I still have anxiety.

I haven't talked much about my anxiety since I had a pretty bad episode back in 2019. In this video I wanted to chat about how things have been going, some of the things that have helped me, and encourage you to prioritize your mental health.


  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    4 månader sedan

    Here are the 4 key practices that I mention in this video that have helped me get through the worst of my anxiety. 👀 Become aware: The diagnosis was the first step for me. Once I knew the root cause of my symptoms, I stopped trying to suppress my emotions and focused on how I could manage my anxiety. By strengthening my self-awareness, I was able to observe the things that caused my anxiety to flare up so I could minimize those behaviors (watching the news, checking social media, working too much). And sometimes, I learned there was no cause at all. This helped me navigate and understand my anxiety better. 🐢 Slow down: Most of my anxiety stemmed from the overwhelm and pressure of my work. I realized I had a choice: I could either burn myself out and throw my mental health into jeopardy. Or I could slow down and find balance (perfection was not an option). Now when I set goals for the year, I prioritize my mental health. And I’m also much more flexible with deadlines. This is difficult when you’re an ambitious perfectionist like myself. But it’s crucial for not only doing work you love, but having a life you love. 🗣️ Open up: It’s tempting to keep your anxiety to yourself out of fear that you sound “crazy” or “no one will understand.” But keeping things bottled up is only going to make you feel more isolated in the long run. Try talking to a loved one, a therapist, or even journaling your inner dialogue onto the page. When I confided in Nat about my anxiety, she told me my feelings were valid. She listened and helped me process what I was going through so I knew I wasn’t alone. Now when I feel my anxiety reaching a tipping point, I know I can turn to Nat. And that’s made a huge difference. ✌️ Let go: Even if you follow all the practices above and more, you will quickly learn there are some things you just can’t control. Sometimes, all you can do to get through your anxiety is to lie down on the floor and let yourself feel shitty. Instead of fighting it, accept how you’re feeling in that moment and let it wash over you. Know that there’s a difference between being “tough” and being “strong”. Strength comes through acceptance and courage. “Tough people” suppress their emotions, only for it to come flooding out to a worse outcome in the future. If I can leave you with one thing, it’s this: anxiety & depression aren’t things you need to be ashamed of. It’s completely normal and it’s way more prevalent than you think. Too many of us spend years struggling in silence. But you don’t have to hold onto the weight all by yourself. Let us know how you're feeling in the comments.

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      Sy Ning

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      I feel personally relatable & I'm grateful for getting to watch this video

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      Miles Ty

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      @Uriah Sincere Definitely, I've been watching on flixzone for since december myself =)

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      a trick : you can watch series at flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies these days.

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      Thank you for this.

  2. Lucia Bellani

    Lucia Bellani

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    Thanks very much to open this space for these lind of interchange of emotional access. Re-Learn how we definetly dont control our emotions (part of the Equilibrium its the mixture of emotions itself) but what we Can Do its To give us the space to hear them, to feel with no judgement, no blocking or fear about them. When you let them trought, you can overview them with air (within practice) and start to aknowledge that theres kind of a patter system for emotions, pur reactions and the mind making all that scheme. We can relearn and rewrite a new scheme of healty process of feeling and taking a different kind of control, which is to Design our Consciuss Life within emotional cycles.

  3. Nelson Bouça de Castro Junior

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    Quit coffee Matt

  4. Anais Ouarem

    Anais Ouarem

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    I have anxiety and my surrounding family and friends aren’t that open about anxiety, they consider that it’s just... a momentary feeling, like anger. I can’t talk with them as they don’t take my situation seriously, and by time passing, I started denying my anxiety and pushing it further deep in myself. Thank you so much for this video Matt, it makes me remember that I am not just a « drama queen » and that anxiety is a real problem!

  5. Pranav Choudhary

    Pranav Choudhary

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    Today I saw my ex gf and I suddenly had anxiety attack, so now I am watching this.

  6. -Ro ni- 🥇

    -Ro ni- 🥇

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    I feel that avoiding anxiety is just pushing your emotions further. It's like putting emotions on a bottle but when the bottle is full it's going to release all of the emotions, so it's good to express your emotions by just breathing and letting the thoughts be, and float by or talk to close ones who understand you

  7. -Ro ni- 🥇

    -Ro ni- 🥇

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    Great video, i have struggled with anxiety too but meditation, breathing exercises and opening up to people has really helped me.

