prashant Bagga

    Prashant Bagga

    6 månader sedan

    thoughts on

  18. joeie123


    6 månader sedan

    Anyone else notice that the ps controller buttons are reversed in the thumbnail?

  19. NSK


    6 månader sedan

    Gonna try this

  20. julia lousa

    julia lousa

    6 månader sedan

    Okay I’m getting into minimalism but sorry. I will have to buy a picture frame and put that photo of The Rock on it.

  21. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith

    6 månader sedan

    It’s a cry for help from people who are scared

  22. Riccardo Arpea

    Riccardo Arpea

    6 månader sedan

    i feel like there's a desperate need (in some people at least) to define themselves and the things they do. i get these things exist and to a certain extent i also get why they exist, but nonetheless it kinda strikes me as silly. why would one build some sort of orthodoxy around who they are and how they live their life? i suppose these people think they're embracing some kind of cool, oriental sounding life philosophy but in all honesty they're just constructing a whole canon around a preference or a life choice. i mean: you like a tidy, decluttered home? fine. just don't make it an ideology, cause it isn't. some people make personal inclinations look like communism in the ussr. a doctrine. and this is true for minimalists, hipsters, vegans, vegetarians and so on and so forth. i'm like: just chill, live your life the way it suits you best and pursue anything that makes you feel fulfilled at the moment. i know it might seem tempting to align oneself to a doctrine of some kind, but doctrines are a double edge sword: they provide you with a set of rules but they're not so adaptive, therefore there's a chance they can also limit you at times. life changes, and so do people, so i'd rather be adaptive and change with the flow than feeling dragged down by some kind of borderline moral rule i chose sometime in the past. why would you define yourself so thoroughly that that very same definition becomes a cage for yourself?

  23. Tammy Ang

    Tammy Ang

    6 månader sedan

    I have always understood minimalist is just not trying to attain more than one needs, not getting rid of everything.

  24. Rashi Shah

    Rashi Shah

    6 månader sedan

    His thumbnails are the most aesthetically pleasing ones on SE-one🤩

  25. FrankCastiglione


    6 månader sedan

    It doesn't matter how minimalist you are. In the end, you will always have a Macbook! :-) Just kidding! I arrived here at Ph Santos (He is a brazilian filme critic: He was talking about the book "Essentialism" and also quoted a video of yours about it. I know it is a matter of semantics, but I prefer the term "essentialism", because it reminds me more of quality than quantity (this superficial idea that minimalism is about having few or almost nothing). In the end it's all about these questions that bother us. When you read a book on personal development and spend more time thinking about the answers than reading and turning the pages, you are on the right track. And you may need to close the book and think for a day or two.

  26. Adliyah


    6 månader sedan

    im so in love with minimalism and it saddens me that i can't apply it to my daily life cuz i'm with my family and they're exactly the opposite of minimalism. i can't wait to live alone and live with this kind of lifestyle

  27. Christian Rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez

    6 månader sedan

    I've started to practice minimalism and watching your videos do help, but also brings me joy and laughter so thank you :) just wanted you to know that you do have an impact !

  28. Amy Sofia

    Amy Sofia

    6 månader sedan

    I consider myself a minimalist even with a closet full of clothes and a library of books I will never get rid of- because I chose them with intention. I got rid of everything that wasnt serving me or the life I wanted to live and what I'm left with serves me. I don't keep a book if I hated it and I don't hold onto any clothes out of guilt or attachment. I keep only the things I love and I consciously consume, so I consider myself a minimalist.

  29. vini


    6 månader sedan

    One question I have about minimalism is that if it's wrong to be emotional attached to stuff from the past that we don't need anymore? I have a ton of books that I read when I was younger, and even that I don't read them in years, they are still really meaningful to me. Do you guys this that's a bad habit do have?

  30. Ft. Mase

    Ft. Mase

    6 månader sedan

    Hitting that 10 min for the algorithm nice, commenting for the algorithm.

  31. Mariliz Martin

    Mariliz Martin

    6 månader sedan

    Where are you now Matt and Nat?

  32. Flyingredcactus


    7 månader sedan

    Hello, does someone knows where to find this nice glass and corck cup at 6:24 and 7:55 ? It's for a non-minimaliste friend !

  33. كوثر فلاح جاسب

    كوثر فلاح جاسب

    7 månader sedan

    My channel

  34. Make Money Now

    Make Money Now

    7 månader sedan

    As always, quality videos right here!

  35. Lucas Morris

    Lucas Morris

    7 månader sedan

    Minimalism is my lifestyle just cause I can’t afford anything else

  36. Chi Chi

    Chi Chi

    7 månader sedan

    If there is anything that would remind me of matt’s channel it would be that flag pillow

  37. Thong La

    Thong La

    7 månader sedan

    Im a mnmlst

  38. Sylfix


    7 månader sedan

    Thought that candle was a grinder

  39. enzo catalano

    enzo catalano

    7 månader sedan

    Who else is under 18 starting a more minimal lifestyle?

