10 small changes that will improve your life.

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  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    8 månader sedan

    Here’s the list. Which one do you want to work on next? 1. When you set your alarm before bed, put it on the other side of the bedroom. 2. Add one personal item to your work to-do list each day. 3. Keep a “Praise” folder in your email inbox. 4. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. 5. Don’t go to sleep angry at the people you care about. 6. Invest in quality, non-processed, organic food. 7. Limit the junk food you bring into your house. 8. Leave your phone on silent and upside down at all times. 9. Write out a physical to-do list before you go to bed. 10. Take at least ten minutes each day to be still.



      Månad sedan

      That's your way of doing things, and it's great that it works on your type of character. And to be honest it's always the person you align most that gives you the best advice. Personally leaving phone out of reach means never to hear the alarm, I am a heavy sleeper. What I find works best is combination of meditation and praying. Praying helps me grow my roots around my values and virtues while meditation helps with calming the mind and coping with pain, raising it's threshold.

    • raz7573


      2 månader sedan

      Thanks for the quick reference list, Matt!

    • Anna Voigt

      Anna Voigt

      2 månader sedan

      my problem is i can get out of bed easily, walk all the way across my room to turn it off, then get back into bed an snooze and I can repeat that every 10 minutes without fail

    • Petra Hyklová

      Petra Hyklová

      2 månader sedan

      8. Assign your phone, tablet etc. a nice place in a drawer. Keep it there when not in direct use or charging. You will never spend time wondering where the heck I put that thing yesterday.

    • Agoston Daniel

      Agoston Daniel

      3 månader sedan

      #10 is the one I don't need to work on. I'm an expert in doing absolutely nothing :DDD

  2. Zain Rajab

    Zain Rajab

    2 dagar sedan

    Before sleeping I used to put my phone beside me, I wake up on the alarm and as usual take a snooze. Then I decided to put my phone on the shelf above my bed, so I get up and closd the alarm. When I get up to close it I feel like I can wake up and start my day rather than close the alarm while I'm on the bed and continuing sleeping. It's so helpful !!

  3. Haseena E

    Haseena E

    6 dagar sedan

    My problem was that I was always procrastinating and I was wasting so much of my time. The program called Forwago helped me to learn how to focus on what is really important and to start working on my goals.

  4. Thomas Kuca

    Thomas Kuca

    8 dagar sedan

    Hey Matt! Are those super slow motion b-rolls fake?

  5. Anton Lindholm

    Anton Lindholm

    9 dagar sedan

    Thanks a lot🙂

  6. Jussi Kaasinen

    Jussi Kaasinen

    12 dagar sedan

    Thanks for Greta advices. Question. What program/app were you using for your to do list?

  7. Mr. Teacher

    Mr. Teacher

    19 dagar sedan

    Im learning english with you. Please talk to slowly little bit

  8. AllYourPie


    21 dag sedan

    Call your mom. Will do. Wait,my mom? Why?

  9. SPQR


    23 dagar sedan

    i'm looking at a video that will improve my life from my 30$ phone. how good is that

  10. Oeut Kim Sou

    Oeut Kim Sou

    25 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much for your video

  11. J & T

    J & T

    26 dagar sedan

    Don't keep junk food in your home.

  12. Joy Moodley

    Joy Moodley

    27 dagar sedan

    You remind me of Jake Gyllenhaal for some reason☺. Great tips👊

  13. Shanit Raphael

    Shanit Raphael

    27 dagar sedan

    I loved all your tips. In my life I have changed the habit of not going to bed angry. I prefer to table it and talk in the morning fresh Vs at night, get anxious, can't fall asleep and it's a vicous cycle

  14. Farm Girl

    Farm Girl

    29 dagar sedan

    Thank you🙏

  15. Clubfasteddie77


    29 dagar sedan

    Good advices, but never sleep with a phone in your bedroom, if you have to many to do lists and you don't manage fullfil them then you are frustrated so lower you to do lists, put fruit in sight

  16. Natalie Mulosa

    Natalie Mulosa

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for this

  17. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright

    Månad sedan

    That chick's voice sounds like a smoke detector to me, just plain irritating.

  18. Manpreet Singh Kaint

    Manpreet Singh Kaint

    Månad sedan

    What is the To-Do list application you’re using? Looks amazing!