  8. Jarryd Beer

    Jarryd Beer

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    I’ve been dealing with anxiety for the last month or 2, it came on suddenly and I was the exact same thinking that it must be something physically wrong because I was so out of breath all the time, lethargic and couldn’t come up with a reason for being worried or anxious about anything. After a few doctor visits and a hospital visit and being told that nothing is wrong I got told I was probably suffering from anxiety. The biggest improvements for me come from reaching out and speaking to friends about it, and then followed by guided meditation on headspace as recommended by a mate, it probably reduced my symptoms by at least 50%. It still creeps up but 100% like you said, speaking about it with friends or loved ones it such a massive help. Hope you’re feeling a little better today mate

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    sugar buddy....too much carbs causes anxiety

  10. shyam kumar

    shyam kumar

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    Awake at 3 Am now. Going through anxiety now. I need help. I thought I was over it. It still manages to creep in though.

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    3 millions subscribers then anxiety really ???😟🙃

  12. Bodie Parks

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    Well I can say this much I fully agree with him because I suffer from anxiety but I suffer from OCD more than anxiety and but I'm doing good got to get more help with it have constant thoughts every day sometime which that's normal with OCD I've looked it up and I've stated and everything have talked to my therapist about it but I'm going to get more help with it we're going to a cognitive behavioral therapist and and worrying about my own my own self and worry about what I need to do in life don't worry about what other people think so I can definitely understand where he's coming from

  13. SafePet Haven

    SafePet Haven

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    Psychological anxiety comes from fear [and fear and faith cannot exist together], and fear originates from lack of preparedness, whether real or imagined. However, there can be very real physical neurological reactions to sensitivities, from pollens, foods, molds, but especially from any of the numerous neurotoxins in our world that few, even mainstream medical providers who understand at all. They are clueless to MCS. Reference EHC-Dallas as those who actually get it. All those fragrances and scents we are assaulted by constantly?; yeah, those are neurotoxins, created synthetically in the lab. They can cause symptoms of anxiety, all the way to seizures, and the widespread reactions to everyday items, all the way to being poisoned to solvents, heavy metals and raw asbestos fibers and carcinogenic pesticides as I was exposed to in my career.

  14. Taranpreet Kaur

    Taranpreet Kaur

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    For some who has suffered from GAD and Panic attacks their whole life and also wanting to be a perfectionist.. this was so helpful :). Thanks Matt!

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    quit caffeine it will help

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    Try martial arts;) and stop shitting your pants

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    G A

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    ...ooops, sorry - most especially, such a valuable & refreshing guy...I can't imagine someone as special & giving as yourself can experience anxiety, but I'm so glad you are sharing this & hope you completely resolve all of it...God Bless...

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    G A

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    ... you are just a truly amazing guy....so insightful & most especially,

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    _My nigga got the valley girl impression down!_

  20. Jay R

    Jay R

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    Real word of advice for everyone with anxiety: STOP DRINKING CAFFEINE! Thank me later.

    • Pauline K

      Pauline K

      Månad sedan

      100% right. Or nicotine. I got my anxiety from smoking cigarettes and still suffer from it many years later even after I quitted smoking. Caffeine is bad for me too hence I drink decaf

    • colon three

      colon three

      Månad sedan

      Thank you! My anxiety is gone now. I didn't thought it would be that easy. You a wizard!

  21. Gcooper0021


    Månad sedan

    Are you open to the possibility that you may have a acute version of a personality disorder. (Bipolar disorder or borderline?) Nothing wrong with it. Just may expedite your path to cure it.

  22. Tiffany Evans

    Tiffany Evans

    2 månader sedan

    I struggle with anxiety, depression and mental health...

  23. Aliex Folgueira

    Aliex Folgueira

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    the other day i flipped a kayak for a video, actually that other day was my 36th birthday and after i was done filming, i lay down exactly like that on the deck, my wife was like "are you ok?" i was like yes im actually enjoying this! the deck was hot and i was wet and cold...it was actually nice lol

  24. Mood Swinger

    Mood Swinger

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    isn't it weird that a video on yt could understand ya better than those who r close to ya? i almost cried to this i swear. thanks, mate

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    Alexander Gutierrez

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    I have had anxiety myself for 3 years and read a book that was recommended called DARE by Barry McDonagh highly recommend it has helped so much with my anxiety.