  40. no


    7 månader sedan

    Things you can't* have too much of as a minimalist: 1. Biceps 2. Tweets @ing you by the rock 3. Videos about minimalism 😂 Much love

  41. RMA Studio

    RMA Studio

    8 månader sedan

    As a photographer and videographer I feel you. I do think having a video game or movie collection is ok though like having a book collection just not as socially acceptable

  42. UntitledCobraChicken


    8 månader sedan

    Sure someone may be a minimalist but are there shirt hung up in a logically organized way?

  43. TH4T GUY

    TH4T GUY

    8 månader sedan

    0:18 The rock on the left cabinet

  44. DE NABOR Antonio

    DE NABOR Antonio

    8 månader sedan

    I'm minimalist but can't get rid of my Batman action figures, I like them so much lol



    8 månader sedan

    I love the idea of minimalism n bro Matt's videos

  46. Jenny Chen

    Jenny Chen

    8 månader sedan

    My living quality has actually improved since I decluttered stuffs.

  47. Ly L

    Ly L

    8 månader sedan

    My partner is a hoarder... I really want to throw all his stuff out. Can a hoarder be cured?

  48. Vincent Cardona

    Vincent Cardona

    8 månader sedan

    I didn't realize I've always been a minimalist my entire life until I have watched this video. I always thought it just my anxiety problems lol Now time to get reorganize my room : )

  49. Haydn Moyers

    Haydn Moyers

    8 månader sedan

    This is the only channel where it makes me happy to see advertisers supporting him. I know for so long he stayed away from him and i am ok to sit for an extra minute threw an ad to know that he can make SE-one a full time job. Love you Matt!

  50. Adrian Müller

    Adrian Müller

    8 månader sedan

    "Who who is not contended with what he has would not be contended with what he would like to have" (Socrates)

  51. Kathia Jurado

    Kathia Jurado

    8 månader sedan

    The reason why many think have a negative perception of minimalism is because they think it’s the same as being frugal. Which is... very different.

  52. Weslley


    8 månader sedan

    I'm Brazilian but I've been living in Russia for the past 6 years and I try to have the minimum stuff possible here but I cleaned my wardrobe (and made wife do the same, against her will) a few months ago, and I try to keep the minimum possible here because I never know when I'm leaving to another country. Every time I go back home, I clean my bedroom in my parents' house and I always throw many things away but I still cannot get rid of the majority of them. The other problem about getting rid of unnecessary things besides sentimentalism is that I'm always worried about where is my rubbish going to end up? I mean that here in Russia and in Brazil, like most developing countries, there is not really a recycling system so I don't want to bring more trash to the environment.

  53. TOBEN Benemerito

    TOBEN Benemerito

    8 månader sedan

    You can't declutter when you are poor, coz you have nothing.

  54. RED D

    RED D

    9 månader sedan

    I'm the cheatiest minimalist ever; about 95% of my books, games, dvds, CDs and records are all in my wardrobe haha. As long as they're all boxed up in some sort of order (which pretty much all of them are, games all in one box, books all together etc) I don't have any desire to outright get rid of anything, but justify it to myself that if I'm going to get something out, something goes in the box to take it's place. In my living room I have a tall standing lamp, sofa, armchair, tv stand with tv, ps4 and switch, a desk for a imac/music stuff and a small dining table. My kitchen cupboards are pretty modestly full as well and there isn't multiple appliances spread over my kitchen worktops at all times (except for the toaster, kettle and microwave). All of this encapsulates the essence of minimalism for me without going completely overboard in my opinion.

  55. naheliegend


    9 månader sedan

    first step to minimalism is drinking a lot of coffee

  56. CtrlShift


    9 månader sedan

    Там Русский блогер минималист очень тебя любит))

  57. Aia Highller

    Aia Highller

    9 månader sedan

    can you tell us the secret how to cope up with a family that is not a minimalist or not even open to it?

  58. Mukund Kh

    Mukund Kh

    9 månader sedan

    i am a huge fan of the rock too and i am 20 , will want to try minimalism for sure

  59. inzo


    9 månader sedan

    Minimalism = everything white. LOL ...

  60. Diana Alvarez

    Diana Alvarez

    9 månader sedan

    How do you become a minimalist with three kids ?

  61. Nicklas


    9 månader sedan

    Uhm, that hoodie is pretty damn cool. Where can i get that?

  62. LukeE94


    9 månader sedan

    Okay what _Minimalist_ has a UNION JACK cushion when they’re American and wife is Australian?

