I have something really big to announce.

I made a course platform!!! 👉 slowgrowth.com
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credits 🎬
Creating Slow Growth Academy would have never been possible without a dedicated group of freelancers, creatives & badass human beings...

• Mark D’Avella is our tech and operations wizard 🧙‍♂️ (yes… my big bro!)
• Natalie Pidding created the @slowgrowth Instagram account from scratch and helped with nearly every aspect of building Slow Growth Academy.
• Taiga Fukuyama is our assistant editor that organized over 3,800 clips to prep me for editing.
• Luum Studio designed our epic website.
• Tara Jacoby created the beautiful course illustrations & animations.
• Lina Cordero is our @slowgrowth social design.
• Eric Swartzwelder & Jardeson Rocha came through to help us with additional design & animation work.
• Stefan Kunz created the hand lettering on our Giant Leaps print.
• Thanks for crazy detailed feedback from Jason Zook, Caroline Zook, Michelle D'Avella & Megan D'Avella.
• One Acre Fund Footage was shot by Kellogg school of Management Alumni spotlight series

And thanks to you! I wouldn't have been able to create Slow Growth Academy without you guys all showing up to watch my videos every week. I hope you find that this helps you on your journey.


  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    11 månader sedan

    Thank you so much for supporting my videos and watching over the years. I couldn’t have built Slow Growth Academy without you :) Please, let me know what you think!!

    • Cédric S

      Cédric S

      7 månader sedan

      Hi Matt. I think your project is wonderful and I love your ethics. Keep on the good work, I'm rooting for you!

    • Bethany Kodeng

      Bethany Kodeng

      9 månader sedan


    • Spiritual Tanija

      Spiritual Tanija

      10 månader sedan

      Hello amazing ❣️ man. Do you mind checking out my channel 💯🌎❤️?

    • Akshat Player

      Akshat Player

      10 månader sedan

      Bro you rock always . It is you only who had taken action for slow growth academy and built it . We just were there supporting your actions.

    • Diana Herberg

      Diana Herberg

      10 månader sedan

      Matt, I love your approach to life. Thank you for being mindful of the less fortunate. May God bless you in all you do!

  2. Sonal Maheshwari

    Sonal Maheshwari

    4 månader sedan

    There are three gods in the universe- 1.Matt D'Avella 2.Thomas Frank 3.Ali Abdaal

  3. Prashant Bagga

    Prashant Bagga

    6 månader sedan

    thoughts on speechify.com?

  4. Mariliz Martin

    Mariliz Martin

    6 månader sedan

    Congratulations! Where are you now Matt and Nat?

  5. Make Money Now

    Make Money Now

    7 månader sedan

    Keep posting interesting contents like this!

  6. Peace Chinazo Eze

    Peace Chinazo Eze

    7 månader sedan

    Love it!!!! I’m here for this

  7. Okisaan


    7 månader sedan

    3:38 Was that... Matthew Mercer?

  8. Brian Sunbury

    Brian Sunbury

    8 månader sedan

    Matt has a hamburger kink

  9. Gyusung Lee

    Gyusung Lee

    8 månader sedan

    i think you should make a skillshare course

  10. Marshall


    8 månader sedan

    1.47 do I take a shot ?

  11. PatisinCom


    9 månader sedan

    with that launch day sticky note, the first thing i read was laundry day... i think i finally should do some laundry

  12. Denzel R

    Denzel R

    9 månader sedan

    3:12 Ayoooooooo 😂😂😂

  13. D B

    D B

    9 månader sedan

    Matt, everytime I see Nat on your videos, all I keep thinking is how amazing it would be a series of you 2. Not a cheese one, romantic, but like a real series, something Netflix style. Idk. Just an idea.

  14. Steven Zepeda

    Steven Zepeda

    9 månader sedan

    1:19 Seeing Matt in a different shirt caught me off guard

  15. Debbie Little

    Debbie Little

    9 månader sedan

    when is baby coming? it has been a while now

  16. Funda is searching for

    Funda is searching for

    9 månader sedan

    Small steps idea is really true and great idea.I am creating and following steps whivh are small but I beleive I'll get my purpose ar the end.Have a great success man !!