  28. Julián Camacho

    Julián Camacho

    2 månader sedan

    It sucks that this happened to you… to us but at the same time it’s comforting to get to hear about other similar experiences like mine, specifically when talking about the physical symptoms. Things that have helped me a lot: Yoga/stretching, meditation, therapy (cognitive behavioural, the one where they have you do homework), writing a diary, deleting social media apps, eating less sugar and much less processed foods, make sure that my gut is healthy and all my brain chemicals are ok (see a functional doctor), have courage to expose myself to those things that scare me which at some point was everything, understand whatever my body and mind is feeling (know myself), etc.

  29. Alexander Medina O.

    Alexander Medina O.

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    great vid!

  30. Heiro Tokio

    Heiro Tokio

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    You are having spiritual awakening Matt. Don't take any medication.

  31. Badge O'Shame

    Badge O'Shame

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    You have very large eyes. I like them, and they are very pretty. :) Also, keep up the good work!

  32. Thrifty Under 35 Homeowner

    Thrifty Under 35 Homeowner

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    Matt, thank you for sharing your story. I lost my dad in 2017 due to him ignoring taking care of his mental health. I need more male role models to be out there, talking about what they have overcome. How they deal. And I am glad you are doing better now. Men need to feel empowered in our American culture to talk about their mental health. We desperately need that. Keep doing what you're doing. Take good care of you. Sending peace ✌ 🙏 ✨

  33. eman ali

    eman ali

    2 månader sedan

    I felt every single word, I have been down, not myself, away, for more than a month now, I feel like dying, I am trying to step out, I do it then I am back, this is the first time I experience this type of anxiety or depression. I will follow ur advice. Thank u

  34. Alexandra Ilnyckyj

    Alexandra Ilnyckyj

    2 månader sedan

    I experienced something very similar about thirty years ago. I too thought I was allergic too the apartment. Then I thought I needed a healthier diet. Then I thought I needed to exercize more. There really was no stressor to eliminate and that was the most scary part. It became difficult to leave the house and do regular chores. I was fortunate to be referred to a good psychiatrist. I added medication to my healthy diet and exercise routine. I went off and on several times always thinking I just had to breath more deeply or exercize more. Finally, when I accepted medications and stopped trying to wean them off I was able to reclaim my health. Perhaps not everyone needs medication but certainly worth considering and speaking about openly. I think drugs are terribly stigmatized. They will not help a person with sadness or dissatisfaction with life but they sure help anxiety. I cannot imagine where I would be if I had kept on trying exercize and diet. Keep the conversation going.

  35. linda mccombe

    linda mccombe

    2 månader sedan

    ❤Thank you so much! Exactly what I've been struggling with and needing help to deal with. I've been suffering from overwhelming and debilitating anxiety due to my current situation and was blessed enough to find you today! Nice to know that I'm not alone and also to learn some techniques to help calm myself down. I'm so glad I found you! Linda😊❤🌷

  36. Dani Lewis

    Dani Lewis

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    I feel you

  37. Michael B

    Michael B

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    All the coffee?

  38. Ram On Fire

    Ram On Fire

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    honestly, lying on the floor when depression or anxiety kicks in is one of the best things i do aswell. it will just pass if you let it pass.

  39. Christine Camley

    Christine Camley

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    Anxiety can be debilitating. It has long been seen as a "mere cousin" of depression, and for a long time wasn't taken as seriously as depression. In truth, both can be crippling, and are often experienced together. I applaud you so much, Matt, for speaking out on anxiety and your struggles with it. I have experienced it personally. And I treat it!! It's very interesting to experience it on both sides - personally and professionally. I make intentional changes in my life to minimize anxiety, i.e. minimalism and dropping the habit of avoiding certain things/decisions. Being Avoidance is a huge factor in exacerbating anxiety. GAD can feel horrific. But there are some great ways to make it way more manageable! And it's great seeing a video where someone is doing that, intentionally! This is a wonderful, heartfelt video. Deeply moving. Thank you!!