  19. Nerium Oleander

    Nerium Oleander

    Månad sedan


  20. Be Serious

    Be Serious

    Månad sedan

    Great video, I love this tips, low or no cost, simple and easy to implement. Hard to argue with any of these ideas, no downside, definitely worth a try

  21. Jamexbodin Matique

    Jamexbodin Matique

    Månad sedan

    I am 22 years old student, and past two years I was really struggling. A year ago I started using Forwago, and their personalized plans helped me a lot. I eat healthier, even started to workout, it helped me build my self-confidence, and maybe the best thing I started my small online business. It is nothing special, but it is nice to earn some money. And I am still making the progress. Take care of yourself and start building the life of your dreams. Everybody is capable of achieving their dreams.

  22. Hazel Nelson

    Hazel Nelson

    Månad sedan

    meeting lisa_upfx at lG initiate the beginning of my trading career. I thought forex was a rocket science but the way she simplified it just made me rethink. You are the best @lisa_upfx

  23. Alive Outside

    Alive Outside

    Månad sedan

    Getting an actual, physical alarm clock I have to stand up to turn off is one of the best things I ever did.

  24. Saniya Shaik

    Saniya Shaik

    Månad sedan

    Forwago is the best thing I did this year, it takes time, but the results are amazing. I'm finally happy with my life and where I'm headed.

  25. Vineesh Vichu

    Vineesh Vichu

    Månad sedan

    The program that really helped me to improve my life quality in many aspects like mental and physical health, positive thinking, and building habits and self-confidence was Forwago. I use it almost every day.

  26. Dale Stiles

    Dale Stiles

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    Winston Cup Series? I want one!

  27. Chas_ For_Sale

    Chas_ For_Sale

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  28. craft mine

    craft mine

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  29. Kamil Prokurat

    Kamil Prokurat

    Månad sedan

    You mentioned the water exactly at the moment I was reaching my water bottle to drink it

  30. Ryan Pitcher

    Ryan Pitcher

    Månad sedan

    Watching this instead of being productive...

  31. L


    Månad sedan

    The 8 glasses thing is a miss quote it is incorrect. Drink water yes but remember most water is from your food. The 8 glasses was considering if all food was dry. best metric is to always drink after you pee (the same amount not more). water out water in.

  32. Jake Griffith

    Jake Griffith

    Månad sedan

    Have that same west elm chest of drawers and Normal people on our side table. WOW

  33. bikeman


    Månad sedan

    Agree with everything except the 8 glasses of water per day myth. Daily water requirements vary a lot based on the person's metabolism, weight, amount of exercise, weather, amount of water rich food consumed (fruits and vegetables), etc.

  34. Esmaell musa

    Esmaell musa

    Månad sedan

    Thanks you for this video is really so helpful

  35. prathamesh chodankar

    prathamesh chodankar

    2 månader sedan

    This was helpful. Especially the alarm thing.

  36. Laura Gabriella Nogueira

    Laura Gabriella Nogueira

    2 månader sedan

    One more habit: stop procrastinating with productivity videos

  37. Cami Kaz

    Cami Kaz

    2 månader sedan

    Godamn ! It's a really good video

  38. Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet Singh

    2 månader sedan

    1. Alarm clock or phone away from bed 2. Create a praise folder in emails. 3. Add personal items to to do lists 4. Have a water bottle close to you 5. Never go to bed angry with someone 6. Eat healthy, non processed food. 7. Limit the junk food you bring in home. 8. Phone on silent and put it upside down. 9. A physical to do list is helpful next To your alarm :) 10. Take at least 10 minutes to be alone and quiet. Doing nothing. Hope this helps. :)



    2 månader sedan

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  40. Сергей Войнов

    Сергей Войнов

    2 månader sedan

    The second tip is so powerful! Thanks!

  41. Joel John

    Joel John

    2 månader sedan

    I miss your videos that's why I'm here again in your channel, so very refreshing. Thanks

  42. Valen_vu


    2 månader sedan

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  43. Neil Joseph

    Neil Joseph

    2 månader sedan

    I tried putting the alarm on the other side of the room and ended up putting the alarm off and get back to sleep, apparently missing my desired daily routine:)

  44. Aeutomticat


    2 månader sedan

    11th small change to improve your life: Learn how to pour a beer :p

  45. hershfam


    2 månader sedan

    The alarm across the room irritates me so bad and ruins my mood first thing in the morning cuz I like laying there for a little bit before actually standing up

  46. Giovanni Lopez

    Giovanni Lopez

    3 månader sedan

    the moment i put my phone upside down is the instant somebody thinks "This mans is hiding something." But, nope, just paying attention to them.