  17. Sofia Abrantes

    Sofia Abrantes

    9 månader sedan

    I just finished all of the lessons of this course, thank you so much for creating it Matt! If anyone is interested in finding out more about if it is worth it (in my opinion after having done it) please check it out, it's over on my page. It's a quick video and will help you make your decision. 🥰

  18. Sergey Otro

    Sergey Otro

    9 månader sedan

    Hey Matt, just wanted to say thank you for making the course accessible for other countries. I'm from Ukraine and it indeed was a bit expensive, I was waiting for a BF or Christmas sale or something to get it. Was really surprised and kinda touched when I saw the discount badge. Thanks, dude, you 're making the world a better place!

  19. Ringu Tallo

    Ringu Tallo

    9 månader sedan

    Hey matt you look like darren levy or darren levy look like you... Are you both brother's ?

  20. Israel Benjamin

    Israel Benjamin

    9 månader sedan

    You should talk about how disappointed people who took the course are, even the most hardcore fans of yours.

    • Bluejeans502


      8 månader sedan


    • S R

      S R

      9 månader sedan


  21. محمد العميد

    محمد العميد

    10 månader sedan

    بس ضيف اللغه العربيه You can add Arabic.

  22. Ademir Alijagic

    Ademir Alijagic

    10 månader sedan

    Awesome, congratz on your course launch Matt! I'm sure it will be a huge help to a lot of people! 😁

  23. Frozenpa . com

    Frozenpa . com

    10 månader sedan

    2:28 Yeah i learnt to get cash with F R O Z E N P A . C o m $700 in a day is possible Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους!

  24. Mariah Wisdom-Peters

    Mariah Wisdom-Peters

    10 månader sedan

    Do you have an affiliate program would love to promote this. Your work is amazing and I can happily stand behind it.

  25. Martin Reaves

    Martin Reaves

    10 månader sedan

    Man, this is what I needed. I am 2/3 thru my first 30-day habit challenge (daily planks, ouch). I even stole a pic of you so that when your daily texts come in they are accompanied by your mug. :-D Thank you for everything you do.

  26. RachGemini


    10 månader sedan


  27. Pavithran Kaza

    Pavithran Kaza

    10 månader sedan

    Matt D'Avella. You are doing really a great job in our world. I love to be a Minimalist person too by watching your videos on SE-one again and again even if it's the old ones. I have been watching your videos for the past couple of years. You have my support as always. keep it up, brother Matt.

  28. Sam Hansen

    Sam Hansen

    10 månader sedan

    this is awesome

  29. Sam Hansen

    Sam Hansen

    10 månader sedan

    i died at the zee_braw comment lmaoo

  30. shaira malinao

    shaira malinao

    10 månader sedan

    Matt, I would like to commend you for being amazing influencer. I really loved your content. It helps me to become better individual especially this time of pandemic. I hope you will make a book to reach out more people and help to unleash the productive mindset.

  31. Colette Concannon

    Colette Concannon

    10 månader sedan

    Thank you for these inspirational videos and looking forward to when I can afford one of your courses on slow growth Academy. Congratulations 💚

  32. Ride Bikes Be Happy

    Ride Bikes Be Happy

    10 månader sedan

    Very cool. I’m excited.

  33. Patricia Naidoo

    Patricia Naidoo

    10 månader sedan

    I want to thank you for opening my eyes to be a minimalist. Hubby and I have been cleaning for the pass 2 weeks now. After cleaning I really feel so good like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. Take care and keep up your extremely great job you doing love to Natalie from Pretoria, South Africa

  34. Sarah Caust

    Sarah Caust

    10 månader sedan

    well done!! i love your videos, i find you super humble but confident in what you do. as well as being super talented so woooooooo.

  35. Be1smaht


    10 månader sedan

    Im so glad that I happened upon your channel. Its very different

  36. B. G.

    B. G.

    10 månader sedan

    Editing has always been a dream of mine, I never knew which platform or course to take. As soon as you launch that course, I’m gonna be the first one to join!