  40. Mary Redoutey

    Mary Redoutey

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    I just found your channel yesterday, and I think you're awesome 😎, keep up the good work.👌👍

  41. Carl Robitaille

    Carl Robitaille

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    Thank you very much Matt for your video, your testimony touched me enormously :)

  42. Samiur Rahman

    Samiur Rahman

    2 månader sedan

    I'm feeling so bad for you Matt. I have depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and extreme nervousness so I understand how it feels. Hope you're doing well now

  43. Wellness Sarah

    Wellness Sarah

    3 månader sedan

    Love the discussion. Could possible be diet related lack of omega 3 grass fed beef 💕. I have always had anxiety in the morning then boom it was much better after eating my grass fed beef, it can also be nutrient deficiencies which are related to lack of animal products in the diet, doctors wonts tell you this. Anxiety does suck though. Most nutrient dense food is liver! Hate it so have mixed it in with burgers blah. Hope you feel better we need to talk about it more.

  44. Lisa Priester

    Lisa Priester

    3 månader sedan

    Very good information. My ten year old son has just been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. It’s been really tough to watch him suffer with this. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  45. maymonah alkadri

    maymonah alkadri

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    I have the same problem now man, Thank you for making me feel that I am not alone 🤝 This video was so helpful for my psychology You are the best Matt hope you get thru it 💪

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    This is like the most relatable title ever. Lol.

  47. Sheena Mackenzie

    Sheena Mackenzie

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    This is what I needed to watch, anxiety has caused me to lose so much sleep even if I'm exhausted.

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    You helped millions of People, bro. That's so cool to help somebody by means of what you love. Like

  49. Laura England

    Laura England

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    I get anxious pretty easily and something that helps me is to question myself: what if...(I don't finish this today/my partner doesn't like it/I don't train today...)? Would this affect me in 3 months? Would I even remember this in 3 months?

  50. Jag Sidhu

    Jag Sidhu

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    I find walking helps a lot with my anxiety so definitely try that. Also don’t play with your penis so much because that definitely makes you more anxious weirdly, there is a Goldilocks zone of playing with your penis at an acceptable level benefits you, but if your doing it daily or 5+ times a week can really zap your masculine energy, which you need to be a healthy functional man. For women playing with their petals I’m not sure if it’s the same thing because I have never been a woman or has this convo with a woman so I don’t want to comment on that but would be interesting to know!

  51. Robby Ducot

    Robby Ducot

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    Whenever I had an anxiety or depression, I tend to listen to audiobooks and this kind of a video makes feel that someone understands me or listening to me, because I can't talk to somebody, nobody would understand me. So, I'm glad that I went here. Thanks for a wonderful video, Matt. Hope we all get better.

  52. Hopeful Tribe

    Hopeful Tribe

    3 månader sedan

    That's great that you took the time to share about your anxiety. Keep on sharing!

  53. Irina Söderholm

    Irina Söderholm

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    I have an idea what you're talking about, because I have GAD too. Be well!

  54. Chris Is An Awesome Name

    Chris Is An Awesome Name

    3 månader sedan

    I hate how they call them “disorders” like yeah that’ll make the person feel better. I’ve experienced significant anxiety for the first time in my life since December 2020. There was so much stress, both positive and negative as well as conscious and subconscious. I learned there’s a difference between situational anxiety and worry, and genuine anxiety which is physical also and brings on genuine fear. Therapy, talking to others, and simply the passage of time helped me so much to where it rarely affects me now. I think the most important thing with anxiety is to know it’s temporary. It can be highly remedied with therapy, talking with others, and TIME AND PRACTICE. The more we think a certain way, the more it will become our default way of thinking, whether it’s with anger, anxiety, worry, fear, relaxed, etc. That’s why it’s important to seek help ASAP, so you can catch the negative way of thinking before it becomes default and start turning your default way of thinking into one that’s positive. I believe that’s why perfectionists tend to have anxiety. Their default way of thinking is that everything has to be perfect, and when it’s inevitably not, they feel anxious. If they can look at situations and change their way of thinking to “it doesn’t have to be perfect, I’ll just do my best and that’s okay,” then over TIME AND PRACTICE, they’ll reduce their perfectionist-related anxiety. Hope this all makes sense haha anxiety is a bitch. Seek help and talk to others and channel it into something in the meantime. You’d be surprised how many people have dealt with some form of anxiety

  55. Casey Branigan

    Casey Branigan

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    I just qui my job, because of my mental health!