  63. Cian


    9 månader sedan

    I wish my bank account would stop being a minimilist

  64. المال والأعمال

    المال والأعمال

    9 månader sedan

    I like you👍 bro you awesome 😎

  65. AcedAkoiro


    9 månader sedan

    I have been muttering in the back of my mind that 'only _____ years....' before I get to start my f*cking independence. I hate how parents keep buying unnecessary things then giving children them, can't they f*cking see that they are directly influencing their child's character by buying crappy junk??? 'If I wanted something, I'll ask for it,' why is that so hard? Love my dad, but he can be an *ss with all the clothes filling my closet. As soon as I have the chance, I'll take the bare minimum and runaway

  66. Abdo Bentoumi

    Abdo Bentoumi

    9 månader sedan

    When you have everything... You can do that. You still living in luxury.. That isn't minimalism.

  67. Dorian Lewis

    Dorian Lewis

    9 månader sedan

    Where could I get that hoodie?

  68. Junior


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  69. Corrie Holton

    Corrie Holton

    9 månader sedan

    Matt I have to know, is that plant real?

  70. ALEX


    9 månader sedan

    Why do you have a framed photo of the "Rock"?

  71. Lisset Sanchez

    Lisset Sanchez

    9 månader sedan

    New Subscriber! Great points on minimalism. Thank you Matt! ☺️

  72. Dos Santiago

    Dos Santiago

    9 månader sedan

    i just realized he already did that slow mo coffee joke 😂

  73. DE NABOR Antonio

    DE NABOR Antonio

    9 månader sedan

    viewer from France, great content! I'm minimalist but I have got dozens of action figures so what lol I'm so fond of this stuff!

  74. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez

    9 månader sedan

    I have just found out your channel. You have such pleasing voice. You are a great story teller.

  75. Tessa Lynch

    Tessa Lynch

    9 månader sedan

    you and all of your videos about minimalism have changed my life in a huge way, thank you so much

  76. Jonathan Long

    Jonathan Long

    9 månader sedan

    Did I just see a pair of Nike tiempo legend 7s in your closet?? Are you a soccer player???

  77. Abaza Abdelmageid

    Abaza Abdelmageid

    9 månader sedan

    I like minimalism and simple living.

  78. Emma Guild

    Emma Guild

    9 månader sedan

    "Things that don't live up to your expectations" that's most of the junk in my house😏

  79. אוהד קים

    אוהד קים

    10 månader sedan

    You’re the risen I embarrassed minimalism I’m so thankful 🤍

  80. Its Drewsif

    Its Drewsif

    10 månader sedan

    Admit it, matt: this is just a video to justify how cluttered your gear closet is. 😂

  81. Hendrik Treuner

    Hendrik Treuner

    10 månader sedan

    I think minimalism is also about getting rid of things, because you don't see value in it, and after a while of abstinence, re-buying the thing because you reconsidered that it had value to you. Never judge you for your actions in the past, folks.

  82. Controlled Chaos

    Controlled Chaos

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  83. Abdul Rauf

    Abdul Rauf

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  84. I McMillan

    I McMillan

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  85. Lee Mcnamara

    Lee Mcnamara

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  86. An American Entrepreneur

    An American Entrepreneur

    10 månader sedan

    I was a minimalist when I was a kid because I had no say in the matter. Now that I have ALL the say in the matter, I love having cool shit!! 🤣😀👍

  87. James Longoria

    James Longoria

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  88. August Ong

    August Ong

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  89. John Macmillan

    John Macmillan

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  90. Yusuf Isamel

    Yusuf Isamel

    10 månader sedan

    Actually , i started practicing minimalism for about 3 months till now and it really changed my life not 100% , but i started to rearrange my priorities and to think before buying any new stuff whether i do really want it or just gonna buy it because everyone else is buying it , thank you for the video and for the clarifying .

  91. Speedpaw


    10 månader sedan

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  92. Binu Krishna 3BR20CS034

    Binu Krishna 3BR20CS034

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  93. Sesha Sai Suhash Desu

    Sesha Sai Suhash Desu

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  94. Greta Henze

    Greta Henze

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    love you, matt. I could watch your videos for hours and not get bored.

    • Josh Bosse

      Josh Bosse

      10 månader sedan

      Haha same. He inspired my youtube channel. Him and the philosophy of minimalism.

  95. kamisama


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  96. Yusuf Zulfi

    Yusuf Zulfi

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  97. Engineers Squared

    Engineers Squared

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    Love the content! You inspire as well as entertain as well as teach. Amazing!

    • Josh Bosse

      Josh Bosse

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      Agreed! He inspired my youtube channel.

  98. lazy pea

    lazy pea

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    5:00 amazing 👏

  99. Micah Darden

    Micah Darden

    10 månader sedan

    Thanks for introducing minimalism to me Matt and all the great videos, they always offer some sort of great insight!

    • Josh Bosse

      Josh Bosse

      10 månader sedan

      Yes! He inspired my youtube channel. Him and the philosophy of minimalism.

  100. Your friendly neighborhood Librandu

    Your friendly neighborhood Librandu

    10 månader sedan

    I'm already a minimalist without choice.