  37. C K

    C K

    10 månader sedan

    I am always so entertained watching your videos! You are by far the most creative, funny and captivating film maker on SE-one!

  38. Helmut Grout

    Helmut Grout

    10 månader sedan

    Is it possible to include a payment option via PayPal? I want to buy the course but I dont have a credit card.

  39. Andrés Delgado

    Andrés Delgado

    10 månader sedan

    I am grateful with your new goal 😊 in the channel, Especially with a new way for self-improvement, thanks for your time Matt.

  40. Leandro Marchette

    Leandro Marchette

    10 månader sedan

    Congratz... Huge fan here =) Do you have coupons for Brazilians lol =) Yep it´s insane around here. =X =P

  41. Amanda Weldon

    Amanda Weldon

    11 månader sedan

    Matt this is AWESOME! Just started binging your podcast and love it so much. Can't wait to see what the #slowgrowth community holds as well! Congrats!

  42. Shobana Prakash

    Shobana Prakash

    11 månader sedan

    All the best

  43. icaledshotgun


    11 månader sedan

    Super super proud and inspired! This is the kind of role models I look for! I love this.

  44. Alex94


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  45. Mycah Equette

    Mycah Equette

    11 månader sedan

    So proud of you Matt. My fave minimalist ❤️

  46. uxm2009


    11 månader sedan

    5:26 oh...!? nice?!

  47. Pixelated_Happy


    11 månader sedan

    I am a lil disappointed that she is not pregnant by The Rock. She should try harder next time! jk

  48. 1M Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    1M Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    11 månader sedan

    Thank you for sharing the news. This is awesome!

  49. Katharina Huber

    Katharina Huber

    11 månader sedan

    just checked it out. And it really looks amazing!

  50. Jon Wheeler

    Jon Wheeler

    11 månader sedan

    Just joined the Slow Growth Academy and cannot wait to...um..slowly..start my new simple habits!

  51. J. Kane

    J. Kane

    11 månader sedan

    I always love a good chat with Matt!



    11 månader sedan

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  53. Davor Vukoja

    Davor Vukoja

    11 månader sedan

    Im hyped Matt! this will be so helpful

  54. Paweł Zieliński

    Paweł Zieliński

    11 månader sedan

    Every fan of Matt must comment this video: se-one.info/cycle/jNqlhrKJY5CteZE/video

  55. Alexis Pi

    Alexis Pi

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    Can i be your partner in life?

  56. Like Ok The

    Like Ok The

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  57. Ziet Invests

    Ziet Invests

    11 månader sedan

    1:30 did you got kicked out by Nathalie?

  58. S M Mehrab

    S M Mehrab

    11 månader sedan

    Great initiative! Really appreciate the work you do and the message you convey. Looking forward to it!

  59. kidplant


    11 månader sedan

    is it just me or i would like to one day see matt do a film of a utopian world where everyone’s a minimalist. and the protagonist is a man, (or woman not gonna be biased) that rebels against these laws and has to hide his secret hoarding addiction of collecting hard drives from the world and his family.

  60. RM21# VLOG

    RM21# VLOG

    11 månader sedan


  61. Kamal AIT

    Kamal AIT

    11 månader sedan

    Congratulations Matt! Wish you & your wife all the best (y)

  62. Charlie Morris

    Charlie Morris

    11 månader sedan

    This is great, I wish you great success. I appreciate you saying if we cant afford now, then thats ok. I havent worked since April due to Covid closing us down. Schools are starting to open up ( Im a substitute teacher) so hopefully things will turn around soon. Long time SE-one subscriber and will continue looking forward to those!!

  63. Shadd Jimenez

    Shadd Jimenez

    11 månader sedan

    Wonderfully put, great work on the course.

  64. SweeetZ0e


    11 månader sedan

    So exciting!!

  65. N M

    N M

    11 månader sedan

    Matt please release a damn workout plan 😭😭

  66. Maria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 years

    Maria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 years

    11 månader sedan

    You're so cool!!!

  67. Luis Herrera

    Luis Herrera

    11 månader sedan

    Wow dude such an inspirational thing to witness. Congrats.