  47. PolGZ


    3 månader sedan

    3:34 Eddie Hall approves

  48. Andy Johansson

    Andy Johansson

    3 månader sedan

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  49. Jim Weixler

    Jim Weixler

    3 månader sedan

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  50. Abdelrhman I عبدالرحمن

    Abdelrhman I عبدالرحمن

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  51. Hema Baraka

    Hema Baraka

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  52. James Maduabuchi

    James Maduabuchi

    3 månader sedan

    The wisest thing that should be on every wise individual's list is to invest in different stream of income and don't depend on the government to bring in money especially now the pandemic is hitting the economy

    • Bridget Stone

      Bridget Stone

      3 månader sedan

      @James Maduabuchi thanks for sharing , just found her website and it really impressive . hope she replies me soon

    • James Maduabuchi

      James Maduabuchi

      3 månader sedan

      search her name on web to reach her through her website , she is quite popular

    • Bridget Stone

      Bridget Stone

      3 månader sedan

      @James Maduabuchi you have really made a lot , do you mind hooking me with this your coach ?

    • James Maduabuchi

      James Maduabuchi

      3 månader sedan

      @Bridget Stone I am able to make maximum profits off my trade with $40,000 and I have amassed about $190,000 in net profit. In 2 months.

    • Bridget Stone

      Bridget Stone

      3 månader sedan

      @James Maduabuchi thanks for sharing but have you made any profit whatsoever working with this coach ?

  53. Isabela Gusmão

    Isabela Gusmão

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    11. Turning all notifications off.

  54. Iris Gonzalez

    Iris Gonzalez

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  55. Mando


    3 månader sedan

    Another tip: Don't use your phone as an alarm. Buy a $10 one from walmart and turn your phone off one hour before going to bed! It worked for me to do a 9-4 sleeping pattern

  56. RyuuSkadi


    3 månader sedan

    I wish I don't have a 8-5/6days a week job...-_-' welp... gotta change something..

  57. Ibnu Sina

    Ibnu Sina

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  58. RapRotation


    3 månader sedan

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    Iris Gonzalez

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    3 månader sedan

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  61. Lara


    3 månader sedan

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  62. Jet Guigayoma

    Jet Guigayoma

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    my life is changing

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    Dead Man Drifting

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    Hiram Rosales

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    Paul Sigl

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  68. Clark Webb

    Clark Webb

    4 månader sedan

    This is so good and so spot on! Thanks for putting this together. #4 and #8 are so important! I'd love to add #11: read The Four Agreements by Don Miquel Ruiz. What a life changing book!

  69. Huỳnh Thế Phong

    Huỳnh Thế Phong

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  71. Ivaylo Ivanov

    Ivaylo Ivanov

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  72. rain cain

    rain cain

    4 månader sedan

    Yay! Already implementing 7/10! I should start that 'praise folder' thanks for this video, Matt! 😊

    • Clark Webb

      Clark Webb

      4 månader sedan

      @rain cain my pleasure 😊

    • rain cain

      rain cain

      4 månader sedan

      @Clark Webb thank you for the push, Clark! :)

    • Clark Webb

      Clark Webb

      4 månader sedan

      That positive self talk is so important! Definitely take time to praise your successes!

  73. Jack Reeves

    Jack Reeves

    4 månader sedan

    The Praise Folder is brilliant- make sure to also keep a “brag book” of work you’ve done. Presentations, writings, pitches etc. Some people don’t want to just see praise, they want to see previous work product too. NOTE: Be very mindful of not sharing confidential data or violating NDAs. When in doubt, share work privately (over screen share) instead of emailing it. Always block out client names and obscure numbers.

  74. Maddie Myers

    Maddie Myers

    4 månader sedan

    Since you’re at this video, I wanted to tell you that I’m proud of you and wish you the best

    • Chloe Dooley

      Chloe Dooley

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      Clark Webb

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