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    Thanks Subscribe.... Plz...💞💞💞💞💞

  57. Cristina Sans H

    Cristina Sans H

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    Thank you for sharing with us this important struggle of yours. As you said, it's much easier to talk about something even very bad but that we have moved on, instead, talking about a difficult time while we are living it it's much harder because we are conditioned by this impossible social standard of being always perfect. I think that nobody has the right to impose you to have a weekly routine on posting videos, your actual routine is still very comfortable and much better than an excessive, bulimic quantity of contents shooted in our faces that we can't absorb properly (yes Netflix, talking to you!). I think another important about dealing with anxiety, or any type of mental stress is to try and talk with some therapist, some professional figure that can help to understand properly what we are dealing with and why.

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    Pablo De La Fuente

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    I just saw this video directly after the 30-days breath work video, I was searching something about breathwork..Now after this video I thought: omg, you are so blessed with your sister, listen to her. by the way I love the style of your videos, inside-outside! great and authentic content (respect), great look and very entertaining at all.

  60. KimNga Thai

    KimNga Thai

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    Thanks Matt for this video. By the way, I easily get stressed when I have so many works to do at the same time, and if I encounter an out-of-expectation issue like PC down or errors from colleagues, I easily get angry. Do you have any method to control bad feelings when being piled up with tasks? Can you share or make a video about that? Thanks a lot

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    Global Scorer

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    The mental health crisis is the real pandemic



    3 månader sedan

    Thank you for this.

  63. Lisandro Crespo

    Lisandro Crespo

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    My anxiety was the best thing that ever happened to me. I've never grown so much before in my life. Don't take me wrong. I hate it (😅) but I'm incredibly thankful. PS: In case you're suffering from anxiety, hating it isn't a productive way to dealing with it.

  64. Sema Yılmaz

    Sema Yılmaz

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    Thank you for sharing this.

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    Thanks for your transparency and sharing, also to help me regain my life at the right pace! Great video thanks Matt! Made you now 3.16k Subs!

  66. J Seym

    J Seym

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    I commend you for being so open about this. I moved across the country in 2012 and due to the chaos of the move, I was randomly sidelined with generalized anxiety disorder and a panic disorder for the better part of the following year before I uncovered the root cause of my symptoms. You're right-- they are very physical, and can be pretty overwhelming. I thought I was allergic to various foods, or the environment, or had some rare disease! But nope, "just" anxiety, (heh). That entire year of my life is what led me to minimalism-- seeking calm, doing less, and trying to avoid overwhelm and burnout as best I could while trying to regain myself. One thing that helped me was to reframe it: I am not my anxiety, I simply live alongside anxiety. I am not alone. I am not broken. It's just-- a fact of my life. If there is one good thing that came out of being diagnosed, it is that I fell down the minimalism rabbit hole and landed on channels like yours, which continue to help me tremendously. So... thanks for sharing, Matt!

  67. Juma 88

    Juma 88

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    Matt. A greet book to read is “at last a life” by Paul David. It’s forever changed me

  68. C K

    C K

    3 månader sedan

    This recommendation I’m about to mention is out of left field a bit, but has potential to remove anxiety and depression completely. It did for me. Firstly, read and incorporate the techniques in “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Do this diligently and thoroughly. There are some profound steps in this book that need to be implemented for anyone who wants to make drastic mental/psychological changes. Secondly, look into micro-dosing psilocybin. It may not be legal where you live, but I can assure you it will be soon. Psilocybin has the potential to eradicate severe anxiety very quickly. Please look into this. Take care everyone, rooting for you!

  69. りぉーなあ


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    It’s the first time I’ve heard someone else say that lying on the floor helps when anxiety kicks in! I did that too when I lived alone, and outside I would just lie on a bench to calm myself down. Idk, it just helps. But now I live with my family again, so I can’t do it without being asked questions. And I can’t do it outside too, because I was laughed at for doing this once. Thank you for the video. Really.

  70. Raphaela Edelbauer

    Raphaela Edelbauer

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    I have GAD since I am 13. I take medication since that time and I owe them my life.

  71. Thamer - ثامر

    Thamer - ثامر

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    First time I watched your videos I wasn’t understand any thing you’re saying 😂 but now i understand 97% , I watching your videos to learn English for 2 years now 🙂 .

  72. Tasha


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    I have anxiety too and I have no idea how to get rid of it. It’s like it’s stuck to me or something.