  68. Isaax


    11 månader sedan

    "Or the Rock's Baby" fucking kek

  69. Nathan Romasanta

    Nathan Romasanta

    11 månader sedan

    Is it just me or does matt sound like adam levine's speaking voice?

  70. Arjun Mahajan

    Arjun Mahajan

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    Please Advertise Your videos 🙏🏻

  71. rainbow starks

    rainbow starks

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    YESS this is so cool!!!

  72. Superlogie


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    #slowgrowth Congrats man, this sounds legendary!

  73. Reza Moghadari

    Reza Moghadari

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    You are the man.

  74. Judi Baibars

    Judi Baibars

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  75. Steve McCoy

    Steve McCoy

    11 månader sedan

    This is such a good idea! Congratulations Matt! Here is one of my favourite slow-is-good quotes - "One might almost say that truth itself depends on the tempo, the patience and perseverance of lingering with the particular." Good luck!

  76. Dimitris Lazaridis

    Dimitris Lazaridis

    11 månader sedan

    Really exited!!! But here is a Question : If we purchase the course, will we have access to future courses, or the payment is just for simple habits?

  77. Izelle Lyners

    Izelle Lyners

    11 månader sedan

    This is just something I needed!

  78. Erocknrolla


    11 månader sedan

    that banana bit is pretty good haha

  79. Ben Hannah

    Ben Hannah

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    *giant leaps start with small steps*

  80. Quindon Pinkard

    Quindon Pinkard

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    Am I going to be seeing a slowgrowth podcast 👀?

  81. Flying Saucer

    Flying Saucer

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    hi slowmo !

  82. Ruslan Mukhametshin

    Ruslan Mukhametshin

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    You amazing, men

  83. Miguel Lumapas

    Miguel Lumapas

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    Sign me up, Matt! Thank you so much for this :)

  84. VORTEX


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    Start a sub-reddit please

  85. Merthalophor


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    I find slapping logos on a mug to make a quick buck a fair way to generate revenue - everyone who buys such mugs realizes that it's just a logo slapped on a mug, but they buy it anyway, because they want to support you, and identify with you. I'm pretty sure even if yo wrote in your item description "providing this mug literally took me 10 minutes to set up", it wouldn't really affect sales, because people don't buy the mug because your mug is the best mug out there, but because they want your logo on it, and they want to support you.

  86. Maria Makarova

    Maria Makarova

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    Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing and all the amazing content you create! You are truly an inspiration!

  87. kyo bref

    kyo bref

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    Please don't forget the arab subtitles there's a lot of arabs follow you and love what yOu give

  88. Martijn van Winden

    Martijn van Winden

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    Good luck dude!

  89. André Luz

    André Luz

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    4:38 - What's that backpack?

  90. Travel Tour Taste

    Travel Tour Taste

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    Hehe this is so funny bro, fantastic footage and great editing skills. Love it. Really cool indeed. Yes big announcement, here goes. Oh yeah we just found you today and really pleased we have your videos are awesome. This sounds great. Totally agree, determination and dedication. Stay safe and catch up again real soon God bless both. Oh yeah huge thumbs up and love sent bro. Lol.

  91. David Nall

    David Nall

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    I ordered the course! Dam I'm order number 3357... 3357*145$ = 486765$. We love to see it, Matt :)

  94. Dixie Tree

    Dixie Tree

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    A lot of fast talking, excitement and noise to advertise something with slow in the title!!

  95. Karina Vargas Lara

    Karina Vargas Lara

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    Been watching for 2years ish, and just wanted 2 say i really like your very well made channel and videos. I think the Academy is going to be great!! 🙌🏼

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    Niccolo Rearte

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    Francellys Torres

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    I mean, I think that your page is so encouraging. It's like a little moment to reflect

  98. Logistique Monde

    Logistique Monde

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    SteadyGrowth : slow but steady steps toward success

  99. Edward White

    Edward White

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    Anyone else grateful that there are people like Matt creating content and pushing good into the world? ` Appreciate it man and good luck with the platform!

  100. Mert Furkan Sezgin

    Mert Furkan Sezgin

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    You should have a financial aid part of that payment processes for students who are currently living in countries that are not good with currency.