  73. Tim Brünnel

    Tim Brünnel

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    There are not many people who are able to talk about their anxieties so openly. Especially in a world where people tend to present themselves as strong, never afraid, and always full of energy, especially on Social Media, talking about anxiety is hard and deserves respect! Thank you for being so honest and letting people know that they are not alone.

  74. Andy Davies

    Andy Davies

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    Matt....thanks. This was so refreshing, real and energising. Keep on being you!

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    Thank you so much for the video and information, Matt.

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    Jenny Pristine

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    Interesting video! Your analysis has always been one I could relate to easily if we had more experts like this taking out there time to also educate newbie on financial decisions whether cryptocurrency or stocks especially to educate them when to hold and the best time to trade to make profit. I believe with a clear guide from experts, everyone can decide on the right strategy to employ toward utilizing cryptocurrency, understanding the financial market and how best to trade safely. Personally I prefer trading due to its flexibility and the use of signals has played a major role in pointing out the best time to trade, this I have learnt and seen first hand after my encounter with Donald Anders services. Trust me his guides are easy to follow and his trading strategy is top notch. You can reach out to him on crypto related matters on watapp ¹ ⁷ ⁷ ³ ² ⁴ ⁹ ² ¹ ⁸ ⁸

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    Thank you very much for video, but if I may suggest, check your Vitamin D level. Higher levels of anxiety and depression often associated with lower levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D insufficiency may relate to higher levels of anxiety and depression. Know from my own experience.

  79. Nicholas Baschiera

    Nicholas Baschiera

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    Thanks Matt 🙏🏻 Been following you for many years now - you never fail to put out honest, helpful content that improves people's lives.

  80. Angie Rodríguez

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    I have anxiety, I try to do the best that I can, that's means take my time

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    I’m very happy to have the chance to see this video. It helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing your story.

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    Stephan Anemaat - Remaster Your Life

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    Weller N Friends

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    Thanks for talking about anxiety and sharing this! I used to have problems with anxiety myself for more than +10 years but know I managed to get my dream going about spreading Kindness! Much love from Denmark 💜

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    james blatchford

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    Hey, here’s a plan for tackling anxiety. Take up public speaking. Yes, I’m serious. Once you except that it’s normal to feel anxious, it becomes an outlet for your anxiety. That’s right...afraid of Ferris Wheel? Go on the Rollercoaster.

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    This is the Gospel, Gospel is derived from greek meaning good news. The good news is that Jesus has taken the place for our sins. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, we all sinned it’s simple. One sin and God can rightfully put us to hell, like a judge sees a murderer and the murderer is guilty the judge who is just will put him into person or even give him a death sentence for the crime he has committed. But God instead of pouring his wrath on us for the sins we have committed, he pours it on his son, his son is the righteous one, the one who has never sinned and who is the author of life. His Son holds all things in place. The Son with the agreement of the Father is sent down on earth and incarnated as a human sent down to die on a cross on a hill named calvary. Through his death and resurrection we have the forgiveness of sins, That is why when Jesus, on the cross, said “It is finished”. but how do we PARTAKE in the cleansing of sins? We must have the obedience of faith, meaning believing AND repenting from our sins. Repenting meaning change your mind, change your will, and change your heart about sin and turn to Jesus. So do we keep on sinning? No! we don’t, we repent from it. Willingly sinning is like putting Jesus on the cross again! Come as you are and let God change you!

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    Great video. I always managed my anxiety but since the pandemic it's becoming a struggle. I have a job that obliged me to go outside and see people (I work in a court of justice) And even if I don't see it, I came to the conclusion that my mind is always thinking about the pandemic, the deaths etc etc even when I think I am doing better. It's not helping that my government choose to let the virus spread (France) and does not seem to really care about the 300/400 people dying every day and those who will be sick for life. Well... I can say that now I know what anxiety is. I am looking for answer on how to cope with it.

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    Juan Mateos

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    Mathew Stevens

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    I've started to have physical symptoms too, and this included intense panic attacks. Went to the ER 6 times in a month. Thought I had stroke/heart issues. Barely survived at work, but kept going. Took it easy At first I couldn't sleep, but then it got better. The more I took time off with my loved ones, I felt better. I stopped trying to climb the corporate world. I have put my health first. For anyone whose going through anxiety, my heart goes out to you, and you will get better. The cost of being overly ambitious is not worth it.